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The Customer's Business Requisite

Flatworld Solutions was approached by a renowned Canadian engineering services company which works with several global automobile manufacturers on a routine basis. Because of the varying nature of their business, they are often faced with requests they do not have the expertise to perform.

In this case, they were approached by a customer who required expert detailing services for a hydraulic fixture. Since they did not have the necessary capability, they outsourced the requirement to us based on our prior work history, our cost-effective services, and most importantly, the value our highly experienced resources brought to each and every project.

Project Challenges

During the course of the project, we faced quite a few challenges, the exact nature of which included -

  • The hydraulic clamping fixture in question had to be detailed in accordance with the automobile manufacturer's request
  • Our client wanted us to work only with SolidWorks 2009 since they were using the same software in-house and were comfortable with it
  • The TAT for the whole project was just one week, which in turn necessitated expert project execution, without fail

Flatworld's Expert Solution

Our Solution

Without wasting any time, we quickly charted a project plan and allocated professionals with prior experience in detailing fixtures to the project. The project was highly confidential, and once we set up stringent IT security measures in order to protect it against all forms of threats, we were able to begin in earnest.

First a team of designers drafted detailed 2D manufacturing drawings for the hydraulic fixture including the hydraulic circuit diagram.

Thereupon, another team developed a 3D model based on the 2D drawings, which consisted of the following -

  • Die and mold design for the fixture
  • Special purpose machine design
  • Fixture AND Jig Design

With the help of our experts and by adopting a process driven approach, we were able to complete the project well within time. As requested by the client, we only used the SolidWorks 2009 software to design the 3D model, ensuring significant client satisfaction.

The Result

Project Outcome

The client was extremely satisfied with our resourcefulness and our ability to provide professional and high-quality services in a short turnaround time. With our help, they were able to save significantly on costs. We also provided the client with all the source files for the 2D drawings and 3D models, ensuring easy future reference and complete project ownership. Satisfied with the results, the client has now willingly agreed to outsource any and all similar future projects to us.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Reliable Detailing and 3D Design Services

At Flatworld, we provide designing and detailing services for a variety of mechanical components and equipment. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, and armed with an extensive knowledge of the best software in the business, including SolidWorks, I-DEAS, Solid Edge and CATIA, we are able to differentiate and continuously innovate our mechanical engineering services.

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