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The Client

The customer is a leading multinational company focused on the production of advanced piping systems and accessories for the construction and industrial sectors. With a longstanding reputation for precision and quality, the company has established a strong presence globally, serving diverse industries with high-quality products. Featuring a team of skilled professionals and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the company continues to make significant strides in the market, navigating through fluctuating economic tides.

Client Requirements

The client required the production of highly accurate Revit families comprising 24 valves from step files. This task required attention to details and strict adherence to Revit standards. They aimed to align these models seamlessly with hydronic supply or return connectors in order to enable a smooth integration of building design plans with hydronic systems. Another critical project requirement was to produce cost-effective, accurately designed, and high-quality Revit models.

Project Challenges

The project presented the following challenges: (i) expertise in Revit Modeling to ensure precision in each of the 24 unique valve types, (ii) consistent hydronic supply; (iii) thorough understanding of industrial manufacturing norms to produce compliant return connectors, and (iv) adherence to the timeframes.

Our Solution

With a firm understanding of the client’s distinct needs, Flatworld Solutions stepped up to craft an effective strategy that aimed to offer end-to-end Revit Modeling services. With a team well-versed in utilizing the capabilities of Revit 2022 software, we successfully created 24 diverse valve types. We ensured precision and conformity to industry standards by using data sheets, 2D drawings, and images. Despite the complexity of the project, our team managed to maintain consistency in quality and turnaround times.

The Result

Through a dedicated partnership spanning the project duration, Flatworld Solutions and the client achieved the following results -

  • Delivered 24 high-precision and high-quality valves.
  • Achieved cost efficiency and quality through effective project management.
  • Presented the output in diverse file formats such as RFA files, PDFs, and images.

Our effective project management strategies ensured a smooth workflow, timely delivery, and cost efficiency, eliminating any potential stress or setbacks for the client. Moreover, offering the final output in a variety of formats catered to the client's specific needs, enabling them to easily incorporate our work into their existing systems. This emphasis on tailored solutions, quality, and convenience resulted in high client satisfaction.

Revit Modeling Services by Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions offers advanced Revit Modeling services that help businesses navigate technical complexities with ease. Our proven expertise in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) modeling, architectural modeling, and more ensures we can meet the evolving needs of companies across various industries. Our committed partnership with clients ensures we provide an adept team, advanced technology resources and an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality. Partner with us to leverage our highly skilled team, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to quality.

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