Outsource Visual Merchandising and Display Services

Visual Merchandising and Display Services

Leave competition in the dust and corner the market before anyone else at cost-effective prices

Is the stiff competition in the retail space proving difficult for your brand and products to get the deserving visibility? For a comprehensive overhaul of your current visual merchandising and display, you cannot rely on employees without the necessary experience or the acumen for the job. This is where Flatworld Solutions comes in.

When you outsource visual merchandising and display services to FWS, we become a one-stop-shop for all your display merchandising needs. With execution rates above 98% within one week or more, our highly trained certified visual merchandising reps work with our senior executive team to deliver an unparalleled experience. Our visual merchandising services help you garner the attention of your customers, make your merchandise pop out and stand apart from the rest, and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Visual Merchandising Display Services We Offer

Over the years, we have worked with clients belonging to multiple industries and spread out across various verticals such as retail store architects, display merchandisers, multi-brand retailers, retail consultancies, etc. With a team consisting of skilled mechanical engineers, we ensure all your requirements are covered while working with a network of national and international vendors. Our services include -

  1. Window Displays

    We can create effective, eye-catching displays which ensure that your merchandise stands out from the rest. All that while encouraging customer interaction and boosting your sales. Based on your requirements, the displays can be changed on a regular basis, whether it is weekly, monthly, or during important seasons. Our window display services cover -

    • Window vignettes
    • Display showcases
    • Article endcaps
    • Cube, table and platform displays
    • Mannequins
    • Props, backdrops, and other accessories
    • Artwork
    • Zone theming, styling, and composition
    • Creation of interactive educational elements
    • Signages
    • Display illumination
  2. Count Updates

    A mismatch in the count can cause severe integrity issues and carry significant consequences unless solved. You might not get the credit due for the sales generated, and sometimes product replenishment can get affected due to systems showing more products being available than there are in the inventory pool.

    Our exhibition and stall designers work with you to ensure correct count updates while physically looking after barcode issues, daily inventory counts, and movement of product from the warehouse to the sales floor.

  3. Item Corrections

    Incorrect packaging such as labeling, verbiage, etc. can be a huge turn-off for clients. Incorrect UPCs happen all the time and need quick, inventive solutions. We ensure that you save on time and money while still providing excellent customer service. Our representative can -

    • Remove incorrect labels
    • Correct packaging
    • Placing correct verbiage on new labels
    • Changing UPCs
  4. Planogram Maintenance and Audits

    Planograms or POGs are key visual representations of products and merchandise you want to sell the most. We understand that these key visual tools are important for your business and ensure they are maintained and audited properly on a regular basis. This includes -

    • Planogram repairs
    • Weekly audits
    • Changing the display based upon the requirement
    • Ensuring endcaps are set and completely labeled
    • Replacing batteries and display parts as required
  5. Strategic Merchandising Solutions

    We help to increase your sales by determining the correct locations for multiple fast-moving products, neck-hangers and IRCs (Instant Rebate Coupons). We work with your team to create exceptional cross-selling strategy's and perform location mapping to understand where customers usually like to stand or visit.

    Apart from the above-mentioned visual merchandising services, we also have the required expertise to provide customized solutions such as -

    • Scanned POS Trading
    • Correcting Chargebacks
    • Compliance
    • Speed-to-Shelf for New Items
    • Daily Merchandizing Updates
    • Regular Item Corrections
    • Regular On-shelf Availability
    • COMAC Compliance

Our Visual Merchandising and Display Capabilities

Today, we are one of the few visual merchandising services companies which retain the ability to work one-on-one with clients to create customized displays which retain the essence of the product that you are trying to sell. Our themed approach towards visual merchandising display services ensures nothing ever looks generic on your shop floor, adding a unique vibe to all your retail spaces. Our capabilities include -

Client Requirement
Tools Used
Client Requirement
Project Management and Design Development
  • Detailed Packaging
  • Nesting Boards
  • Legacy Conversion to 3D
Tools Used




Client Requirement
Seasonal Store Update and Prototyping
  • 3D Planograms
  • Vacuum Forms
  • Fixture Designs
  • CNC Programs
Tools Used






Client Requirement
Back Office Support for Sales
  • Summary Sheets
  • Instruction Cataloguing
  • AMC orders and updates
Tools Used

Client web portal design

MS Office

SolidWorks Composer

Visual Merchandising Services - Our Expertise

Over years, we have made a name for ourselves in the standard and custom visual merchandising space. With thousands of satisfied clients across the globe, we truly believe in bringing the latest innovations in the retail space to everyone. One way to do that is to offer a truly in-house solution for all problems being faced by retailers and offering them services all of which are offered under one umbrella. To handle a wide variety of challenges, we have the following divisions -

  1. Engineering & Design

    Design Engineering

    Our engineering team understands your product brief and comes back with designs which match your expectations. By understanding your ideas and putting them on paper, our industrial designers for retail industry ensure they create displays and other products which suit your requirements to the T.

  2. Woodworking

    Wood Designs

    We leverage state-of-the-art equipment, automated CNC machines, etc. to produce any wood-based requirement in-house.

