Outsource SolidWorks Design Services

SolidWorks Design Services

Outsource SolidWorks design services to Flatworld Solutions and get access to specialized services provided by experienced engineers, at cost-effective prices

The route-map from efficient design to a great usable prototype might be short but is exceptionally difficult to master. Functional design has multiple aspects which need to be kept in mind when you are designing your products, and visualizing it in the 3D space will allow you to iron out the chinks and ensure that the final prototype requires as few changes as possible. SolidWorks is a great tool for creating high-quality 2D drafts and 3D models, but you need access to the right set of talent who can leverage this exceptional tool to deliver high-quality SolidWorks product design services.

Flatworld's SolidWorks design services include specific feature sets that are ideal for industrial designers, product manufacturers, design engineers, and others who are looking to design and create exciting products in a short timeframe. Whether you're an entrepreneur starting on your first project or a seasoned business owner looking to diversify and outsource, we are the right people for the job.

Our SolidWorks Design Services

With our deep domain expertise and 20 years of experience as a SolidWorks design service provider, we cater to a wide range of clients including renowned engineering design firms, metal fabricators, contractors, sheet metal designers, building manufacturers, and material handlers. Our hands-on experience and our ability to work on multiple platforms such as SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and Inventor allow you to expedite design cycles and reach production faster than ever before. Our services include -

  1. 3D Modeling Services

    3D Modeling Services

    The best designs can originate from a simple whiteboard sketch, a napkin drawing, or even through a conversation. What we excel at is taking the germ of that idea, leveraging your concept, and turning it into a viable and accurate 3D model. Apart from just designing parts in 3D and calling it a day, we also offer 3D model automation for clients who are chasing perfection. We can also help create 3D models from a master design model using Excel design tables, which are then fed into our 3D modeling software.

  2. 3D Assembly Services

    3D Assembly Services

    As your chosen SolidWorks design services company, we can combine anywhere from 2-3 and go up to a few thousand 3D components that need assembly. This allows us to create accurate, almost real-life 3D assemblies for any project and of whichever size. For our clients, this means they can perform structural tests faster, finalize the fit while finding clashes, and determine important variables such as the center of gravity and mass before a single part is even manufactured.

  3. 2D Drawings and Blueprints Services

    2D Drawings and Blueprints Services

    As part of our SolidWorks mechanical design, we can create exceptional 2D drawings and blueprints which are back-linked and get updated from a 3D CAD model or assembly model. We can also work on the construction of customized 3D title blocks and print pages with access to pre-defined smart properties. We can also rework your legacy 2D CAD prints and create full 3D assemblies from them allowing you to make valuable engineering changes, fully integrate legacy components, and create entirely new designs as your chosen SolidWorks design services providing company.

  4. Advanced 3D Surfacing Services

    Advanced 3D Surfacing Services

    We can create and selectively manipulate 3D surfaces as per your requirements to create an endless variety of simple as well as complex parts which are ideal for machine tools and consumer electronics. Our 3D surfacing services are especially useful in part design for hard and soft plastics including plastic injection molding.

  5. 3D Printing Design Services

    3D Printing Design Services

    3D printing allows you to economically scale up your endeavors. We help in designing parts such as 3D printed plastics, resin, or metal components while leveraging our specialized knowledge and experience in this field.

  6. Sheet Metal Part Services

    Sheet Metal Part Services

    As part of our SolidWorks design services, we work with our clients to create intricate 3D designs for their sheet metal parts as well as assemblies which can then be converted into flat patterns and 2D prints. All our prints come with bend lines that enable smoother brake press operations and with optional files which fit your needs so that they are ready to be cut on plasma or laser equipment right from the get-go.

  7. Weldment Part Services

    Weldment Part Services

    We are one of the few SolidWorks design companies out there that can create accurate 3D weldments along with detailed 2D blueprints for our clients. Our blueprints aid you during cutting, assembly, and welding the parts as required on the floor. Our designs for 3D weldments range in size from minuscule frames and can go up to 3 story tall double walled chambers.

