FWS Provided 3D Furniture Modeling and Real Estate Marketing Support

Case Study on 3D Furniture Modeling and Marketing Support

Client Profile

The client is based in the United States (Texas), is a leading real estate photographer and broker, and provides residential and commercial real estate photography services. The client uses 3D modeling and rendering technology to help prospective buyers visualize how empty properties would look with a variety of exterior and interior decors.

Client Requirements and Challenges

The client needed a 3D modeling partner that could assist with image rendering to facilitate real estate marketing of both furnished and unfurnished properties. A primary client goal was to add value to real estate photographs by enabling potential property buyers to evaluate how different interior and exterior designs impacted the visualization of each commercial or residential property.

The project involved two primary challenges -

  • Desired furniture images needed to reflect both contemporary and traditional offices and homes
  • The client wanted access to an extensive image library that would enhance multiple design scenarios for buyers

FWS' Solution

After thoroughly understanding the needs of the client, the Flatworld Solutions furniture design and modeling specialists developed this solution -

  • The team included an account manager, a dedicated quality analyst, and two modeling experts
  • The client reviewed the existing Flatworld Solutions image library and selected images to be included in rendered photographs. The selection process was facilitated by strict image nomenclature practices that made it easy for the client to distinguish between specific library images
  • In delivering the final images to the client, the team maintained original image resolutions and ensured optimal design and lighting details during the rendering process for each property photograph provided by the client

Final Results - Helped Client Save Time and Money for 3D Furniture Modeling Project

This project illustrates a frequent need for manufacturers, furniture designers, real estate professionals and real estate photographers to help prospective consumers visualize services and products in different settings. This type of modeling, rendering and design challenge has multiple applications in settings as diverse as product catalogs and real estate websites.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Efficient 3D Furniture Modeling Services

As useful as furniture modeling and rendering can be to marketing efforts in all forms, the required design processes are time-consuming and highly specialized. With two decades of international outsourcing experience, Flatworld Solutions can provide cost-effective pricing for high-quality modeling services - and our team can produce quick turnarounds due to a 24/6 operating schedule. If you have a similar project requirement, feel free to get in touch with us and share your requirements today! Before you start your next project, contact us first for a no-cost assessment.

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