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As everybody is aware, that the AC coolant R22 will be replaced in Jan 1, 2020 in the United States and it will be illegal to top up R22 in any form. Any existing stock of R22 will be not be allowed to be used to keep the systems running beyond the end of this year, 2019. Only the recovered R22 will be allowed to be used or sale after this date.

The scale of the problem of replacing the existing systems working with R22 is humongous. This unique refrigerant has been in use for a long time now and the replacement of this coolant means a massive change in the design and working of cooling systems. The cooling gas is widely used currently with the usage of an estimated 100,000 tons in Europe alone. So why is it being replaced? How will the replacement affect the industry?

Why is R22 Being Replaced?

To understand why R22 must be banned, it is important to understand why R22 was developed in the first place. Back in 1928, a mixture of fluorine, chlorine, and carbon, commonly known as CFC, was being used as a refrigerant. But soon industries realized that this substance is harmful to be used at home and even more dangerous for the environment as it was an ozone-depleting substance.

HCFC was soon developed thereafter as an immediate replacement. This substance was considered to be safer as it was odorless, non-toxic, not flammable, and non-corrosive. However, when more detailed testing of this substance was carried out, it was found that these substances are just as bad and are having a very bad effect on the ozone layer.

The US government has placed some serious restrictions on the usage of R22 and has commanded to stop the usage of R22 in refrigeration systems by the year 2020. R22 will no longer be manufactured and cannot be used in the new air conditioning or cooling systems.

How Will the R22 Freon Ban Affect Consumers?

The phasing out of R22 will have a huge effect on all types of consumers. HCFC is being used by several consumers in different types of equipment at offices, homes, industrial sites, and commercial buildings. Freon R22 is commonly used in equipment such as HVAC units, freezers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, AC systems in cars and trucks, window-mounted ACs, etc.

Consumers who use this equipment which run using large amounts of HDFC or Freon R22 must constantly maintain the equipment, check for leakages, install leakage detectors, etc. The price of the R22 coolant is expected to skyrocket in the coming months until the consumers replace the coolant with its substitute. This task will be mandatory in the coming few years as R22 will be gradually phased out. The equipment is currently used will have to be redesigned and eventually replaced and made compatible with the new coolants in the industry.

What After R22?

The future of refrigerants is already here. The newest addition to the coolant family, the R410A, is environment-friendly and is slowly replacing R22 in all the cooling systems across the globe. As it is currently not widely used and available, the prices are still high. But during the course of phasing out R22 in the coming months, the prices are bound to come down as the supply and demand of R410A matches.

Another key advantage of using R410A, apart from being environment-friendly, is that by using this coolant in refrigerating units, the equipment generates lesser vibrations. Lesser vibrations in the cooling system will ensure that the equipment will not break down often and last longer.

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