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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is one of the most widely implemented types of data entry methods. OCR involves digitized scanning and recognition of written or printed text. Here the text is first photoscanned, analyzed, and is finally translated into character codes. This machine-encoded text can be easily searched and edited electronically.

OCR has greatly improved the process of data entry. This software tool enables quick conversion of scanned documents to searchable text files. Today, the need for the documents to be scanned is on a constant rise as it enables these documents to be viewed conveniently when required. The scanned documents can also be shared easily through the electronic medium.

Top 9 Benefits of OCR Based Data Entry

Although there are numerous advantages of OCR, it mainly helps businesses in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the work. Its ability to quickly search through enormous content is extremely helpful, particularly in office settings, which deal with high document inflow and high volume scanning. Following are some of the major advantages of OCR data entry -

  1. Higher Productivity

    OCR software helps businesses to achieve higher productivity by facilitating quicker data retrieval when required. The time and effort which the employees were required to put in for extracting relevant data can now be channelized to focus on core activities. Besides, employees do not have to make numerous trips to central records room to access the required documents, as they can access them without getting up from their desks.

  2. Cost Reduction

    Opting for OCR will help businesses on cutting down on hiring professionals to carry out data extraction, which is one of the most important benefits of OCR data entry methods. This tool also helps in trimming various other costs, such as copying, printing, shipping, etc. Therefore, OCR eliminates the cost of misplaced or lost documents and offers higher savings in the form of reclaimed office space, which would otherwise be used for storing paper documents.

  3. High Accuracy

    One of the major challenges of data entry is inaccuracy. Automated data entry tools such as OCR data entry result in reduced errors and inaccuracies, resulting in efficient data entry. Besides, problems like data loss can also be successfully tackled by OCR data entry. As there is no manpower involved, the issues such as keying in wrong information accidentally or otherwise can be eliminated.

  4. Increased Storage Space

    OCR can scan, document, and catalogue information from enterprise-wide paper documents. This simply means that the data can now be stored in an electronic format in servers, eradicating the need for maintaining huge paper files. In this way, OCR data entry serves as one of the best tools to implement "Paperless" approach across the organization.

  5. Superior Data Security

    Data security is of utmost importance for any organization. Paper documents are easily prone to loss or destruction. Papers can be misplaced, stolen, or destroyed by natural elements such as moisture, pests, and fire. However, this is not the case with data that is scanned, analyzed, and stored in digital formats. Furthermore, the access to these digital documents can also be minimized to prevent mishandling of the digitized data.

  6. 100% Text-searchable Documents

    One of the huge advantages of OCR data processing is that it makes the digitized documents completely text searchable. This helps professionals to quickly lookup numbers, addresses, names, and various other parameters that differentiate the document being searched.

  7. Massively Improves Customer Service

    Several inbound contact centers often provide information that their customers seek. While some call centers provide customers with the information they need, the others will have to quickly access certain personal or order-related information of the customers to process their requests. Quick data accessibility becomes extremely important in such cases. OCR helps in systematically storing and retrieving the documents digitally at blazing speeds. With this, the waiting time is drastically reduced for the customers, thereby improving their experience.

  8. Makes Documents Editable

    Scanned documents need to be edited most of the time, particularly when some information must be updated. OCR converts data to any preferred formats such as Word, etc., which can be easily edited. This can be of great help when there are contents which have to be constantly updated or regularly changed.

  9. Disaster Recovery

    Disaster recovery is one of the major benefits of using OCR for data entry. When data is stored electronically in secure servers and distributed systems, it remains safe even under emergency situations. When there are sudden fire breakouts or natural calamity, the digitized data can be quickly retrieved to ensure business continuation.

Who Can Leverage OCR?

Any firms and enterprises planning to do away with paper documents can leverage OCR data entry. OCR can also be used to transfer important documents to tablets, computers, smartphones, etc. Right from businesses in banking, mortgage, and financial sectors to those in legal, payroll, and healthcare sectors anyone can leverage this tool. Outsourcing OCR based data entry services to a reliable partner can help you save huge costs and valuable time. Some documents which are extensively being digitized include, but not limited to -

  • Invoices
  • Industry articles
  • Tax documents
  • Payroll information
  • Legal filings
  • Contact information
  • Business cards and fliers
  • Financial investments
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If you are planning to hire a reliable partner for OCR data entry services, then you have come to the right place. Just get in touch with us to know more.

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