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Are you having trouble envisioning how housing projects are designed and represented? Do you want to show your clients a modern building that encompasses a greener way of living with reduced carbon footprint? Architectural illustration services show how architecture "looks like" to how architecture "behaves". So why wait? Outsource architectural illustration to Flatworld Solutions (FWS) to help builders or architects either for construction documentation, portfolio presentation, or as part of sales and marketing.

Our architectural illustration services enable you to tell your story and build a real place where people will want to go to work or live. We help you realize your vision and communicate it with your clients, customers, or prospective buyers in the best possible manner using concept models to real-time virtual animations and even illustrated fly-through of the property.

Architectural Illustration Services We Offer

Over the past 20 years, we have worked with clients across the world as their chosen architectural illustration service provider for multiple projects. This trust stems from our ability to focus on varied projects while using our visualization, illustration, and rendering skills to deliver exactly what you require. You can use our architectural illustration for initial conceptualization right up until construction as a valuable resource to validate your vision.

Our services include -

Digital Illustrations

Digital Illustrations

Digital illustrations are one of the most common types of architectural illustrations that we work on for our clients. All our digital illustrations are created by first developing a 3D model based on your inputs and with the aid of existing floor plans, site maps, and elevation data. Once we have developed the model, we illustrate the intricate details in the structure such as textures, color variations, material palettes, etc.

We believe that digital illustrations need to serve their purpose by providing a birds-eye view of the entire building complex while ensuring our clients can choose the degree of detail they want to see by helping them zoom in and focus on particular aspects of the entire design.

Traditional Illustrations

Traditional Illustrations

Our traditional renderings and illustrations are fully painted with watercolors or in a method chosen by our clients. Each illustration maintains its own look and feel as they are done completely by hand to fit your requirements. As an established architectural illustration service providing company, we provide multiple services such as fully-painted renderings which cover the entire canvas while remaining in full color but maintaining different artistic techniques.

All our styles and our ability to grasp the nuances of architectural illustrations make us one of the well-respected companies out there working today.

Line and Wash Illustrations

Line and Wash Illustrations

We have pioneered techniques that enable us to convert digital illustrations and apply them to line and wash style illustrations. The key to rendering great line and wash drawings is to understand and capture the essential qualities of the building as it can be seen from a naked eye. We can create stellar line and wash style illustrations developed in perspective while maintaining geometric correlation, proportion, aesthetics, value hierarchy, and line quality.

Pencil Illustrations

Pencil Illustrations

Pencil illustrations can be completed fairly quickly, and are great for conveying ideas and leave a lasting impression on your clients, buyers, investors, stakeholders, etc. As part of our architectural illustration services, pencil illustrations are provided to cover all your needs and are a great alternative to static digital renderings while providing an essential glimpse into the entire design process itself.

Our Architectural Illustration Specialization

Over the years, our architectural illustration services have proven to be an integral part of the following -


Architectural project visioning


Schematic designs


Architectural design review boards


Financing package discussions


Architectural design development


Architectural sales and leasing collaterals

Architectural Illustration Process We Follow

At Flatworld, we specialize in residential and commercial architecture as well as land planning. We have extensive experience in working with multiple global clients designing urban infills, single and multi-family homes, etc. Our comprehensive design process ensures we can cover all your requirements while ensuring you always know the flow of the project and what to expect. Our process includes the following steps -


Documentation Gathering

We understand the nature of the requirement and gather all the documentation that would be necessary to proceed with the illustration project. We receive project masterplans, photographs, and other collaterals from the client and then proceed further with the project.


Creating First Models

We work on a SketchUp model which refers to the CAD site plan. Here buildings are not completed but are given one to two floors in block form to project the nature of the look and feel. We provide multiple camera options to the client so they can review the model and approve the design before we proceed ahead.


Preliminary View

During this stage, the fabric of the entire illustration finally starts falling into place. The model is articulated with details, cars, people, trees, and vegetation which are carefully composed and roughly sketched to further the focal point. We ensure none of these elements are overpowering but help to guide the viewer's vision to central locations and designs.


Final Drawing

The final drawing is created and refines all the elements of the illustration such as architecture, people, cars, and other elements. We also start creating designated shadow areas that help define the overall environment and the look and feel of the illustration. During this stage, any small changes requested by the client are also incorporated before the final colorization.


Final Rendering

The illustration comes to life as we colorize it and provide it soft or hard touches as requested by you. Our rendering styles totally depend on your needs and hits the tone that you are trying to achieve. Once you are satisfied with the final output, we deliver the illustration to you.

Why Outsource Architectural Illustration Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Over the years, we have managed to build up an enviable track record in 3D architectural illustration services. We understand the complexity of the architectural world, and our design and illustrations team has proven itself in satisfying unique market demands while keeping particular regional influences in mind to deliver stellar architectural illustrations. We excel in the following areas

Client Success Stories


Offered 3D Modeling to Showcase Vintage Envelopes to Leading Expressionist Artist

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Global Signage Company is Provided With 3D Logo Modeling Services for Outdoor Advertising

An outdoor advertising client approached us for designing six 3D logos. We produced designs to their required specifications and enhanced the logo.

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Success Stories

Outsource Architectural Illustration Services to Flatworld Solutions

With each stroke, our creative design illustrators ensure that every project that we deliver is perfect from all angles. We specialize in creating architectural illustrations that can invoke emotions while conveying your ideas and messages appropriately, leaving a lasting first impression.

Our work methods are focused on actual realism, exact detailing, high-quality material finishes, and stunning vistas brought to life. With a combination of our experience in understanding 2D plans and elevations, we can transform your business and break new grounds.

To know more about how we can help you create the perfect architectural illustration, get in touch with us now!

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