  8. Plastic Part Services

    Plastic Part Services

    Flatworld has extensive experience in the design of plastic parts which can then be injection molded, extruded, or vacuum pressed as necessitated. Our plastic part designs incorporate your requirements for tooling and ensure every little thing from slides to lifters are available for better work processes. One of the hallmarks of our designs is that they do not need to be adjusted and are ready to be manufactured once they pass QC.

  9. Photorealistic SolidWorks Services

    Photorealistic SolidWorks Services

    We use the CAD data provided by you for a part or assembly and create marketing-ready photorealistic images that capture each perspective of your device. We can also create black and white line drawings that can be used in instruction manuals, device specification sheets, and patent applications. All our rendered images incorporate life-like appearances, lighting, staging, scene, and other additives included with the model.

  10. SolidWorks Reverse Engineering Services

    SolidWorks Reverse Engineering Services

    With process efficiencies that result in an accuracy of almost .002″, our SolidWorks reverse engineering services are designed from the ground up to handle your most sophisticated parts and assemblies. Whether your requirement involves reverse engineering tool and die components or legacy art castings, we have you covered!

  11. Additional Services

    Apart from the above, we also offer the following services for SolidWorks design -

    • 3D Models from 3D-Scanned Data
    • SolidWorks Engineering Design
    • SolidWorks 3D CAD Design & Modeling
    • 3D Designs for Rapid Prototyping
    • SolidWorks Dimensional Inspection
    • SolidWorks Manufacturing Drawings
    • SolidWorks Die Design
    • SolidWorks Mechanical Design
    • SolidWorks FEA Analysis
    • SolidWorks Support
    • SolidWorks Surfacing Design

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS for SolidWorks Design Services?

At FWS, we always ensure that all our clients receive the same level of dedication and expertise which in turn allows us to uphold our lofty quality standards. Some of the key benefits of partnering with FWS include -

  • Competitive Pricing

    Whatever your requirement, whether it is drafting, 3D modeling, or analysis and support, we ensure we provide you with a pricing model that helps you remain under budget while paying only for the services you avail of.

  • Exceptional Quality

    We are an ISO 9001:2015-certified SolidWorks design service provider, and our QA processes are always reworked and rechecked with time to ensure we always stick to the latest delivery timelines without skimping on final deliverable quality.

  • Proficient Team

    We work with senior engineers and CAD designers who are hired through an intense recruiting process that involves hands-on training. Every engineer undertakes internal projects for the first few days before they can go live on new client-facing assignments. On top of that, every project has 2-3 senior designers with more than 10 years of experience to ensure the final output upholds our strict quality standards.

  • High-end Infrastructure

    Powered by high-end workstations both on office premises and for WFH conditions, we ensure rendering times are kept to a minimum and reworks do not take hours like it does for most of our competitors.

  • Structured Processes

    We are always committed to providing best-in-class SolidWorks design services to our clients, and we achieve this by constantly working on achieving 100% process fidelity even in this post-pandemic world.

  • SolidWorks Mastery

    Depending on your requirements, our designers can use a certain version of SolidWorks. We have expert designers who have mastered the entire SolidWorks suite, including SolidWorks for 3D CAD, SolidWorks PDM, and SolidWorks CAM, ensuring your design-to-manufacturing process gets drastic enhancements.

  • Data Security

    Flatworld remains 100% compliant with international data security laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act. This, coupled with our internal security measures to prevent data theft, ensures all your valuable data remains safe with us. Each project is accompanied by a strict binding NDA, providing you with further peace of mind.

  • Round-the-Clock Services

    With multiple delivery centers around the world, we ensure there is always a team available that can work as per your timelines. You get to choose who works and during what time, allowing for better flexibility in your GTM process.

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Outsource SolidWorks Design Services To Flatworld Solutions


Flatworld Solutions has always been very responsive to all requests and eager to learn our processes and standards. We believe that this partnership brings value to both companies and that value will only grow as the relationship evolves.

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FWS provides high-quality SolidWorks services to help our global clients customize, upgrade, analyze, and configure designs for their products and make necessary changes before production. Our flexible range of services can support extensive design, visualization, and manufacturing needs. Whether you are looking for support for your engineering project, or need guidance for SolidWorks implementation, we can provide the right set of services that will meet your demands, as well as your budget.

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