Outsource Tolerance Stackup Analysis Services

Tolerance Stackup Analysis Services

Shorten product development cycles with expert product tolerance stackup analysis services at cost-effective prices

When a design model is under the manufacturing phase, it faces a lot of manufacturing limitations and the teams need to accommodate certain tolerances or acceptable degrees of variation. Tolerance analysis allows the product engineers and engineering companies to understand how geometric tolerance stackup and their dimensional variations have an impact on design quality and its manufacturing ability. A careful analysis of the contributing tolerances enables the engineers to modify them for achieving high quality and improved processes.

Due to the complex and specialized nature of the field, most companies choose to outsource the tolerance stackup analysis services to experts. Flatworld's dedicated wing of engineers and testers have handled more than 3000 projects and have proven experience in this domain, making them an ideal choice for outsourcing tolerance stackup analysis services.

Being an experienced tolerance stackup analysis services providing company, we leverage the use of various tools and technologies to accurately determine the tolerance stackup and allow better design quality and manufacturability. Combining the strength of tolerance analysis with geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), we fully ensure that the company's designs are compliant with the relevant ASME and ISO standards.

3D Tolerance Stackup Analysis Services We Offer

Some of our key offerings under tolerance stackup analysis include the following methodologies and solutions:

  • Worst-case Scenario Analysis: Many product manufacturing organizations undertake a conservative approach while developing prototypes. In such cases, we follow the traditional stackup calculation method of a worst-case scenario where we set all the tolerances at their maximum limits.
  • Statistical Variation Analysis: We also have experts in our team for statistical variation analysis that uses the Monte Carlo method to determine the percentage of the product parts that will be out of the given tolerance specification limits. We calculate the nominal output using statistical probabilities by modeling each component's statistical distribution and then adding together these distributions to predict the assembly measurement distribution.
  • RSS (Root Sum Square) Analysis: An alternative method of statistical variation, RSS is a three-dimensional stackup analysis that we use to determine the overall variation. We use the data available about the part(s) variation and set their tolerances accordingly to create designs that offer better reliability given the expected part variation. Under this, we also leverage the other two types of analysis: the modified RSS and Process Centering RSS as per the specific requirements of the project.
  • Integration of Tolerance Optimization Software: We understand your project requirements and assess the best and most-suited tolerance optimizer software as per your needs. We select and integrate the most optimal third-party analysis tools to attain efficient tolerance analysis for their product designs.
  • Documentation and Report Generation for Tolerance Stackup Analysis: We provide single-source documentation and create robust reports of our tolerance stackup analysis findings, enabling improved decision-making. Developing GD&T drawings as per ASME Y 14.5 / ISO standards, specifying inspection dimensions for quality control, creating models prior to production and assembly, generating reports for automatic statistical, sensitivity analysis, and SPC, etc., are all the varied services we offer.

Our Tolerance Stackup Analysis Process

At Flatworld, we follow a highly functional and well-experimented work process to deliver accurate analysis results:


01. Understanding the Needs

Your project like any other will have some unique and specific needs. Our team sets up introductory sessions with you to get a fair idea of your requirements and performance expectations.


02. Assessing the Right Method and Technology

We review your needs and identify the best methods for tolerance analysis and select the best tolerance optimization software.


03. Integration

We integrate the software and apply the chosen methodology to draw meaningful analysis and dimensions of the product parts.


04. Develop Reports

We document all the dimensions, variations, and other crucial details and compile detailed reports for your teams to work on.


05. Adjust CAD Models

On the basis of the reports and findings, we help you make the necessary modifications and alterations in the product model design improving its overall quality and efficiency.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Us as Your Tolerance Stackup Analysis Service Provider?

Thinking of outsourcing tolerance stackup analysis services? Partner with a reliable and trusted outsourcing company like Flatworld.

  • Robust Industry Experience

    As a leading tolerance stackup analysis service providing company, we have experience of more than a decade in the field of tolerance stackup analysis with ISO and industry-relevant certifications allowing you to enjoy standardized and top-quality services.

  • Exceptional Team Support

    We have 300+ specialized and qualified personnel in the industry domain working for us from around the world in our globally located centers. We take pride in our team's dedication to provide you with only the best quality services, helping you achieve all your business objectives.

  • Strong Technical Expertise

    Our deep knowledge and experience allow us to quickly identify and establish the best software systems necessary for the optimization of your tolerance stackup. We integrate the most advanced system software and train your teams for its effective usage in the future.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Our service packages are fully customizable and you can bundle up individual services that you need, ensuring that you only pay for the services you avail of.

  • Faster Turnarounds

    Product design and development is a multi-tiered and complex process. We ensure quick turnarounds so that there's no lag or delay in product development and your company meets all the crucial timelines.

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