Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services

The internet is revolutionizing the way businesses operate with their customers and partners; many are taking their operations online and eliminating paper documents that used to lug space and consume a lot of time to sift through.

If you have been working with paper documents you will know that apart from taking up space, finding and extracting information from them takes up valuable time and resources. Thankfully, with the advent of outsourcing and quality labor, you can convert all of your paper documents into a digital format through document scanning services no matter how many documents you have.

Utilizing high speed scanners combined with manual data entry and quality checks, Flatworld Solutions has been a leader in providing document scanning and data entry services to companies around the world. With over 10000 man-hours of experience and more than 50 customers to vouch for us in document scanning / digitizing / imaging services, we can take up large scale conversion of your paper documents.

Document scanning - Why do you need it?

When valuable information about your business is trapped in paper documents, business productivity and bottom lines are affected.

When these are scanned and converted into a digital format, you have access to vast quantities of data that you can easily retrieve in no time. Imagine having to know historical data about your business and/or the market quickly which wouldn't have been possible in a paper format unless you want to spend countless hours poring over them.

The benefits of document scanning

  • Saves space by eliminating paper files
  • Reduces the operating costs of maintaining paper documents
  • Easy and quick access to digitized document in seconds
  • Review digital documents to analyze information about your performance, the market and your customers
  • No information can be lost, stolen or misfiled

Outsourcing document scanning services to Flatworld Solutions

So now that you have decided to look for a partner to convert your paper documents through document digitization, it is important to select a reliable vendor to work with you.

Outsourcing has opened up numerous opportunities for companies looking for document scanning, imaging and digitizing services. India, with its strong history in providing outsourcing services coupled with a highly efficient workforce and infrastructure, might be just the destination where you may find your outsourcing partner.

We have separate team for each of our service divisions who follow robust processes and stringent quality checks to ensure that best services are provided in a quick turnaround time.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology with the latest scanners and a highly trained workforce. Our document scanning approach is well equipped for both manual data entry as well as high speed OCR/ICR mode of scanning.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

The document scanning and digitizing process at Flatworld Solutions

  • In the first step the paper documents are organized in a pre-defined manner to allow for quick scanning and management
  • The next step involves scanning of the documents through high-speed flatbed scanners that can take in documents in bulk. This operation is supervised by qualified technicians who see to it that the paper documents are properly aligned and the images are clear
  • The third step involves strict quality checks by our quality team. If any of the documents are shown to be erroneous they are again scanned to ensure absolute precision. After this the digitized documents are again organized into a proper structure for easy retrieval

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