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The Customer

A leading US-based company in the international duct layout industry was looking for a vendor that could provide outsourced services such as designing duct layouts, finance and accounting services, software development services and web analytics services. The desired profile of the ideal vendor was such that the vendor had to have extensive domain knowledge of the duct industry and the capability to interact with the company's dealers and development team. The vendor would also be required to design duct layouts for specific industries in the USA, besides generating invoices for the designs developed and expanding the company's service offerings in the UK.

The Challenge

The customer had to present new drawings of duct layouts to its dealers and the demand for the same was increasing at an appalling rate. Besides, the customer had to present new designs of duct layouts to its dealers within a short turnaround time. The company presented Flatworld Solutions with the task of designing new duct layouts by learning and understanding the nature of their line of products. Flatworld Solutions had to design the duct layouts by using commercial software as well as the software developed by the customer.

The customer sought professional designs that could be modified easily. Creating such designs needed a lot of precision and skill and was quite challenging. Besides, the drawings had to be delivered within a short turnaround time.

The Solution

Our Solution

Flatworld Solutions developed a small, scalable process that focused on making and delivering high-quality designs to the customer, in the minimum time possible. A team of efficient engineers from Flatworld ensured that all the key CTQs (Critical to Quality parameters) were met successfully.

Within a span of three months, the number of designs being delivered to the customer increased by three times. To further enhance the performance and productivity level, Flatworld Solutions deployed some engineers at the customer's office in the US under the FTE (Full Time Equivalent) model. The transition had to be fool-proof, ensuring that the designs were delivered on time, every time.

In the following month, the demand for designs increased by ten times. Flatworld was providing accurate designs at a fast pace and conforming to the highest level of quality. Offering such a level of performance on a continual basis was taxing.

The graph below shows how the Flatworld team of engineers met the increase in demand for new designs to be made.

Average no. of projects delivered

The Results

The Result

Flatworld Solutions met the customer's requirements successfully. The quality of the designs delivered by Flatworld was so high that the customer was able to focus on other aspects such as inventory planning and invoicing. Automation played a vital role in increasing the productivity on a daily basis. The customer and its dealers showered the Flatworld team of engineers with compliments for doing a great job, almost every week.

Within a span of ten months, Flatworld's team of engineers completed 330 design projects successfully. Delighted by the services provided by the team of engineers, the customer requested Flatworld to deliver other services such as data management solutions, finance & accounting services and website optimization services. Engineers working for this customer visited the Flatworld office to meet the team of engineers and train them on new specialized codes. Moreover, Flatworld's engineers were also sent to the customer's office in the US to interact with the customer's dealers. The customer was so happy with Flatworld Solutions' services that other divisions of the customer's company, located in other geographical locations, showed interest in using Flatworld's drafting services.

Flatworld Solutions believes in adding value to every service offering that it delivers to its customers.

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