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CRM Data Mining Services

Store organized, clean, and accurate CRM data to pursue the interests of your customers, streamline operations, and create opportunities at just $6 per hour

Customer data is valuable, and businesses can use it to influence their marketing decisions. Data mining can help make good use of information, regardless of the stage of the customer journey.

CRM data mining can help your business collect and process useful and relevant information by integrating with platforms such as billing software that enable strengthening customer relationship applications and data mining techniques in CRM software. It can also be used to obtain the right information about your customers, their buying behavior, industry trends, and more.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) has gained knowledge over the years about the data mining processes that can be used for customer loyalty, market analysis, business analysis, production control, risk management, and fraud detection.

CRM Data Mining Services We Offer

Our CRM data mining services can help you increase your market presence and improve customer interaction and friendly behavior. Customer relationship analysis and data mining help manufacturers better understand customer needs, help companies manage relationships, and predict the future. The data mining process teaches you about consumer behavior, which helps you understand the opinions of your consumers about your products and services in turn.

  1. Web Data Mining

    Web Data Mining

    Our web data mining services use advanced tools and software to collect data from across the web ensuring that the data collected is relevant to your needs and requirements. Our web data mining services benefit both the public as well as the private sector.

  2. Product Data Mining

    Product Data Mining

    Our product data mining services extract data related to the sales, marketing, and promotional content of competitors. The product data mining services we offer help companies devise strategic and competent marketing plans to gain an advantage over the competition and to better promote their products.

  3. Social Media Data Mining

    Social Media Data Mining

    Our social media data mining services can be lucrative to your business needs. We collect the data from all major social media channels, that can help companies test their products, promote to their target audience, and track their sales.

  4. Data Research

    Data Research

    For new businesses, we help extract all the essential information required regarding customer segmentation, competitor growth, market trends, and tracking competition products.

  5. Data Scrubbing

    Data Scrubbing

    With our tools, we enable you to perform data scrubbing and data cleaning, data appending, and online synchronization, which retain important and needed data and remove unwanted data.

  6. E-mail List Building

    E-mail List Building

    Our data mining services help you in building an email list to enhance your business and target your particular audience. Our email list building will build your market value, thereby approaching a broader audience.

CRM Data Mining Services Process We Follow

Using CRM in the era of data analysis enables companies to manage customer loyalty, select the right prospects and customer segments, define optimal pricing policies, and measure and classify suppliers according to their needs.

Flatworld Solutions offers a versatile range of CRM data mining services that can be customized to meet customer needs.


01. Analysis

The first step into providing you with CRM data mining solutions is the analysis of your business. Our team will define the business objective that you can reach with data mining. We will outline the exact questions, hypotheses, and tasks that can be resolved with data mining. Our team will then determine the issues with the current data mining solution you have and then decide on the KPIs


02. Data Preparation of Sources

Thereafter, our team will determine the sources and requirements needed for data mining. We will collect the data and transform the existing solution with the new data mining solution


03. Creating Data Mining Models

Once we have the sources, we will then select the optimal data methods that can be used. We will define the criteria for all future models and create the data mining models. Once the data mining models are created, we will run the developed models on the prepared data sets to test


04. Maintenance of Data Mining Models

Once we have successfully tested the new models, our team will monitor the progress continuously and keep tuning the data mining models for accuracy


05. Reporting

Our new data mining models for your business will be updated with reports and dashboards that will give you all the results and progress for your business use. The dashboards will provide you with regular alerts as defined by your requirements


06. Custom Data Mining Applications

Your new data mining models can also be customized and developed with capabilities for self-service use


07. Quality Assurance

Once your entire system has been set up, our team will evaluate the quality of the data mining, provide you with the evaluation reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis

Industries We Serve

Our data mining services have the power to touch and transform every aspect of your business - whether it is analyzing your competitors, understanding customers, creating market databases, or launching results-driven marketing campaigns. The industries we serve include -


Other Services you Can Benefit From

Why Outsource CRM Data Mining Services to Flatworld Solutions?

