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The Client

The client we served is involved in the industrial machinery industry. They offer a comprehensive range of services are have made a big name for themselves in the area of CNC tool service, manufacturing, sales, machine calibration, and manual machine tools. They have been operating for over 60 years during which they have gained significant experience and knowledge. Today, they even go as far as helping their customers select the right machinery for industrial automation purposes.

Our client has worked on hundreds of projects and helped customers across a wide range of industries, including energy, aerospace, oil and gas, defense, medical, and automotive.

Client's Requirement

The client initially had extensive online discussions with our representative. They required a capable service provider to perform reverse engineering of several machine parts for their CNC manufacturing and service vertical. For the first phase, they wanted our team to create a series of 3D parametric models of a vacuum motor casing from scanned images of the vacuum motor's actual casing. They wanted to feed the 3D models to a CNC machine to mass-produce the machine's external casing.

Client's Challenges

There were several challenges encountered during this project, including extremely stringent accuracy requirements and a tight deadline. They also wanted us to develop 5 parametric models every month, which meant that our team had no more than 4 working days to dedicate to the creation of each model.

Another big challenge was that the client wanted the models to have 1NM hole positioning, which was a highly stringent accuracy requirement.

FWS' Solution

Our Solution

We assigned 2 highly experienced and skilled 3D modelers to this project. These 2 resources were chosen based on their extensive experience in parametric modeling and proficiency in using the Geomagic Design X program. To ensure that the stringent accuracy requirements were met, we ensured that each model was sufficiently processed by the Geomagic tool. The STEP file was then sent to the client for final approval.

Our Process

Even though we have significant experience in handling such projects, we put extra effort into developing a streamlined and thoughtful process for the execution of the project. Key steps in our process were as follows:

  1. We first began by receiving and analyzing the scanned point cloud data of the required machine's parts.
  2. We then discussed the machine's mechanisms with the client to create the right model for the particular part. Once the design was conceptualized and prepared, we sent it to the client for input and feedback.
  3. When we received approval from the client, we created the surface model, and the model together with the scanned data was evaluated for accuracy.
  4. The SolidWorks program was then used to create the relevant 3D model together with details like spikes, cuts, and grooves.
  5. We then sent the relevant files and 2D PDF drawings to the client for final approval.
  6. After receiving final approval, the final files were sent to the client through Dropbox.
The Result

The Result

The client was very satisfied with the results. They were very pleased with the accuracy and quick delivery and were also happy to save significantly on labor costs.

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