Architectural Drafting Services

Architectural Drafting Services

Transforming Legacy Drawings into Precision 2D AutoCAD Designs. Reliable, Accurate, and Efficient Architectural Drafting Services Catering to Unique Project Needs.Partner with Us for Cost-Effective Excellence!

Our architectural drafting services stand as a beacon of innovation and excellence. We specialize in digitizing old sets of drawings and transforming scanned PDFs into meticulously crafted full-scale 2D AutoCAD drawings that adhere to the highest industry standards. We leave no detail untouched, ensuring that dimensions for plans, doors, walls, rooms, and windows are captured with unwavering accuracy. Our commitment extends to section views, exterior elevations, as-built drawings, and shop drawings, leaving you with a comprehensive and error-free set of architectural documentation.

Whether you are at the conceptual design phase, schematic design, design development, or require construction-equipped CD sets, our architectural drafting services seamlessly cater to your project's unique needs. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality results within planned timelines, we pride ourselves on consistency and reliability. Choose us as your architectural drafting partner to significantly increase cost savings, as we help you eliminate the need for infrastructure, staffing, and software investments. Our scalable and flexible resource ramp-up ensures that we adapt swiftly to meet the demands of your projects, even on short notice.

Our Architectural Drafting Services

Our architectural drafting and design team specializes in schematic designs, 2D drafting, detail-oriented CAD drafting, and thoughtfully curated retail space designs. With a keen eye for detail, we ensure every elevation drawing communicates the intended aesthetic and functional design clearly.

  1. Architectural Design

    Architectural Design

    Our architectural design service involves transforming client visions into reality by conceptualizing sustainable and aesthetic architectural designs. We utilize advanced design software to create 3D models and virtual walkthroughs, allowing clients to visualize the final output before construction begins.

  2. Schematic Design

    Schematic Design

    Our schematic design services involve crafting comprehensive blueprints that serve as the foundation for successful construction projects. We create detailed sketches and digital models that outline the project's scope, including the building's layout, functionality, and relationship to the surrounding environment.

  3. Architectural Detailing

    Architectural Detailing

    Our architectural detailing service ensures precision in every project by providing meticulous details that leave no room for error. We create detailed drawings that specify the materials, techniques, and standards to be used in the building design, thereby enhancing construction accuracy and efficiency.

  4. Architectural 2D Drafting

    Architectural 2D Drafting

    Our architectural 2D drafting services involve creating detailed and precise CAD drawings of the proposed building. These drafts include floor plans, sections, and elevations, providing a comprehensive representation of the building.

  5. CAD Drafting

    CAD Drafting

    We leverage advanced CAD software to generate precise and detailed drafts, ensuring effective project execution. Our CAD drafting services cover a wide range of areas, including floor plans, site plans, elevation drawings, and detailed sections.

  6. Retail Space Design

    Retail Space Design

    Our retail space design service involves creating designs that maximize functionality and enhance customer experiences. We consider factors like customer flow, product placement, and aesthetics to create a space that is both functional and inviting.

  7. Elevation Drawing

    Elevation Drawing

    Our elevation drawing services involve crafting detailed drawings that accurately represent the building's aesthetics and structure. These drawings provide a clear view of the building's exterior, including the façade treatments, materials, and dimensions.

Our Construction Drawings and Documentation Services

We craft detailed architectural construction drawings encompassing floor plans, elevations, and cross-sectional views. Every drawing provides a clear, precise representation of the structure, with specific construction details and notes, aiding builders, and contractors in project execution.

  1. Architectural Construction Drawings

    Architectural Construction Drawings

    Our service involves creating detailed and precise drawings that cover every aspect of the construction process. These drawings, crafted with advanced CAD software, offer a comprehensive visual guide, including floor plans, elevations, and cross-sections, facilitating a smooth construction process.

  2. Construction Documentation

    Construction Documentation

    We provide a comprehensive set of documents that guide the construction process. These documents include detailed specifications, schedules, and contracts, ensuring that all aspects of the construction are clearly defined and understood by all parties.

