Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Existing Structures

Outsource Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Existing Structures

The process of retrofitting and rehabilitating current structures applies to a growing number of construction scenarios - examples range from aging buildings to seismic strengthening. Rehabilitation and retrofitting of buildings are often required due to unforeseen requirements such as fixing design defects, improving construction standards, and repairing structures due to natural disasters. These retrofit and rehab projects frequently entail a need for fast turnarounds due to public safety and emergency measure requirements.

To help construction companies, engineers, consultants, architects, and others improve management of rehab and retrofit tasks, Flatworld Solutions (FWS) provides customized services to help with offsite retrofitting and rehabilitation of existing structures.

Retrofitting & Rehabilitation Services Offered by Us

Our team of international structural engineering and drafting experts can help you streamline the retrofit and rehab process. Our team of construction experts makes it practical and cost-effective for you to obtain services for rehabilitation and retrofitting of existing structures. Here are the evaluation and strengthening services offered by FWS for retrofitting and rehabilitation of existing structures -

  1. Seismic Retrofitting

    Flatworld Solutions facilitates retrofitting of buildings to increase the capability to withstand seismic forces. While some of these structural changes are mandated by local government requirements, our team also reviews seismic retrofitting projects designed primarily to enhance public relations and improve financial returns.

  2. Rehabilitation of Heritage Buildings

    FWS ensures adherence to local and national construction guidelines for historic structures. Our team can provide expert answers to questions often posed by boards, commissions, and agencies tasked with reviewing rehab plans for heritage buildings.

  3. FRPC (Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite) Wrapping

    Flatworld Solutions evaluates the engineering feasibility and benefits of using lightweight and high-strength carbon fibers bonded with adhesive resins to restore or increase load-carrying capacity to structures during rehab and retrofitting.

  4. Epoxy Treatment

    FWS assesses the cost-effectiveness of epoxy treatment (structural or engineering adhesives) in various retrofit and rehab applications. Our engineering team compares epoxies to other alternatives for uses such as coating solutions with steel and concrete.

  5. Strength Evaluation

    Flatworld Solutions reviews current strength characteristics of structures and analyzes alternative retrofit and rehab strategies for increasing strength and load performance.

Our Retrofitting & Rehabilitation Process

Our expert team of engineers and drafters formulates a customized strategic approach for each retrofit and rehab project. Some of the key steps in our process are -

Defining the Scope  

We start by defining the scope of the project and analyzing client inputs

Create Retrofitting Drawings  

Our drafting team creates basic retrofitting drawings based on client requirements

Execute the Project  

Upon client approval of preliminary drawings, FWS assigns structural designers and project engineers to execute the project

Retrofitting Rehabilitation 2d Drawings  

The next step involves retrofitting and rehabilitation drawings in 2D or 3D formats based upon client requirements

Structural Changes Needed to Achieve Improved Building Strength  

Our team then presents the structural design and layout recommendations that include structural changes needed to achieve improved building strength

Benefits of Outsourcing Retrofitting and Rehabilitation Services to FWS

Outsourcing retrofitting and rehabilitation services for existing structures to us, you can take advantage of the following benefits -

  • Flatworld Solutions ensures that our rehabilitation and retrofitting services comply with current building regulations and all international construction and engineering guidelines. We are an ISO certified outsourcing provider with a successful track record covering two decades.
  • Flatworld Solutions adheres to the latest version of ASCE/SEI Standard 41-06 when our team of construction engineers evaluates the seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings.
  • Flatworld Solutions operates on your schedule and time zone by working on a 24/6 basis to facilitate quick turnarounds for rehabilitation and retrofitting projects.
  • Flatworld Solutions provides high-quality retrofitting and rehab services at cost-effective prices. Our client list includes Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Flatworld Solutions can work as an outsourcing extension of your current team of engineers and architects. This allows internal staff to work on other high-priority assignments while we complete time-consuming due diligence requirements for strengthening and evaluation services.
  • Flatworld Solutions provides rehab and retrofitting expertise for structures located anywhere in the world. We have a multilingual team of engineers and drafters that can work in multiple languages with ease.
  • Flatworld Solutions incorporates the latest generation of seismic rehabilitation methodology in our performance-based structural engineering services for retrofit and rehab projects.

Outsource Retrofitting & Rehabilitation of Existing Structures to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing retrofitting and rehabilitation of structures and a host of other structural engineering services to its global clientele. We can help on a 24/6 schedule when you need specialized services to evaluate and complete rehabilitation and retrofitting of existing structures. If you are reviewing alternatives for improving rehab and retrofit projects, contact us today for a free quote and to discuss our customized and cost-effective services for retrofitting and rehabilitation of existing structures. Get in touch with us today!

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