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Restaurant Menu Data EntryWith the proliferation of online consumer behavior and mobile phone technology, restaurants around the world need to get their business online as quickly as possible. Statistics point towards younger consumers driving digital food ordering, which is currently growing at a rate 300% faster than dine-in traffic. In fact, as of late 2014, almost 69% of the consumers in USA were using mobile phone apps to order food from restaurants and make reservations for dine-in. As a result, an online restaurant food menu is a necessity which cannot be ignored anymore.

The food menu is one of the first things that a customer looks at when trying to decide which restaurant he/she wants to order food from, or visit. As a result, customers are likely to pass over restaurants with outdated menus, or even worse, no menus at all. Flatworld Solutions' data entry services for restaurants have helped global restaurant chains as well as small family-owned businesses keep their food menus regularly updated and organized, while ensuring 100% accuracy.

Our Ideal Approach Towards Restaurant Data Entry Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we understand that a restaurant's menu can change on a daily basis, and as a restaurant owner or manager, you cannot afford to lose time updating your menu on a daily basis while keeping other important tasks at bay. Our Data Entry Services for Restaurants are geared toward speed and accuracy, and we approach it in a structured and streamlined manner, as mentioned below -

Input Files
We can work with a wide variety of input files as provided by you, including PDFs, scanned documents, and eFax.
Data Entry Process

As per client request, we can perform either manual data entry or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to transcribe your input files.

Structured Data Entry

Special care is taken during the data entry process to ensure the food menu does not look out of place, including -

  • Word-to-word data entry process that include keeping, or removing Capitalizations as per the original document
  • Up-to-date pricing details
  • Working and serving hours
  • Menu item descriptions
Custom Procedures

We can create multiple output files based upon customer request, including the ability to identify and separate main menu items, combo meals, daily or weekly specials, etc.

Output Files

We can directly import the output files (MS Excel, CSV, XML, HTML, PGSQL) into your database and regularly update them, if required

Our Key Differentiators

For over 14 years, we have provided end-to-end data entry solutions for global organizations. As a result, our Restaurant Menu Data Entry Services benefit from our experience, as well as our ability to work with large quantities of data. Some of the key differentiators of our data entry services for restaurant menu digitization include -

  • Experienced Professionals: Our Data Entry Services for Restaurants are performed by individuals with an extensive background in data entry. If required, we also designate an experienced project manager to ensure all your requirements are met properly
  • Advanced Security Measures: Our security protocols are implemented in a manner such as to ensure complete peace of mind for our clients. All our data entry operators sign confidentiality agreements before starting with a new project, and our security protocols coupled with a state-of-the-art redundant backup system ensures your confidential files are never lost or stolen
  • One-stop-shop for Restaurant Data Management: Apart from performing Data Entry of Restaurant Information, we can also help you with restaurant menu design, menu conversion, menu formatting, etc. We also have the ability to provide manual order processing services for all food orders
  • Enhanced Reporting Features: We can provide both daily, weekly, and monthly reports for all new and update menu items as per client request
  • Data Mining Services: If required, we can also perform in-depth data mining procedures to find relevant restaurant menus (online and offline)
  • Cost-effective: Our services are not only of the highest quality, but also ensure you significant cost savings. We constantly update your electronic or digital menus and incorporate any change you wish to make, thereby reducing your printing costs
  • Stringent Quality Check Procedures: At Flatworld Solutions, we follow a strict quality check procedure and perform quality checks at every stage of a project to ensure that all your files are accurate and error-free. We follow ISO standards to ensure that you receive superior quality work from us

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Restaurant Menu Data Entry Services

Although important in nature, data entry can be quite time consuming and mentally taxing for restaurant chain owners and managers. It is hard to find resources willing to spend their whole time on updating your food menu database regularly, as the time and effort being put behind it could be used elsewhere.

At Flatworld Solutions, we realize that a simple task as regularly updating your restaurant food menu can lead to rich dividends for you as a business, and our support services such as data processing, data conversion, document scanning, and OCR ensure all your requirements are met in-house by capable professionals.

Contact us now for high-quality and cost-effective restaurant menu digitization and restaurant menu data entry services.



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