  3. Metal

    Metal Designs

    Metal components are the backbone of any physical fixture or display. As a primary display signage solutions provider, we understand how difficult it is to outsource metal signage work and the heavy commissions involved. We are equipped to handle your prototyping requirements and even full metal productions, without the exorbitant amounts.

  4. Acrylic

    Acrylic Designs

    We use advanced plastic substrates for making your displays and other merchandize materials, while also working with select plastics as necessitated by the client.

  5. Digital Printing

    Digital Print and Signs

    Over several years we have leveraged the power of graphics and signage to capture customer attention. From designing custom logos and getting them printed in multiple resolutions to leveraging the best print equipment to create stunning works of art, we do it all.

  6. Interactive Display

    Interactive Displays

    We create modern displays which take on a life of their own with interactive videos and audios playing in unison to create enthralling displays. From creating LED signage boards, 3D signages, etc. we ensure all your requirements are met with ease.

  7. Logistics

    Logistics Division

    One of the most common queries we get from clients is how we arrange logistics for all the requirements and projects we work on. Our internal logistics team can solve any logistics issue and work with international carriers and logistical chains to ensure work at your end is never disrupted.

  8. Installation

    Installation Support

    We have an entire team of experts who can take care of all your display installation, graphical inspection, and other visual merchandising needs. As a premier display signage solutions provider, we take pride in our offerings and ensure all installations go off without a hitch.

Visual Merchandising Process We Follow

Our visual merchandising and display solutions can help you strategically place attention-grabbing display focal points around the floor and increase sales by more than 25%. We can help you enhance the perception of your brand and make sure more people get to see your offering while understanding what it really is. Our process includes the following steps -


01. Selection of products

We choose products from your line-up which need better sales and marketing


02. Target Group Identification

We identify customers who are most likely to buy your product


03. Store Selection

We choose stores which are most likely to be visited by the customer TG selected by us


04. Store Layout Design

We design the entire layout for your merchandise for that store


05. Planning of Promotional Activities

We create a calendar of promotional activities around your product and create displays, standees, etc. for the same


06. Visualization

The entire plan is then laid into effect by our visualization team


07. Project Completion and Reporting

The project will be finished as per your SLA and delivered in stipulated time. We will dispatch reports for perusal, feedback, and follow-up

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Visual Merchandising and Display Services to FWS?

The retail industry is extremely competitive, and a lot of effort goes into attracting the attention of customers towards products and enhance the perception of a particular brand. For retail merchandising to be successful, it needs to be fast, effective, and cost-efficient from the get-go. By choosing Flatworld Solutions as your partner for visual merchandising display services, you can benefit from the following -

  • ISO-certified Services Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of visual merchandising and display services. We have always delivered services that adhere to our own lofty internal quality standards and your requirements.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    Our affordable pricing is the big reason why we can always remain competitive without losing the quality we stand for. With pricing models available for every need, we ensure you always have the best price guarantee from our end.

  • High-quality Infrastructure

    Our superb infrastructure ensures that all your display and signage requirements are created exactly as you envisioned.

  • High-quality Visual Merchandising and Display Services

    We offer a one-stop-shop solution for all your visual merchandising and display needs with the majority of the work being done in-house.

  • Team of Experienced and Qualified Leadership

    We have highly qualified visual designers in addition to contract workforce that ensures you always have the best people working on your project.

  • Fast Turnaround Times

    A short TAT is our signature trait and a major reason for our clients to count on us for projects with a stiff deadline.

  • Scalable Services

    We have the bandwidth to scale up your additional needs. Just mention the additional needs and if deemed reasonable, the project will be completed without an additional toll on turnaround time.

  • Information Security

    Your confidential data is extremely important for us, and between the NDAs signed by everyone working on the project and total compliance to data theft measures, we ensure all your data and internal documentation remains safe and secure. We are also compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 regulations.

  • Dedicated Manager and 24/7 Support

    A dedicated SPOC for all your requirement means you never have to worry about things going haywire. Get personalized support anytime, anywhere.

Client Success Story

FWS Provided SolidWorks to Creo Conversion to an England-based Client

Provided SolidWorks to Creo Conversion to an England-based Client

We converted legacy SolidWorks designs into Creo models for a British client. The client was delighted about the TAT and the quality of the Creo models we delivered.

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FWS Provided 3D Part Modeling Services to Aircraft fuel Injector Manufacturer

Provided 3D Part Modeling Services to Aircraft fuel Injector Manufacturer

Our specialist modelers design 3D model parts for fuel tank straps on an aircraft. The client was satisfied with the precision models we designed at a competitive rate.

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FWS has undertaken CAD project work for us for development in Florida. I must say I was surprised at the level of both competence and commitment that the team there delivered. The project was delivered on time and to a very higher level of both quality and satisfaction. I have every confidence in recommending FWS and intend using their expertise again.

Procurement company in New Zealand
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Outsource High-quality Visual Merchandising Services to Flatworld Solutions

Over the years, we have delivered exceptional value to our clients in the form of high-quality visual merchandising solutions offered under one roof. We offer coverage across the USA, UK, and other countries, and our execution rates are on the best in the industry. Our mechanical engineering services in addition to other engineering services are some of the best in the industry due to low attrition and high ROI.

To know more about how we are making a difference as a merchandising and display services company, Contact us now!

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