Outsource Parcel Mapping Services

Parcel Mapping Services

Our fully certified parcel mapping engineers can assess maps as per the GIS standards to provide parcel mapping that includes workflow delineation, annotation and more at cost-effective prices

Need someone with professional experience in cadastral mapping projects? If so, your search ends with Flatworld Solutions' parcel mapping services. When you outsource parcel mapping services you get digitally converted parcels in GIS format. We load data into GIS format to convert from paper analog map to digital format. From there, it will undergo formatting as vector form. We prefer many ways like manual digitalization of map on paper, auto-vectorization, property tracking with GPS, and geometrical coordination.

Being a top-tier parcel mapping services provider, we help in maintaining land survey records, administration, ownership records, and providing an expert valuation of land taxation. There is more value that can be had by preferring FWS as your parcel mapping service providing company and that's because we have 20 years of experience in parcel mapping services and have ensured client satisfaction at all levels.

Parcel Mapping Services We Offer

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified parcel mapping service provider, FWS has emerged as a go-to brand because we have the right capability and infrastructure to achieve your parcel mapping vision within the stipulated time. Our parcel mapping engineers have years of experience to ensure a great outcome. Our parcel mapping services include -

  1. Assessment/Analysis Focus

    Assessment/Analysis Focus

    To understand the worth of land, we make use of available data to perform qualitative research. Our aim to give you an outright opinion about the problem domain to address functional and non-functional requirement.

  2. Validation of Fabric Topology

    Validation of Fabric Topology

    We validate the parcel fabric with geobase topology and parcel rules. The validation is done using a two-tier architecture to validate rules and perform topological edit if needed.

  3. Annotation


    Whether it is adding general information to the map or describing select features, our annotation service will come handy. When you prefer annotation services, the test string, position, and display properties are made editable as individual entities or bundled as one.

  4. Focus on Workflow Delineation

    Focus on Workflow Delineation

    AS part of workflow delineation, we add the polygon basin areas to the geodatabase for catching topological errors using delineator that is produced during basin delineation. This also prevents gaps and slivers among polygons as well as the one stored in digital archives.

  5. Ensuring Completeness of Data Structure

    Ensuring Completeness of Data Structure

    We provide quality assessment in GIS to ensure completeness of the data set and the faithfulness of data structure. We present raster that is used to represent geography as grid cells. This helps in manipulating spatial data without significant effort.

  6. COGO Attributes

    COGO Attributes

    We update COGO attributes for calculation of coordinate geometric values within the selected area through inversion of geometry. We use the latest coordinate system linear units to populate the distance attributes in circular arcs or straight lines.

  7. Data Clean-up/Conflation

    Data Clean-up/Conflation

    We perform map merging by processing two different coverages. We begin with matching features with point pairs, match checking, cleaning up the data.

Other Services We Offer

  • Polygon/linework coincidence
  • Data integrity/topology
  • Attribute naming/matching
  • Conversion, restructuring steps
  • Fabric staging and loading

Parcel Mapping Process We Follow

Working with Flatworld Solutions helps you achieve unfettered access to expert parcel mapping solutions that greatly improve your project outcome. Bringing a continuum of solutions to you after recognizing your needs has always been the reason why we continue to succeed. Our Parcel Mapping process is as follows -

We scan analog maps and perform plotting accordingly before checking it as part of preprocessing
As per the digitization standards, the analog maps are digitized and it is checked for error and quality
We register the parcel maps as per the georeferencing rules to the true dimensions to display all info
The text attributes of a map are tested as part of quality control using symbolic representations
We create dimensional files and plots to address inaccuracy. Also, we match the map with boundaries to ensure parallel alignment of layers and accurate measurements
We perform map matching for GPS to record current position with an accuracy

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Why Outsource Parcel Mapping Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Outsourcing parcel mapping services help you do away with distractions from your priority tasks. We will help you take concerted action to stay aligned with your project goals. Here are the reasons why choosing a parcel mapping service provider like us can be delightful for your business -

  • High-quality Services

    We ensure the highest quality in every step and effort we take to avoid inadvertent errors that are costly to fix in GIS projects.

  • Affordable Services

    When you go with parcel mapping services, cost rarely becomes a concern as we have custom prices for all our service portfolio to let you pick what is right for your need.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    We have an all-encompassing infra that is complete with the best systems, software, and technologies to power our team's effort.

  • ISO Certified Parcel Mapping Services Provider

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited provider of parcel mapping services. At FWS, transparency is how we show our customers what we are worth of.

  • 100% Security

    FWS is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 regulations that encompass digital data security. So your data is safe with us.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We offer parcel mapping solutions with agility so you needn't feel worried about deadlines and delays.

  • Scalable Services

    The parcel mapping services from FWS are highly scalable to add more bandwidth to your process. This helps in compensating with the workload.

  • Professional FTE

    Our parcel mapping team includes top-tier architects, engineers, and design experts with at least 6+ years of domain-level expertise.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    You can connect with us to share your concerns anytime, anywhere because our support community includes agents who can be contacted via phone call, email, or webchat.

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Outsource Parcel Mapping Services to Flatworld Solutions


Hyde Engineering is very satisfied with FWS's services. They have met all our deadlines and exceeded our expectations in quality. We consider them a valuable part of our team.

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Want to discuss Parcel Mapping with our specialist? We are in business to fix any geospatial challenges such as parcel mapping and more. FWS's parcel mapping services gives you plenty of options to save thousands of dollars. So instead of hiring full-time town planners, you can pay only for the services. Our team will make your vision a 100% success. With 20 years of experience, we have dedicated to our client's cause like no other. Enrich your plan with Flatworld Solutions' partnership today.

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