Case Study on Piping and Instrumentation Drawings to a Client

Flatworld Solutions Provided Piping and Instrumentation Drawings to a Client

The Client Requirement

The Client

The client we served is passionate about carbon recycling. They are committed to finding solutions to reduce the entire world's CO2 emissions and have a goal of reducing up to 30% of the crude oil we currently use. To achieve their goals, they look to recycle carbon from industrial gases generated from biomass sources, including municipal solid waste, organic industrial waste, and agricultural waste. The company also makes new innovative products that help create a circular carbon economy.

One way they want to go about reducing the world's carbon emissions is to build a steel mill that creates products to help build a lightweight plane that is powered by production emissions. Ultimately, the company foresees a future in which as little as possible is wasted, and to this end, continually works toward developing technology and solutions to help companies across industries significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Client's Requirement

The client required schematic drawings for a plant engineering project created using AutoCAD 2D and based on the client's initial files and markups. They required 10 drawings per month with a 2-day turnaround for each drawing.

Client's Challenges

One of the main challenges was to find knowledgeable resources with experience serving the energy sector. We also struggled to find resources knowledgeable in AutoCAD 2D and AutoCAD Plant 3D, which the client requested for a different project.

FWS' Solution

Our Solution

We were able to assign 2 engineers familiar with the AutoCAD 2D software to the project within the timeline specified by the client.

Our Process

To provide the client with high-quality deliverables, we followed the following key steps:

  1. In the first step, we received the drawings and markups from the client and reviewed them extensively to ascertain which of the engineers would be assigned which task.
  2. We then analyzed the files in AutoCAD 2D and got back to the client with our doubts and questions.
  3. After receiving clarification from the client, we went to work on the files using the AutoCAD 2D software and made the changes according to the client's feedback.
  4. We then performed a thorough quality check on the final files before sharing it with the client.
The Result

The Result

The client was delighted with the results. In addition to saving a lot of time and money, they were also able to work with thorough professionals who were proactive about suggesting improvements and changes to the process. We also worked diligently to ensure that all the client's requirements and specifications were met and that the files were ready on time. The client was so happy with the services that they have requested for further help on additional projects.

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