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Today, consumers are increasingly making restaurant buying decisions online - routinely using online menus before booking restaurant table reservations or ordering carryout selections. But the process of documenting online menu data is time-consuming and requires the utmost accuracy. To help restaurants manage all data entry tasks involving online restaurant menus, Flatworld Solutions (FWS) provides four customized restaurant menu digitization services

Online menu data entry challenges are intensified when restaurant menus require multilingual skills. Another critical requirement involves the need to update menu items, pricing, specials and menu designs on a regular basis. To meet these challenges, our team of digitization and data entry experts can help you streamline the online restaurant menu process by shifting tedious data entry tasks to FWS specialists. Our international and multilingual team makes it cost-effective and practical for you to obtain restaurant menu digitization services - by outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions.

Restaurant Menu Digitization - Customized Services We offer

Here are four restaurant menu digitization services offered by FWS -


Menu Data Entry Services for Restaurants Flatworld Solutions takes care of all data entry tasks required to create and update online menus. Our team of multilingual data entry specialists can produce online menu variations in multiple languages


Restaurant Menu Formatting FWS offers menu formatting services that include complete menu design and data mining to find both online and offline menus used by the competitors


Restaurant Menu Conversion Flatworld Solutions converts one menu format to another, as often as you require. Our team helps you test different menus with our daily, weekly, and monthly reports


Restaurant Order Management FWS fully integrates your online menu with an order management system that includes processing both manual orders and online orders

Restaurant Menu Digitization Process Flow

At Flatworld Solutions, we understand that a restaurant's menu may change daily, and as a restaurant owner or manager, you cannot afford to lose time updating your menu while keeping other important tasks at bay. We approach our restaurant data entry services in a structured and streamlined manner to ensure high speed and accuracy. Here is the 5-step process is follow for restaurant menu digitization

Input Files
Our team of menu data entry specialists can work on a wide variety of input files provided by the clients, including, PDFs, scanned documents, website URLs, and eFax. These files can be sent via email, file transfer protocol (FTP) and Dropbox
Data Entry Process
As per the client request, we can perform either manual data entry or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to transcribe and convert raw menu data into a digitized electronic menu format
Structured Data Entry
Care is taken during the data entry process to ensure the food menu does not look out of place, including -
Word-to-word data entry process that include keeping, or removing Capitalizations as per the original document
Up-to-date pricing details
Working and serving hours
Menu item descriptions
Custom Procedures
We can create multiple output files based upon customer request, including the ability to identify and separate main menu items, combo meals, daily or weekly specials, etc.
Output Files
We can create output files in any of the client-specified format (MS Excel, CSV, XML, HTML, PGSQL) and directly import it to the client database (and regularly update, if required)

Why Choose FWS for Restaurant Menu Digitization?

For over 14 years, we have provided end-to-end data entry solutions to global organizations. Our Restaurant Menu Data Entry Services have benefited vastly from our experience, as well as our ability to handle massive quantities of data. Some of the key differentiators of our restaurant menu digitization services include -

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Outsource Restaurant Menu Data Entry Services to Flatworld Solutions

Diners are increasingly going online; they prefer searching for online menu and reading about food reviews and the overall dining experience before trying out a new restaurant. A recent survey reported that 88 percent of diners either "always" or "frequently" use online technology before dining. Unlike most traditional printed menus, online menus created by Flatworld Solutions provide your customers with the ability to get more information and see compelling pictures before ordering or booking a reservation

Our online restaurant menu specialists can help you save up to 60 percent in operating and printing costs when we produce and update your online menus. Regardless of how big or small your restaurant is, Flatworld Solutions can help when you need specialized restaurant menu digitization services. At Flatworld Solutions, we realize that a simple task like regularly updating your restaurant food menu can bring rich dividends for your business, and our support services such as data processing, data conversion, document scanning, and OCR will further ensure all your requirements are met in-house by our capable professionals.

If you are considering ways to improve your sales and online menu, contact us today to outsource restaurant menu digitization services and obtain a FREE quote within 24 hours and discuss our customized restaurant menu digitization strategies.

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