Data Processing Services

Data Processing Services

Get turnkey solutions to process large volumes of data with our specialized data processing services

Whether you handle large volumes of raw data or have a regular inflow of dynamic data to be processed, data conversion and processing are vital to accelerating your business. With rising operational overhead and infrastructural burdens, leveraging the expertise of a data processing company, like ours, might just be the solution that you need.

Of late, many organizations, from freelancers to small and medium-sized businesses, have started offering data processing services. Though you have a lot of options to choose from, partnering with a strategic service provider is crucial to make the most out of your valuable data. Close to two decades of industry experience compels us to deliver high-quality data processing solutions to businesses worldwide.

Data Processing Solutions We Offer

Though many firms use data processing loosely to describe data entry and capture, it is a tedious process that requires precision. This is exactly where we shine. We leverage advanced tools to provide a wide array of online data processing services, which include -

  1. Data Collection Services

    Data Collection Services

    We provide fast and accurate data collection services that allow your business to acquire meaningful insights. Our 20 years of data collection and analysis experience along with a dedicated team of experts and analysts has given us the edge to gather relevant qualitative and quantitative information for you to make the right business decisions.

  2. Data Deduplication Services

    Data Deduplication Services

    We provide a wide range of data deduplication services that include data purging, data comparison, data matching, data integration, database deduplicating, and data merging, among others.

  3. Data Modernization Services

    Data Modernization Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with the best quality data modernization services. We make use of the latest tools and software while providing clients with top-notch services.

  4. Financial Data Processing Services

    Financial Data Processing Services

    Our team has the required skills and expertise to provide clients with error-free and accurate financial data processing services. We leverage the latest and the best quality software and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

  5. Forms Processing Services

    Forms Processing Services

    We can process a wide range of forms including payroll forms, market research forms, order forms, bankers' cheques, insurance claims, credit card application forms, and health claim forms, among others.

  1. Order Processing Services

    Order Processing Services

    We provide a wide range of order processing services that help you effectively and efficiently fulfill customer orders. We ensure that your order processing is done right, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

  2. Data Quality Management

    Data Quality Management

    Our team at FWS has the required skills and expertise to provide clients with precise and error-free data quality management services. We make use of the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to the client.

  3. Image Processing Services

    Image Processing Services

    Our image processing services are extensive and include automated feature extraction, change detection, filtering, mosaicking, 2D and 3D visualization, and prioritization.

  4. Student Loan Processing Services

    Student Loan Processing Services

    We are a reliable student loan processing partner and provide a wide range of services including checking of all student loan information, creating student accounts, and posting documents.

  5. Data Mining Services

    Data Mining Services

    Our data mining services include web data mining, social media data mining, SQL data mining, image data mining, Excel data mining, MS Word data mining, and PDF data mining, among others.

  6. Data Cleansing Services

    Data Cleansing Services

    We are an ISO-certified provider of a wide range of data cleansing services. If you are struggling with "unclean" data that needs to be cleansed and refined, we can do it for you with ease.

  7. Insurance Claims Processing

    Insurance Claims Processing

    Our insurance claims processing services are designed to use an optimal mix of people and technology to help you improve operating performance and provide enhanced services to your policy holders.

  8. Market Research Forms Processing

    Market Research Forms Processing

    Our market research forms processing services includes extraction of information from forms, scanned images, and faxes and converting this information into the digital format.

  9. Check Processing Services

    Check Processing Services

    Our check processing services include data entry of the checks received, scanning of the checks to extract critical information, check validation, and transaction validation, among others.

  10. Credit Card Processing Services

    Credit Card Processing Services

    We provide a wide range of credit card processing services, including credit card authorization, payment processing, billing services, credit card fraud detection, and cash management services, among others.

  11. Transaction Processing Services

    Transaction Processing Services

    We provide many different types of transaction processing services that are designed to ease your business processes. Our services include order processing services, claims processing services, and loan processing services.

  12. Survey Processing Services

    Survey Processing Services

    Our survey processing services are extensive and include things like survey designing, survey set-up, survey implementation, survey reporting, and survey data analysis, among others.

  13. Litigation Services

    Litigation Services

    Right from data mining to data extraction, we do it all. Our services include indexing and organizing information, objective coding, subjective coding, and document scanning and processing, among others.

  14. Mailing List Compilation Services

    Mailing List Compilation Services

    We provide a range of services including data entry, formatting zip codes, formatting phone numbers, re-sorting files, inserting and removing fields, and eliminating records with missing components, among others.

  15. Text and Web Data Mining Services

    Text and Web Data Mining Services

    We collate information from existing text and web sources and convert and interpret it to obtain unique business insights. Our services include text data mining, web data mining, and numerical data mining.

  16. Product Information Management Services

    Product Information Management Services

    Our range of services includes collecting and compiling product data, data cleanup, PIM system consulting and implementation, data quality management, and master data management, among others.

