Outsource BIM 6D Modeling Services

BIM 6D Modeling Services

We make your project energy efficient and compliant with the sustainability model by using BIM 6D modeling techniques at cost-effective prices

Are you in search of the best BIM 6D modeling service provider to handle lightning energy analysis, 6D BIM sustainability, and other services? If so, your search ends with Flatworld Solutions. We know that your project needs facility management because you lack specific skills to handle BIM 6D modeling services in-house. At Flatworld Solutions, we have specialized BIM engineers qualified in 6D BIM services for energy analysis and BIM 360 model coordination. They create models with facility management information like configuration, energy performance, component manuals, decommissioning data, and lifecycle data. Forget heaps of paperwork that is otherwise a norm with manual methods.

Flatworld Solutions has 20 years of experience in BIM modeling is currently the best 6D BIM modeling service provider. We offer full-integration to let you pull up information directly from a 3D model. Not only is working with 6D BIM modeling services providing company like us beneficial cost-wise but also in terms of efficiency.

BIM 6D Modeling Services We Offer

In 20 years, we have served hundreds of clients who've preferred our suite of BIM 6D modeling services for cost and efficiency benefits. When you Outsource 6D BIM modeling services we offer the following services -

  1. Energy Simulation Modeling

    Energy Simulation Modeling

    We have highly qualified engineers who evaluate the energy consumption of your model using 6D BIM software and provide optimizations to reduce carbon footprint and improve efficiency. We can the technical prowess to create energy analysis models from a shared information model. We ensure there are no hard and soft clashes in the models. As part of the energy simulation model, we perform lighting energy analysis, natural ventilation analysis, shadow and sun path analysis, as well as indoor ambiance and energy analysis.

  2. Sustainability Modeling

    Sustainability Modeling

    Using AutoDesk Revit and Insight 360 we will provide a sustainable design that manages heat and energy flow resulting in an efficient and eco-friendly model for your structure. When you outsource 6D BIM services, we ensure that your model is sustainable.

  3. Facility Management Information Solution

    Facility Management Information Solution

    FWS BIM engineers can add any information needed to support facility management, such as system installation manuals, configuration guides, maintenance schedules, etc. Diagnostic information can also be stored within the 6D BIM model.

Our BIM 6D Modeling Process

We ensure transparency in the process we follow and our pricing by sending timely reports and providing detailed break up to help you understand our approach in BIM 6D Modeling services. Our process is as follows -

We will reach our client and gather insights on their need for BIM 6D modeling services
We will aggregate the data from the client to begin modeling
We will delegate the task to our BIM experts
NDA will be signed and the BIM 6D modeling services will begin
The process will be evaluated to ensure accuracy
Corrections if warranted, will be made to the model
The project will be signed off after ensuring compliance

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource BIM 6D Modeling Services to FWS?

We understand the reason why BIM 6D modeling services are outsourced. Most clients need cost and time-saving options from a customized BIM 6D modeling solution. We deliver just as part of the SLA. Outsource BIM 6D modeling services to us, and get the following benefits -

  • ISO Certified BIM 6D Modeling Service Provider

    Our BIM 6D modeling services comply with the ISO 9001:2015 standards and we meet the quality guidelines.

  • High-quality Services for Better BIM

    Being a top BIM 6D modeling service providing company, we fulfill the SLA and our promise of integrity in the project.

  • Affordable Rates

    We offer BIM 6D modeling services at rates that aren't exorbitant like others. You can start customizing your order to your specific needs to save more expenses. The 6d BIM benefits are many, you just have to talk to our agents to get started.

  • Robust Tools and Technology

    We have infrastructure comprising of the best BIM technologies to ensure delivery of a focussed solution.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    You can count on us for our support because we work round-the-clock to let you gain access to agents to discuss challenges related to our project and get support on time.

  • 100% Data Security

    We ensure 100% compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 guidelines so you rest assured that your data is not in the wrong hands.

  • Scalable Service

    We have trouble with the bandwidth to handle multiple projects simultaneously we got you covered because we have a large bandwidth to scale the project.

  • Timely Delivery of Services

    We stick to committed deadlines and meet the project deadline within the stipulated time.

  • Experienced Team of BIM 6D Modeling Professionals

    We have a team of BIM 6D Modeling experts who are adept at sophisticated tools like 3D CAD, Revit, and more. They can deliver the project within the promised deadline without compromising the quality.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Retail Space Drafting Services to a Project Management and Planning Company

Provided Retail Space Drafting Services to a Project Management and Planning Company

We designed retail space & drafting solutions for a client headquartered in Florida. We performed design optimization to their shop layout, & helped them to achieve customers' confidence.

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FWS Provided Retail Space Design & Drafting Services to Help a Client Visualize House and Office Spaces

Provided Retail Space Design & Drafting Services to Visualize House and Office Spaces

A Boston-headquartered client delegated retail space designing services. We helped them visualize real estate in a ready-to-move state. The client was satisfied with the service level and the outcome.

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After extensive research, we selected and engaged Flatworld Solutions to prepare full-color renderings of our luxury custom homes in Florida. Our assigned account representative was extremely versed in engineering drawings and architectural services, making the communication effortless. Their production department revised renderings when necessary, to ensure our complete satisfaction.

The construction company in the US
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Outsource BIM 6D Modeling Services to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld, we offer expert BIM 6D Modeling solutions that are highly targeted and safe for complex engineering and architectural projects. We perfected the design by carefully scrutinizing your needs and adopting the right approach to render effective solutions. Our custom BIM 6D Modeling solutions offer you the peace of mind because we deliver results in tight turnaround time. We offer a wide range of architectural services as we are the industry's leading providers of engineering solutions with 20 years of experience.

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BIM 6D Modeling Services FAQs

  • What is 6D BIM?

    6D BIM refers to the linking of all the individual 3D CAD assemblies or components with all the relevant aspects of project life-cycle management information.

  • Why is BIM important?

    BIM is important because it can be used to explore design options and create visualizations that help stakeholders see how the building will look like before it's built.