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The Client

The client was founded in 2005 and is a provider of flooring solutions to apartments in California. It specializes in providing excellent service and value to large multifamily property management companies and owners, in and around Bay Area.

Situation - Business Needs

The client's business need was focused on its objective to improve its productivity and cut down operating costs without sacrificing the quality of its flooring projects. It intended to leverage from a cost-effective offshore solution and ensure its customers were the direct beneficiaries of the cost control measures and strict control over the quality of the flooring used for their properties. Through a detailed order processing, the client wished to reduce costs and provide competitive prices to its customers.

The client engaged our services to capitalize on Flatworld Solution's years of experience and competitive and cost-effective pricing models.

The challenges faced by our team during the course of the project were:

  • Maintaining of complete accounting of the client
  • Establishing cost centers and cost units and assisting in its allocation
  • Providing costing for flooring material used on properties
  • Furnishing the floor plan cost estimates to enable the client to provide a comprehensive floor plan to its customers
  • Determining the product or activity costs
  • Classification, analysis and implications of cost
  • The client used a remote desktop platform that posed challenges with respect to speed and connectivity


After conducting a thorough analysis of the client requirement, the team at Flatworld Solutions implemented necessary steps to a successful execution of the project. Our solution comprised the following salient elements:

  • Deployed a cloud computing environment to take care of slow connectivity issues
  • Assigned the project to an experienced team that possessed skills and knowledge of order processing principles
  • Allocated cost centers and cost units to determine and trace the incurrence of costs
  • Provided a comprehensive costing of flooring material to allow the client to source the most cost-effective flooring material
  • Furnished cost analysis statements showing the classifications, analysis and interpretation of costs

The products and services used to carry out the project were:

  • High bandwidth internet connection
  • Cloud computing environment
  • Allotted workstations with MS-Office applications
  • Windows XP operating system


  • The client witnessed savings of up to 60%
  • The detailed costing solution helped reduce operating costs. Our order processing services enabled the client to implement order processing procedures in areas that had unnecessary costs and ensure a transparent accounting system
  • Quality of our service on cloud computing improved uptime
  • Better productivity and cost control enabled the client to offer cost-effective flooring solutions to its customers
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