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The Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Requirements

Data entry is a time-consuming process. Outsourcing data entry services will give you the extra time to focus on your core business areas, which will increase your profitability.

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How will the Big Data Landscape Change by 2020?

Big Data is transforming every industry in a big way. The explosive growth of human behavioral data is becoming the prime target of analytics to whip out predictions that influence future decisions.

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Top 7 Big Data Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

Big Data has been a buzzword for most part of 2017. Read this article on 7 Big Data trends to know what's in store for 2018.

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What is the Difference Between Data Lake and Data Warehouse?

Data Lake is one of the upcoming terms being used in the field of data management. Read the article to know the key differences between data lake and data warehouse.

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8 Ways Enterprises Can Use Web Data Extraction to Their Advantage

Web data extraction is being used in various industries by companies across the globe. Read the article which lists 8 ways in which enterprises can use web data extraction to their advantage.

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What Will Data Analytics be Like in 100 Years?

Data analytics is gaining popularity like never before and is providing businesses with exciting new ways to increase their efficiency. Read an article to discover what will the future of data analytics look like.

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9 Key Advantages of OCR-based Data Entry

OCR data entry is now making new waves across various industry sectors. Read an article by Flatworld to discover some of the major business benefits of leveraging this tool.

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Big Data Analytics Predictions and its Role in Future

Big data analytics is gaining enormous popularity due to the business benefits it offers, which include valuable insights from existing data, information for cross selling, trend and prediction analysis, etc. Read an article by Flatworld Solutions on predictions and future trends in big data analytics.

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Risks and Advantages of Outsourcing Product Data Entry

Outsourcing product data entry enables e-commerce businesses to keep their websites updated with all the latest products and product information. Explore the risks and advantages associated with outsourcing product data entry in this article by Flatworld Solutions.

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How to Avoid Challenges that Come with Manual Data Entry?

Maintaining accuracy is a major drawback associated with manual data entry. Read an article by Flatworld Solutions to get some valuable tips on avoiding errors associated with manual data entry.

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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Outsourcing Data Entry

Competitors can actually teach you what experience cannot. Read an article on important things that your competitors can teach you about outsourcing data entry services.

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Invest in Data Before It's Too Late

With huge data sets available, businesses can now leverage it by making data investment to derive meaningful business insights. Read an article to know why you should invest in data before it is too late.

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Why We Love Data Conversion, and You Should Too

With the constant technological advancements, data conversion is one process that is gaining popularity. Read an article by Flatworld Solutions to know why is it important to invest in data conversion.

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Migrating Data to Cloud - Limitations and Opportunities

With businesses increasingly migrating their data to the cloud, read an article by Flatworld Solutions to weigh the pros and cons of data migration to cloud.

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Future of e-commerce Looks Promising - Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

e-commerce is one of the most industries which is expanding at an exponential rate. Read to know how artificial intelligence is changing the way e-commerce will function in the future.

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Automate Data Entry with Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most advanced and upcoming technologies in the industry today, with one of its key applications being data entry automation. Read to find out how machine learning can be used to automate data entry.

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Top 12 Trends that will Influence Data Analytics in 2018

Data Analytics will stay in demand in 2018, and the years ahead. Read 12 top trends that will impact data analysis in 2018.

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Digital E-Readers - Overview

New-age e-book readers, being both convenient and cost-effective, have managed to carve out a significant niche in the publishing market.

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5 Important Future Trends in Data Mining

With the amount of data collected and stored today, data mining field is surely seeing a rapid change. Read some of the future trends and applications of data mining.

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Ways in Which Data Entry is poised to decide the Future of e-commerce

Data entry has become an integral part of any business now. Read how data entry is all set to decide the future of e-commerce.

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Book retailers are transforming, as many customers go online to purchase. This move has put a lot of pressure on traditional chain stores to create revenue and profits.

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5 Ways in Which Data Cleansing Helps your Marketing Efforts

Data cleansing can be beneficial for a business in many ways especially in their marketing efforts. Read more to find out how it can help.

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Data Cleansing Problems and Solutions

Data cleansing is an important process for every company. This process comes with its own set of problems and here are some solutions to them

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Top Ways to Avoid Data Conversion Errors

Here are some of the top ways to avoid data conversion errors and how it can help in boosting your bottom line.

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6 Questions to Determine the Need for Property Management Services

Do you really need property management services? Read our answers to the most important questions which will determine if your need them or not.

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E-Book Formats

With their convenience, wide availability and ease to download, e-books have surely made inroads into the market formerly dominated by paperback and hard-cover books.

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What Should be the Key Skills of a Data Entry Clerk?

Data entry clerks are office assistants who enter, store, and retrieve data based on client's requirements. Read what are the key skills needed to be a data entry clerk.

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Benefits of Master Data Management

There are many advantages of master data management including business intelligence that allows organizations to encapsulate data and convert it into knowledge.

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Outsource Data Entry Services to India

Outsourcing data entry services to Flatworld Solutions has a number of advantages.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry

India is one of the largest English speaking countries and has a large pool of experienced and skilled professionals who can make your mundane and routine data entry job very easy.

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Why Outsource Data Entry to India?

Flatworld offers the whole spectrum of data entry services at very competitive prices and within timely deliveries.

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Data Entry Quality

A meticulously done data entry project is prone to very less errors whilst a sloppily completed data entry process results in a number of re-works and additional labor costs.

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Microfilm Scanning

The process of microfilm scanning is increasingly gaining prevalence in multiple industries where the storage and preservation of historical documents, newspapers, government records etc. is of paramount importance.

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Data Entry Services for Government Agencies

Today, government agencies, in their bid to optimize workflows and reduce costs, are gradually looking to outsource their data entry tasks to an efficient service provider with the required experience. Read on to find out more about how government agencies can effectively choose a data entry service provider, and what sets them apart.

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