3D Rendering, Modeling & Drafting Services

3D Rendering, Modeling & Drafting Services

Whether you are an architect, interior designer, building contractor, product manufacturer, or a designer, you require professional 3D rendering and modeling services that can precisely and creatively add a new dimension to your imagination. Flatworld Solutions offers a range of cost-effective 3D rendering and modeling services for the mechanical, architectural, electrical, electronic, and structural domains. Our CAD specialists can help you with their experience of building simple to complex 3D models and drafts for all types of drafting requirements including architectural drafting requirements across the globe.

3D Rendering, Modeling, & Drafting Services We Offer

We have a team of qualified engineers, CAD designers, managers, analysts, and draftsmen, who can dedicatedly work on your project, communicate with you, create drafts, and make amendments quickly till the desired quality is achieved, once you outsource 3D modeling services. Our skilled resources in India help you save a lot of time and cost.

Our 3D modeling and drafting solutions include -

  • CAD Drafting & CAD Drawing
  • CAM Design and Drafting services
  • 3D Rendering
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Computer Animation
  • 3D Architectural Rendering and Visualization
  • Product Designing
  • Legacy Conversion
  • Architectural Drafting Services, Mechanical and Electronic Drawings and Presentations
  • Layout and Interior Design Drawings
  • Manufacturing, Assembly, and Production Layouts
  • Exploded and Top-down Assembly Drawings
  • Patent Submission Drawings
  • Conversion of 2D Drawings to 3D Drawings
  • Format conversion (AutoCAD, TurboCAD, DataCAD, Visio, MicroStation, Vectorworks, Inventor, Pro-E, Solid Works, ADT, Solid Edge, 3D Max, and other popular software technologies)
  • Remodeling, resizing, and scaling of legacy drawings

Flatworld also offers superior Finite Element Analysis Services and Machine Design and Development Services to help engineering firms speed up their design and production cycles.

Read our case study to know how Flatworld created appealing 3D display unit designs for a top Canadian marketing agency.

Why Outsource 3D Rendering, Modeling, and Drafting Services to Us?

By partnering with Flatworld, you can get the required help to present your ideas and designs to your prospects in a professional and comprehensive manner. We also provide complete drawings of complex parts of a building or a product, which helps you to improve your engineering efficiency. Our trained resources make use of the latest equipment for scanning, 3D laser scanning, reverse engineering, etc. They also leverage coordinate measuring machine, large format copiers and printers, high speed internet, high-end workstations, and all major 3D designing and modeling software. Outsource 3D rendering and drafting services to us and -

  • Save huge on operational costs and get top-quality services at extremely affordable rates
  • Get accurate and reliable results from our streamlined processes, which help you to create high-quality, accurate, and modifiable 3D designs and drafts and detect defects early
  • Get quick and efficient services, which enable you to minimize the concept-to-production time
  • Obtain comprehensive digital drawings even from rough paper sketches
  • Deploy a highly skilled team to work on your concepts with total confidentiality
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies and file formats in 3D rendering/modeling without actually investing in any
  • Save tremendous amount of time and money with rapid turnaround on even high-volume projects

Client Success Story

FWS Provided Engineering Product Design Support

Flatworld Solutions Provided Engineering Product Design Support for Australian Energy Solutions Provider

We provided a Queensland-based energy solutions provider with quick and cost-effective product design support. Our engineers helped them with the design support in no time.

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FWS Provided 3D Modeling Services for Fabricate Equipment

Flatworld Solutions Provided 3D Modeling Services for Manufacturing Kitchen Equipment

The client approached Flatworld Solutions for 3D modeling services to design their kitchen equipment in spec with the compliances. We completed the task at blazing speeds to deliver the best values.

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Choose Flatworld for Professional 3D Rendering, Modeling, and Drafting Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we have been offering top quality mechanical engineering services to global clients. Our infrastructure is complemented by a well-defined process with standard operating procedures for analysis, communication, drafting, reporting, and quality checks to ensure total customer satisfaction. We also provide mechanical 3D product animation, machine design and development, 3D part modeling, etc. Once you outsource 3d modeling and drafting services to us, you can be assured of top-quality services at affordable rates.

Read the case study to know how FWS Created 3D SolidWorks Drawings for Fruit Processing Equipment Manufacturer.

Get in touch with us to find out more about outsourcing architectural services to Flatworld.

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