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The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a company that offered B2B eCommerce solutions for clients in the visual marketing space. Their work is primarily used in the jewelry and fashion industries. The client's tools use a form of artificial intelligence powered by visual recognition techniques to deliver a more engaging and profitable online shopping experience.

The client needed a team that could provide bounding boxes for all images on the specific websites. They would then use their own in-house tagging procedures to finish the work. They elected to use Flatworld Solutions after finding us online and trusting in our years of expertise.

The Problems

Providing bounding boxes for images proved to be no easy task. The team at Flatworld Solutions was faced with several challenges that required expert solutions, including -

  • Volume - The volume of work sent to Flatworld Solutions was extensive, and began to grow and evolve as time went on. At one point, Flatworld Solutions had to create bounding boxes for over 500,000 images, and scaling to meet those demands would prove challenging
  • New Process - The development of bounding boxes did not have a formal process within the client's team, which meant that Flatworld Solutions was tasked with developing the process in addition to executing it
  • New Way of Creating Bounding Boxes - The client required bounding boxes in a unique way that Flatworld Solutions had not yet experienced with previous clients. This meant that there was a growth period that would make it more difficult to complete the work by deadline

These issues would make this project more challenging than similar work from past clients and required more resources and more training.

The Flatworld Solution

To tackle these challenges, Flatworld Solutions had to first study and collaborate with the client on what types of bounding boxes they need, and how they would differ from the traditional bounding box work that we had completed in the past. In a sense, Flatworld Solutions had to undergo an "unlearning" process to integrate this new type of bounding box strategy.

The team also created the process that would be used to make the bounding boxes, and ensure that the items would match the nomenclature used by the client. This helped reduce errors considerably and ensure a higher quality of work. Flatworld Solutions also trained many resources on the task to help complete the project by the deadline.

The Results

The client was highly satisfied with the quality and price of the final project. They have improved their revenue and sales of their e-commerce sites, and have since become a regular client that sends all new projects to the Flatworld Solutions' team.

If you have a similar or customized requirement, look no further. Contact us today, our data management experts will be glad to assist you.

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