Case Study on 3D Assembly Models for Tower Building Company

Provided 3D Assembly Models for Tower Building Company

The Client Requirement

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a company that specializes in Transmission Modular Restoration Structures - also known as Emergency Restoration Systems, Temporary Towers or Restoration Towers.

The company had already found success in developing these towers, which were used to restore power to damaged power lines. But they needed a team that could assist them with increasing their output and reduce their in-house work load. Specifically, they required -

  • Modifying the 3D Assembly
  • Adding Insulators
  • Prepare a 2D Drafting Model

The client found us online, and was impressed by our engineering expertise, our low cost, and our ability to meet their deadlines. They elected to use Flatworld Solutions for their requirements.

The Problems

The primary challenges facing the Flatworld Solutions engineering team was simply a lack of information. Many pieces of information were missing from the details provided, including information on insulator, Guy Wires, GLs and total tower height details. There was also lack of inputs that was necessary to provide actionable feedback.

The Solutions

Our Solution

Flatworld Solutions assigned several engineering resources to the project, all of whom solved these challenges using their expertise and their time working with the details provided. The client was open to questions, and so the Flatworld Solutions team consulted with them whenever there was missing information. The resources were also able to suggest numerous parts and components that were suitable for the different models.

The team used SolidWorks CAD to change insulators, towers, and other components. They were also able to verify working specifications of tower assemblies, ensure all components were properly constrained or fixed into the SolidWorks Assembly Module, and create 2d drawings as per client standards.

The Result

The Results

The engineering company was highly satisfied with the work provided by Flatworld Solutions, and became an ongoing client. Flatworld Solutions reduced the delivery time by 20%, and find commonality/usage for different parts and components which could be used on common projects.

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