  17. SKU Data Management Services

    SKU Data Management Services

    We aim to equip business with enhanced SKU data management capabilities. Our services include restructuring the SKU inventory database, SKU product segmentation, and SKU data entry, among others.

  18. Customer Segmentation Services

    Customer Segmentation Services

    Our services include demographic customer segmentation, geographic customer segmentation, firmographic segmentation, behavior-based segmentation, and psychographic customer segmentation, among others.

  19. Data Standardization Services

    Data Standardization Services

    We have a team of expert data standardization specialists that provide custom solutions to meet your exact requirements. Our team comprehends, interprets, and organizes your data most effectively and efficiently so that you have access to clean, consistent data that can be shared and utilized across your enterprise to gain valuable insights that help you make better-informed decisions.

  20. Merge Purge Services

    Merge Purge Services

    Flatworld Solutions is India's largest merge purge services providing company that adheres to the ISO standards of business process outsourcing. We ensure that your data is safe during merge purge operation without the risk of loss. By deduplicating records, you can maintain a master file that improves the way business decisions are made.

  21. Data Harmonization Services

    Data Harmonization Services

    Flatworld has 20 years of of experience being a top data harmonization service provider. We have experts who brilliantly resolve discrepancies in data sets by automation and transformation of unstructured data into linearly ordered data sets. The biggest benefits of working with the best data harmonization service providing company like us are competitive pricing and fewer hassles.

  22. eCommerce Product Data Cleansing Services

    eCommerce Product Data Cleansing Services

    While migrating databases, FWS' experts will thoroughly check the source documents to identify and resolve the issues with missing or redundant information. They will also help prevent the exploitation of erroneous data.

  23. Sports Data Tagging Services

    Sports Data Tagging Services

    Due to the increasing popularity of sports data, data entry firms have become the preferred choice of data entry service providers for many companies. Sports data entry is a vital part of any company that deals with sports. As a leading sports data management company, FWS has the expertise to provide the best services to the sports industry.

  24. Data Preparation Services

    Data Preparation Services

    Flatworld Solutions is the leading data preparation service provider with over 20 years of experience in helping businesses with operations like collecting, cleansing, organizing, and transforming data to serve the varied needs of businesses.

  25. Metadata Management Services

    Metadata Management Services

    We, at Flatworld Solutions, follow a metadata management approach that helps us move forward with great insights so that the data can be categorized and efficiently be dealt with systematically. With our metadata management services, you have access to valuable data that is centralized and integrated, making it easy for various departments to use the metadata objects for varied purposes.

  26. Master Data Management Services

    Master Data Management Services

    And being a superlative technology that leverages modern IT solutions, artificial intelligence, and even machine learning, you must partner with a professional master data management services providing company for the most efficient master data management that helps you categorize, localize, synchronize, centralize, and organize your master data. And when it comes to experience and expertise, Flatworld Solutions leads the game.

  27. Semantic Image Segmentation Services

    Semantic Image Segmentation Services

    Flatworld has 20 years of experience being a top semantic image segmentation service provider. We have annotators who have mastered the double-pass annotation techniques to ensure precise labeling based on classes. The benefit of working with the best semantic image segmentation service providing company like ours include reliable and accurate labeling as well as best-in-class rates.

  28. Data Provisioning Services

    Data Provisioning Services

    We are a top data provisioning service provider in India and abroad. Our data-driven approach is fully equipped to transform your investments into better sales and marketing opportunities, irrespective of how complicated the situation can get. With time, more than 7,500 top-rank companies (along with Fortune 500 /1000 companies) have trusted us and relied on us for their data needs.

  29. Bounding Box Annotation Services

    Bounding Box Annotation Services

    We offer end-to-end bounding box annotation services to enable a wide variety of machine learning and AI-oriented companies to annotate all types of images and formats, making it easy and seamless for computers to detect and recognize various objects just like humans.

  30. Data Monitoring Services

    Data Monitoring Services

    How your data performs is directly related to the success of your business or organization. With the help of our data monitoring services, you can provide round-the-clock customer service and ensure smooth operations of daily business activity.

  31. Data Lifecycle Management Services

    Data Lifecycle Management Services

    FWS intelligent data lifecycle management tools enable autonomous data back-ups, data migration, and data security. We achieve comprehensive visibility and control of your data with the help of continuous data risk assessments and automated monitoring. We leverage the business value of data to drive top-quality data lifecycle management tools by implementing an intelligent and risk-free data strategy. Our innovative strategies significantly minimize costs and improve your data capability.

  32. Data Tabulation and Analysis Services

    Data Tabulation and Analysis Services

    We are a leading provider of data tabulation and analysis services and cater to the needs of a global and diverse clientele from across industries. Our team of experts has significant experience and uses the latest tools, techniques, technologies, and workflows to provide data tabulation and analysis for paper and pencil surveys, web surveys, CATI studies, CAPI studies, and more.

