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4D Simulation Services

Receive outstanding 4D services provided by highly experienced professionals at cost-effective prices by partnering with Flatworld Solutions

Are you looking to integrate the 3D digital model of your construction project with time and schedule-related information to come up with a precise 4D BIM model? Are you looking to enhance the collaboration and coordination between your project teams and clients to provide clear project milestones and better construction plans? If so, we can help.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading 4D simulation service company and can help you with any of your simulation needs. We help construction planners by providing CPM scheduling services to improve the construction schedules, manage the supply chain, and track materials. We make use of the latest construction sequencing software such as Navisworks and Revit to provide CPM construction schedules for residential, commercial, and infrastructure building projects.

Our 4D Simulation Services

As a top 4D simulation service provider, we provide a gamut of services to suit a variety of needs related to building construction. Our 4D construction simulation services include -

  1. 4D TimeLine Services

    4D TimeLine Services

    With our 4D timeline services, you can integrate individual 3D assemblies or components with the construction schedule.

  2. 4D Pre-bid Presentation Services

    4D Pre-bid Presentation Services

    Our 4D pre-bid presentation services together with Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides a realistic view of the construction.

  3. 4D Construction Simulation Services

    4D Construction Simulation Services

    Our 4D construction simulation combines 3D models with project schedules across the create, enhance, and realize phases.

  4. 4D BIM Construction Phasing Services

    4D BIM Construction Phasing Services

    You can use our 4D construction phasing services to visualize the series of planned construction events.

  5. 4D Building Construction and Maintenance Planning Services

    4D Building Construction and Maintenance Planning Services

    Use our 4D building construction and maintenance planning services along with CPM schedules to identify maintenance activities.

  6. 4D Construction Video Animation Services

    4D Construction Video Animation Services

    With our 4D construction video animation services, you can make your project go live before construction commences on-site.

  7. 4D Applications for Construction Planning Services

    4D Applications for Construction Planning Services

    Our 4D applications for construction planning make the planning execution and sequence easier to understand and follow.

  8. 4D Construction, Demolition, and Renovation Services

    4D Construction, Demolition, and Renovation Services

    Use our 4D construction, demolition, and renovation services to identify and fix improper design, inefficient material handling, unexpected changes in building design, poor procurement and planning, and residues of raw materials.

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource 4D Simulation Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Some of our key differentiators are -

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

    Our prices are extremely cost-effective, transparent, and honest and do not include any hidden fees or charges.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    Our presence in over ten delivery locations across the world gives us time-zone advantages and allows us to provide 4D Revit BIM services from the aptest location.

  • Tools and Technologies

    All our simulations are provided by using the best and latest versions of the relevant software tools and technologies, including Revit and Navisworks.

  • High-quality Services

    Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that you will always get only high-quality simulation services from us.

  • Data Security

    We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS-certified, meaning that all the simulation data you provide will be handled highly-securely.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    We provide our 4D construction simulation services from world-class office spaces that house modern workstations with quad-core processors and 4D simulation software.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    You will always receive our BIM 4D simulation services much quicker than you would elsewhere since we make use of operational efficiencies gained over the years of operations.

  • Expert Team

    Our BIM simulation team is made up of highly experienced and skilled engineers that provide extremely high-quality services.

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Exceptional Engineering Support Services to a US Renewable Energy Product's Supplier

Stress Analysis, 2D Drawings, and 3D Models Provided

We provided professional engineering services for a client who required stress analysis and fabrication drawings for a hub crane prototype, saving the client 50% in costs.

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FWS Provided 3D Modeling Services for Manufacturing Kitchen Equipment

Flatworld Solutions Delivers 3D Modeling Services for Manufacturer of Kitchen Equipment

The client required 3D modeling services for designing kitchen equipment according to certain specifications. We completed the task at a lightning-fast speed.

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Flatworld Solutions has an experienced 4D construction simulation team that can handle all your simulation needs with ease. We can save you a lot of money, time, and effort and allow you to focus on other core business areas. Our teams can work in sync with your in-house team of architects, engineers, or designers to help them with back-end tasks while they focus on more productive areas.

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