Case Study on 3D Drafting and Product Design Services

Flatworld Provided 3D Drafting and Product Design Services

The Client Requirement

Client Profile

The client is leading architectural firm and staircase manufacturer based in Australia (Victoria) and offers a century of experience in design and manufacturing of stairs. The company operates throughout Australia and provides high-end stair design services for industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

Client Requirements and Challenges

The client needed to produce a new e-commerce catalog that displayed ergonomic and technological details for more than 100 staircase designs. They were looking for an outsourcing partner that could provide high-quality drafting and design services. The client provided rendering requirements for SketchUp files that included angles, resolution, lighting, and scenes.

The project involved these primary challenges -

  • Initially working with unclear images
  • Requirement to meet geographical and AS4100 architectural standards

FWS' Solution

Our Solution

After carefully analyzing the project challenges and the requirements of the client, the Flatworld Solutions engineering design and drafting specialists developed this solution -

  • The team included an account manager, quality analyst, and three modelers
  • The project management and communication process facilitated drafting and rendering results that met client expectations for each individual image
  • After identifying early issues with unclear images, the team used enhancement techniques to produce optimal clarity required for rendering and digitization
  • Working with 10 stair design families and more than 100 models, the team members provided texturing, lighting, and other details to ensure an effective installation process
  • The final output included Autodesk 3ds Max files
  • The project was completed in four weeks
The Result

Final Results - Performed Product Design and Digitization Services for 100 Models

This project demonstrates a common challenge in commercial digitization projects - existing legacy images and files that do not meet multiple requirements of current e-commerce technology. The assignment also illustrates an ongoing need for businesses to meet engineering standards that frequently differ widely from one country to another.

Hire Flatworld Solutions for 3D Drafting and Rendering Services

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a global provider of 3D drafting and rendering services and a host of other mechanical engineering services. FWS is an ISO certified support services provider and ensures that drafting and design processes meet both international and local quality standards. Our team has two decades of experience in helping both Fortune 1000 companies and SMB enterprises overcome challenges with legacy files and images. The FWS engineering design team operates on a 24/6 basis that facilitates fast turnarounds when needed. If you have a similar project requirement, feel free to get in touch with us today!

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