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The Client and Their Requirements

We were approached for consultation by a premier US based auto parts manufacturer, with an unparalleled expertise in manufacturing sheet metal components, automotive and assembly parts. The client wanted to unify its CAD (Computer Aided Design) processes into a single system, as all latest economic and market trends indicated that the unification of CAD processes into a single system is not only highly cost-effective, but also provides a strategic edge to global companies.

Being one of the top offshore outsourcing companies that specialize in CAD techniques, Flatworld was the client's partner of choice.

Challenges Faced During the Project

During the course of the project, we faced multiple complications which had to be dealt with absolute perfection so as to meet the client's specifications. Chief amongst them was that we had to design from the ground up a specialized solution which not only streamlined the entire procedure of product development, but also increased the efficiency of each step involved in the process. It was also imperative that our solution for the unified CAD system was both cost-effective and less time consuming, while ensuring drawings developed on 3 different systems could merged easily in the unified system.

The success of this project was inherently dependent on our ability to provide top notch functionality for the unified CAD system that enabled a smooth and streamlined migration for the client's existing CAD processes.

The Three-pronged Flatworld Approach

Our Solution

All of the client's requirements were subjected to extensive analysis and research, and after numerous meetings with our in-house experts, we devised the following solution especially for the client-

  • Formation of a team of specialists: All the relevant steps for manufacture of spares and assemblies were discussed thoroughly. Thereafter, we deployed a team of highly experienced and expert professionals who had previous experiences in handling similar operations.
  • Usage of modern technologies: Detailed research was carried out to understand the latest trends in the market, whereupon our team decided that 'Autodesk Inventor 2012' would be used for the unification of the entire CAD processes
  • Trial: We conducted a free trial to classify both two dimensional and three dimensional drawings as per their complexities. After judging the results the estimated time for the given quantity was set.
The Result

Result - Positive Outcome

Following our effective approach towards standardizing and unifying the client's CAD system, the client was able to rapidly accelerate the production cycles for automobile parts. Our solution also enabled easier coordination between various multi-discipline teams, ensuring that decision-making took much lesser time than before. It also ensured that all teams shared common best practices, and previously designed CAD models could be reused without any problem.

Our collaboration with the client was so successful that he experienced significant savings both in terms of cost and time. The functional costs for the client were reduced by 40% and the entire process was completed in less than 35% of the initial estimated time.

Unify Your CAD Processes Efficiently with Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld, our CAD services have allowed us to become a partner of choice for numerous Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies all over the globe. We integrate our solutions with the nature and scope of your business, ensuring you are always in full control of the workflow.

Contact us now and learn for yourself what sets our mechanical services apart in terms of innovation, turnaround time and cost.

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