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The Client

Our client specializes in designing car body exteriors, as well as modifying the external styling to enhance the overall aesthetic value of cars for various brands. Being one of the best in this field in and around US, high expectations and commitments were required by the client from us throughout the tenure of the project.

The Situation - Business Needs

Designing motor vehicle exteriors is now more daunting than ever. Between the plethora of new legislations for crash safety, and the market-specific requirement for a variety of motor cars, the job gets challenging by the day.

The primary requirement of the client was to generate general themes for their car design portfolios that would suit the current design requirements, abide by various specifications, look aesthetically pleasing, and be completely safe. This project required our team of 3D experts to deal with the design, modification, and customization of car models, while ensuring aesthetically pleasing designs which conformed to all safety regulations.

The Challenge

The challenges faced during the course of the project helped us to expand our horizons and come up with innovative and yet technically sound solutions. Some of the challenges we faced were -

  • We had to employ professional and highly qualified 3D artists with prior experience in automotive redesigning
  • We had to ensure that all car exterior designs met the ever-changing safety requirements as well as all market related acts and legislations
  • We were required to implement the latest designing technology to ensure the modifications made to the exterior designs were aesthetically pleasing and up to industry-specific crash safety legislative requirements

The Flatworld Solution

Our Solution

Our solution tackled all the client's requirements. It involved numerous sessions of brain-storming and product reviews .The key highlights of the final solution included the following -

  • Forming a highly experienced team: Our in-house experts in 3D designing were consulted and deployed as a team. This resulted in premium quality work as desired by the client. All the specifications were checked off the list and a highly customized solution was provided to the client
  • Crafting of wireframe models: We used SolidEdge 2012 to craft wireframe models having accurate dimensions
  • Using cutting-edge technologies: We generated high quality graphics using Autodesk 3DS Max, one of the best 3D modeling and rendering software
The Result


The results exceeded the expectations of the client. The tailor-made solution provided following benefits to the client -

  • The client experienced a reduction in his promotional expenses by 40% and a 20% increase in the business revenue
  • Our solution allowed the client to fine tune any car online by virtually picking up any aesthetically appealing part and assessing what effect actual modification will have on it
  • The modified cars received significantly better ratings in passenger safety and crash analysis reports as compared to actual company models
  • The client was able to strengthen his brand value in the market and build a stronger customer base, while receiving numerous praises for his automobile designs

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Our collaboration with the client was highly successful, and our solution resulted in many awards and recognition for the client for quality designs, helping them strengthen their position in the market. At Flatworld Solutions, our automotive design and styling services conform to design and safety specifications, and include initial research, designing and prototyping and complete 3D renderings of an automobile model.

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