Document Conversion Services

Document Conversion Services

Partnering with the Flatworld Solutions (FWS) document conversion services team allows organizations of all sizes to overcome challenges like these five common scenarios -

  • Paper documents are difficult to update and can be misfiled or lost.
  • Finding ISO-certified data management and conversion professionals is always a challenge.
  • Outsourcing often involves working with individuals who are not fluent in English.
  • Obtaining accurate document conversion services is usually complicated and expensive.
  • Converting electronic or hard copy documents can take too much employee time.

To meet these challenges, our team of multilingual document conversion and data management specialists can help you improve the process by shifting tasks to FWS. During the last two decades, our ISO-certified specialists have helped 19,000+ global clients with conversion projects involving more than 5 million documents.

Our Document Conversion Services

FWS document conversion services can streamline the entire process of converting hard copies and digital files to a preferred format. Paper documents require physical storage, are subject to being damaged or misplaced and cannot be easily updated. Digital files such as PDFs and electronic books (eBooks) are often incompatible with websites and online publishing requirements.

To address these challenges and more, Flatworld Solutions conversion services include PDF to DOC, converting CDs and DVDs to manuscripts, transferring hard copy files such as paper documents and scanned reports to electronic formats, converting TIFF (and other images) to PDF, converting books to desired formats (such as XML, word processing files or HTML) and conversion of TIFF to PDF. We offer the following document conversion services to our customers -

  • Conversion of paper, film, and microfilm documents
  • Conversion to MS Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, and XHTML formats
  • Books conversion
  • Spreadsheets in XLS , images in TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF conversion
  • Conversion of scanned paper documents/ images into electronic formats

FWS' Document Conversion Process Flow

Scope Definition Included Discussing Client Requirements Our workflow starts with scope definition that includes discussing client requirement
Client Transfer Files Converted The next phase involves client transfer of files to be converted
Results are Reviewed Internally in Our Quality Assurance Phase After initial evaluation and document conversion is completed, results are reviewed internally in the FWS quality assurance phase to ensure that all client guidelines are satisfied
Converted Files are then Submitted to the Client for Approval Converted files are then submitted to the client for approval and any requested revisions
Delivering Final Files to Client in Specified Format The final step in the process is delivery to the client in the specified format and mode of transfer

Benefits of Flatworld Solutions' Document Conversion Services

Aside from document conversion services, Flatworld Solutions also offers label designs, data mining, animation services and multilingual invoice processing. The advantages of choosing FWS include -

  • Our document conversion team has the ability to work in multiple languages.
  • We cater to small businesses, startups, individuals, private enterprises and government agencies and much more.
  • We are ISO-certified, conduct multi-tier quality checks and ensure a 99 percent compliance with SLA (service level agreement) standards.
  • FWS has a skilled team of more than 150 data entry and conversion specialists.
  • Our security measures include virtual private networks (VPN), non-disclosure agreements etc.
  • At FWS you can always work according to your time zone
  • We cater to individual business needs with customer-centric document conversion services
  • We offer customer support 24/6
  • Our document conversion and data management services are EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.
  • FWS pricing models include a cost savings of 60 percent
  • We offer fast turnarounds (as quickly as overnight).
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Get Cost-effective Document Conversion Services from FWS

Our document conversion services team helps clients to convert files in any format to electronic files. Whether you need to convert printed materials, DVDs, image files, scanned reports, PDF documents or books, we can help. We also offer related document and image services such as graphic art scanning, color correction, document proofing and image editing.

Contact the Flatworld Solutions team today to discuss our customized document conversion services.

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