  33. Data Consolidation Services

    Data Consolidation Services

    Our team at FWS has the required skills and experience to provide clients with the best quality data consolidation services. We make use of the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

  34. Purchase Order Processing Services

    Purchase Order Processing Services

    Leveraging intelligent data capture tech, our purchase order processing services streamline your order and sales invoices to be processed accurately and fast. Key information is extracted automatically from order forms eliminating manual invoice processes and the possibility of human error. Transform our manual operations and enhance efficiency while reducing cost.

  35. Data Governance Services

    Data Governance Services

    Flatworld Solutions' data governance services assist enterprises in implementing the appropriate procedures and ownerships to achieve data quality and security. Our services are fast, affordable, and highly effecinet than what any in-house team is capable of.

  36. Data Protection Consulting Services

    Data Protection Consulting Services

    We have some of the most experienced and skilled data management experts who can take care of all your requirements with ease. We make use of the latest tools and technologies while delivering error-free services to clients.

  37. CRM Data Cleansing Services

    CRM Data Cleansing Services

    Flatworld Solutions is India's largest CRM data cleansing company that adheres to the ISO standards of business data processing. We ensure that your data is safe during each stage of the CRM data cleansing operation and no loss will occur when you choose us as your preferred CRM data cleansing services company.

  38. Data Virtualization Services

    Data Virtualization Services

    To stay competitive in the digital era, every organization must become data driven. But in an enterprise, data is everywhere. We use the latest data virtualization tools and leverage the best data virtualization architecture to deliver accurate and effective services to our clients. Our services enable our clients to swap legacy systems with cloud-based applications while protecting data and preventing any unintentional data change.

  39. DMS Support Services

    DMS Support Services

    Protect the integrity of your data with our professional DMS support services that help you with complete database management and maintenance. We offer end-to-end DMS services to ensure that your data is organized, systematically maintained, and accessible for analysis when required.

  40. Data Verification Services

    Data Verification Services

    Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in data verification. We have a robust data verification process and count on a team of data experts to establish the accuracy of all data.

  41. Metadata Tagging Services

    Metadata Tagging Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading global metadata service provider. We leverage a team of qualified team of experts, who are proficient in handling all kinds of content. Our team comprises globally certified software engineers and SMEs who help develop clean and accurate meta tags to ensure that content can be searched for and retrieved easily on the internet.

What Makes Us the Preferred Data Processing Company?

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$6 /hour
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We are a leading provider excelling in both automatic data processing and online data processing services. We provide you with all the benefits of master data management along with high-with end processing services. Organize, streamline, and effectively utilize your data information by outsourcing processing services to us.

Outsourcing information processing services not only help you reduce your operating and management costs significantly but also allows you to reinvest the time and money in other core areas of your business.

Outsource data processing services to benefit from the following -

  • High-quality Services

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and make use of multi-level quality checks and processes to ensure that you always receive the most accurate services.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    Our data specialists work out of world-class offices, which enables them to provide highly robust and accurate data process outsourcing services.

  • Data Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified firm and take all steps to ensure that only authorized personnel accesses your data.

  • Turnaround Time

    We will always provide our solutions well within the stipulated deadline as we take deadlines very seriously.

  • Scalable Data Processing

    Managing fluctuations in the volumes of data is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Partnering with us reduces that burden.

  • Flexible Input File Formats

    We process various file formats, including paper, images, scanners, forms, and more. Being a professional service provider, our team has the necessary technical skill sets to capture data from all sorts of input files.

  • Modest Pricing Options

    Generate cost savings of up to 60% of what you are spending currently. You can also reduce the inconsistencies in your data.

Data Processing Services in Philippines

With over 20 years of experience in this field, we have the required infrastructure and skilled resources to provide highly accurate data processing services to global clients through our delivery centers in Philippines. Our data processing experts ensure highly accurate services, including data deduplication, form processing, image processing, etc.

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Philippines Data Entry Services
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Entry Services

Expedite your data entry process with quick, efficient, and technology-empowered solutions.

Data Conversion

Convert your crucial data into the file formats of your choice with our customized data conversion services.


Transform your data into automatic, machine-editable formats with our optical character recognition services.

eBook Conversion

Convert your hard copies and other non-editable reading materials into editable and retrievable digital files.

Outsource Data Processing Services to Prevent Data Loss and Enhance Data Usability


Working with FWS has been a great experience. They quickly learned our processes, adapted to our requirements, and consistently performed well.

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Our technically proficient staff and data processing teams use customized software to convert data efficiently. We deliver universal solutions that are ideal for corporations, news organizations, publishers, educational institutions, libraries, or any information/data-intensive organization. As a trusted service provider with a happy client base of over 18,000+ customers across 167 countries, we deliver value when you outsource data processing services to us.

Still skeptical about leveraging the expertise of a consulting firm? How about trying our pilot program for a small volume of data processing? This enables you to evaluate our offerings and find out if we deliver what we promise.

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