When you outsource data mining services for customer relationship management (CRM) to us, we help you not only extract analytical information from the raw data of the CRM system but also abstract and summarize the information as needed. From data reporting to database deployment, CRM data mining, and project cycles for specific customers, we can create on-demand data analysis, mining, and reporting to provide useful insights.

Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing CRM data mining to Flatworld Solutions -

  • Cost-effective Services

    As a pioneer in the field of CRM data acquisition and data mining, we offer companies worldwide a cost-effective, tailored, and flexible range of services. Our prices are competitive and are designed to suit any budget.

  • High Data Security

    We ensure your data is safe at all times. To make this happen, we ensure data security on multiple levels. We have highly secured cloud facilities for the storage of data like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud. We have secure data transfer systems like FTP and VPN which are controlled by regular health checks. Additionally, we also have 24/7 in-house data security monitoring.

  • High Data Accuracy

    As one of the leading CRM data mining service providers, we use the best data management methods to keep the integrity, accuracy, and quality of your CRM database. We use multi-level quality tests to ensure that you receive the highest quality of CRM data mining services when you outsource them to us.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We at Flatworld Solutions understand the importance of your business. Therefore, our professionals work round the clock to deliver the tasks by the agreed deadline without compromising the quality of work.

  • Increases Productivity

    When you outsource CRM data mining services to us, it gives your marketing team and sales team plenty of space and freedom to work on other important things. They can focus on other core competencies to increase productivity and business.

  • Access to Experienced Team

    Use our CRM and data entry experts with over 20 years of experience to improve the business data processing cycle, reduce risks, develop perspectives, and achieve success in the global marketplace. Our CRM & data entry team is knowledgeable in the use of the latest and best CRM tools and technologies to deliver first-class services.

  • ISO Certification

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified company that assures the quality of the data mining services and the security of the customers' data.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Individual and timely support for individual customers using high-quality real-time data intelligence provided by our CRM data acquisition and analysis experts. With years of experience in CRM and data mining, you can bring your current customers more satisfied and build long-term business relationships with them.

  • Processing Large Volumes

    When you outsource CRM data mining services to Flatworld Solutions, we provide you with an experienced team that is well adapted to handling large volumes of data with ease, thus, helping to improve your business's efficiency and productivity.

  • Transparent Service Delivery

    We deliver CRM data mining services based on the agreed quality KPIs. These include accurate metrics, benefits of data mining, reliability metrics, missing alerts. Additionally, we work on KPIs related to business outcomes like sales, accounts receivable, conversion rates, etc.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Delivered World-class Data Extraction and Analysis Solutions to an NZ-based Consultant

A renowned NZ-based management consulting enterprise outsourced data extraction services to us after hearing about our stellar reputation. Our team provided our affordable services with high precision in a short time.

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FWS Provided Online Data Entry Services to Kansas-based Body Jewelry Client

FWS Delivered Robust and Secure Data Entry Solutions to a US-based Clothing Retailer

A US-based jewelry retailer required accurate data entry services. We assigned a virtual assistant to the task and he delivered a successful outcome at cost-effective prices.

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I am highly impressed by your hard work and superb quality of service! You also charge very reasonable prices. Thank you a million times!!

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Outsource CRM Data Mining Services to Flatworld Solutions

When you outsource CRM data mining services, we help you not only extract analytical information from the raw data but also help the CRM system to abstract and summarize the information as needed.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading CRM and data collection service provider that helps you store organized and accurate CRM data to pursue customer interests, streamline operations and create opportunities. As pioneers in the areas of CRM data entry and data mining, we offer companies worldwide a cost-effective, tailored, and flexible range of services. So, if you are looking for an expert CRM data mining service provider that is reliable, trustworthy, and offers excellent services at budget-friendly pricing, contact us right now.

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