  3. Shop Drawings

    Shop Drawings

    We create detailed drafts that specify how specific parts of the project will be fabricated and installed. These drawings are essential for ensuring that all components fit together perfectly during the construction process.

  4. Fabrication Drawings

    Fabrication Drawings

    We provide detailed plans used in the making of complex building components. These drawings specify the type, size, and dimensions of the materials to be used, ensuring accurate and efficient fabrication.

Our CAD Conversion and Modelling Services

Our CAD conversion and modeling services transition architectural designs from conceptual sketches to digital designs and realistic 3D models, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and visualization capabilities in the design and construction process.

  1. CAD Conversion

    CAD Conversion

    Our CAD conversion service transforms traditional sketches or older digital designs into precise CAD drawings. Leveraging advanced CAD software, we ensure the digital representation is accurate and editable, providing a flexible platform for further design development.

  2. PDF To CAD

    PDF To CAD

    We convert PDF architectural designs into comprehensive CAD files. We maintain the integrity of the original design while providing the convenience and flexibility of CAD format for further editing and detailing.

  3. Architectural BIM Services

    Architectural BIM Services

    We create realistic 3D models of architectural designs. These models facilitate better understanding of the spatial relationships and proportions, promoting efficient construction.

  4. Architectural 3D Modeling

    Architectural 3D Modeling

    Our architectural 3D modeling service provides a detailed, three-dimensional representation of your architectural designs. This allows for a realistic visualization of the final output, aiding in design refinement and client presentations.

Our Visualization Services

Our visualization services empower architects, designers, and clients to better understand and experience architectural designs, facilitating effective decision-making, design refinement, and client presentations.

  1. Architectural Rendering

    Architectural Rendering

    Our meticulous process involves creating a detailed 3D model, applying textures, materials, and lighting, and carefully selecting camera angles to produce high-quality images that effectively communicate the design intent. Our services serve as a powerful tool for architects, designers, and clients to visualize and evaluate designs, aiding in decision-making, design refinement, and client presentations.

The Process Flow for Our Architectural Drafting Services

Our step-by-step process ensures meticulous attention to detail, accuracy, and client satisfaction. We leverage our technical expertise and advanced software tools to deliver high-quality architectural drawings that meet industry standards and exceed client expectations.


01. Project Initiation

We initiate the project by carefully gathering all relevant information, including architectural plans, sketches, and client requirements.


02. Schematic Design

We embark on the architectural schematic design phase, where imaginative concepts are transformed into captivating preliminary design sketches.


03. Detailed Drafting

Once the schematic design is approved, we proceed to meticulously craft detailed architectural drawings that capture every aspect of the design.


04. Technical Detailing

We pay meticulous attention to technical detailing, ensuring precise dimensioning, meticulous material specifications, and precise construction details.


05. Quality Control

We conduct rigorous quality checks and reviews to ensure the utmost accuracy, completeness, and compliance with the relevant codes and standards.


06. Documentation and Delivery

We prepare comprehensive construction documentation that includes meticulously crafted schedules, specifications, and detailed notes.


07. Client Collaboration

We maintain open lines of communication and foster a collaborative partnership with the client throughout the drafting process.


08. Final Delivery

We deliver the final architectural drafting documents to the client in their preferred format, ensuring an accurate representation of the design.

Use Cases for Our Architectural Schematic Drawings

  • High/Low-Rise Buildings

    Designing residential and commercial skyscrapers and smaller buildings.

  • Educational & Infrastructure

    Planning schools, universities, bridges, and infrastructure projects.

  • Parking Garages

    Layouts and safety features for multi-level parking structures.

  • Restaurants & Hotels

    Interior layouts and exteriors for dining and lodging establishments.

  • Furniture Manufacturers

    Detailed plans for custom and mass-produced furniture.

  • Hospital & Healthcare

    Efficient layouts and equipment placement for medical facilities.

