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At Flatworld Solutions, we pay great stress on the quality of our photo editing projects, and ensure highest possible accuracy in delivery. As our customer, you can be assured of not just prompt and secure services at affordable costs, but also of high service quality. As a company, we have collectively taken a commitment to deliver superior quality services, and strive to make sure that your project deliverables meet or exceed expectations.

To ensure optimum quality at every level, we follow a stringent quality policy and adhere to all processes, and update them on a regular basis. Till date, we have over 500 happy customers who can vouch for the quality of our image editing work that meets international quality standards.

Our Quality Policy

Before we commit to a new image processing project, we first discuss internally if we have the required resources, technology and time to deliver superior quality services. We take up a new project only if we are certain about ensuring high quality work within the stipulated deadline set by the customer.

To ensure that quality is maintained throughout the course of the photo editing project, we employ the latest in the image editing software and technology. Additionally, we strongly believe in the talent of our image editors, and have employed imagery technicians and image editors who are highly experienced in leveraging the most up-to-date photo editing tools available in the market. Our team meticulously follows our internal quality assurance policies and works on advanced software and hardware, so that you get superior quality images, which retain the look and feel that is best suited to your specific project goals.

We can proudly state that till date, all our image processing projects meet over 95% quality standards.

Quality Processes at FWS

Our staff follows comprehensive quality assurance standards to perform regular quality checks. These tests are conducted to determine our overall process capability, effectiveness of our training and recruitment initiatives, productivity of our image editing staff and areas that need immediate attention.

As a part of our quality assurance process, our quality analysts ensure the following steps:

Image Editing Process

Ascertain reliability and strength of the overall image editing process

Calculate average productivity

Calculate average productivity of each image editor

Documenting Frequent Errors

Underline critical performance metrics documenting frequent errors

Conduct random calibration

Conduct random calibration checks to ensure that all photos are being edited correctly

Ensure accuracy and precision

Ensure accuracy and precision of the project deliverables, and check if there are any deviations as per the quality policy

Guarantee project completion

Guarantee project completion turnaround time as per the client agreement

Incorporate suggestions, feedback

Incorporate suggestions, feedback, and requests from the customer

Notify customers about the quality

Notify customers about the quality adherence by providing regular progress reports

Reevaluate images

Reevaluate final images before sending completed project to the customer

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Training Programs for Quality Adherence

Our team of image editors attends regular training programs to keep themselves abreast with the advancements in photo editing, and learn how to ensure high quality deliverables. During each quality training program, our image editors are taught how to maintain quality at every stage of the process and complete a project without errors, within the deadline set by the customer.

Quality is a way of life at Flatworld Solutions

Quality is a way of life at Flatworld Solutions, but we don't shy away from our mistakes (if any), and rather learn a lesson or two from them. In an extremely rare event, if a project is less than perfect, our quality analysts will determine the cause of error, evaluate the effects, and come up with new safeguards to ensure that the same mistake is not repeated in the future.

After the completion of each and every project, we ask for the feedback from our customers. Our team will go through these service reports containing customer feedback and make adequate improvements to our methodology, processes, and service quality. By constantly striving towards quality, we at Flatworld Solutions have been able to deliver consistent, accurate and efficient services that are always delivered within the deadline.

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