  • Industrial Buildings

    Designs for factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

  • Infrastructure Facilities

    Planning for power plants, water treatment, and communication centres.

  • Space Planning/Interiors

    Defining room layouts, lighting, and furniture arrangements for interiors.

Our Clientele Typically Includes

Interior DesignersInterior Designers
Property DealersProperty Dealers
Building Service ContractorsBuilding Service Contractors
Consultant EngineersConsultant Engineers
Residential & Commercial BuildingsResidential & Commercial Buildings
Structural ConsultantsStructural Consultants

Software We Leverage

Revit AutoCAD Sketchup MicroStation

Why Choose Our Architectural CAD Drafting Services?

Our skilled architectural drafters are dedicated to ensuring that every architectural drawing we produce is technically sound, error-free, easy to understand, and well-executed. With a focus on superior presentation quality, our drafts are designed to facilitate quick approvals and seamless project progression. The benefits of choosing us include -

  • Expert Team

    Our proficient architects and drafters offer technical proficiency to every task, guaranteeing utmost precision and exactness in our CAD drafting services.

  • Compliance with International Construction Norms

    We adhere strictly to international building norms, ensuring that our CAD designs fulfill industry requisites and are in sync with the highest quality norms.

  • Guaranteed Timely Delivery

    With well-organized procedures and effective project management, we deliver CAD designs within the agreed timeframes, facilitating smooth progress of your construction projects.

  • Uncompromised Data Security

    We place utmost importance on the confidentiality and security of your data, introducing stringent measures to ensure data safety throughout the CAD drafting process.

  • Customized Services

    Our architectural CAD drafting services are fully adaptable to meet your unique needs, offering detailed floor plans, interior specifics, elevations, and specialized schedules designed specifically for your project.

  • Unmatched Quality

    Our thorough quality control procedures guarantee flawless CAD designs of unmatched quality, meeting the highest standards of precision and uniformity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Process of Architectural Drafting?

The process of architectural drafting involves several key steps. First, we gather project requirements and specifications. Next, our skilled drafters use innovative software like Revit® Architecture and AutoCAD® to create detailed architectural drawings, including floor plans, elevations, sections, and more. These drawings are then reviewed for accuracy and compliance with global standards. Once approved, the final drawings are delivered to you for use in your construction or design projects.

Why Do Companies Need Architectural CAD Drafting Services?

Companies should leverage architectural CAD drafting services to ensure precise and standardized drawings, reducing errors and rework during construction. Seeing professional expertise from reliable service providers expedites project approvals by providing clear and professional documentation. Additionally, outsourcing these services helps save on infrastructure and staffing costs while accessing a pool of skilled drafters, thus ultimately enhancing project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

What Are the Key Benefits of Outsourcing Architectural Drafting and Design?

Outsourcing architectural drafting and design allows companies to tap into the expertise of specialized drafting professionals, resulting in high-quality and accurate drawings. It also provides cost savings by eliminating the need for in-house infrastructure and staff. Furthermore, outsourcing ensures faster project completion, improved flexibility, and access to advanced drafting software and technologies.

How Much Do Architectural Drafting Services Cost?

The cost of architectural drafting services can vary based on project complexity, scope, and specific requirements. Our pricing is competitive and tailored to your needs. We offer flexibility to accommodate your budget while ensuring the highest quality drafting services. For a detailed cost estimate, please contact us, and we'll provide a customized quote based on your project parameters.

What Are the Significant Advantages of Architectural CAD Drafting?

Architectural CAD drafting offers several significant advantages. Firstly, it enhances accuracy and precision in drawings, reducing errors and revisions. Secondly, it allows for easier collaboration and sharing of design data. It also enables quick modifications and updates to drawings, saving time in the design process. Additionally, CAD drafting promotes sustainability by reducing paper usage and waste. Overall, it streamlines the entire architectural design and construction process, improving efficiency and project outcomes.