eBook Conversion Services

eBook Conversion Services

Move from print to pixel with our swift and scalable eBook conversion services.

Get custom digital formatting to meet the dynamic demands of the e-publishing landscape. Partner with us to make your content future ready.

As you navigate the pressing obligation to transition from paper-based to digital formats, one of the significant challenges is adapting your rich content to befit the digital mold. Converting hard copies of your documents into digital formats requires technical prowess and an understanding of the nuanced reader expectations in a digital context. This is exactly where offshoring eBook conversion services to a professional like us serves as a significant value add.

Focusing on precision that goes beyond typical publishing software, our team imparts intricate layout designs, advanced graphics, and interactive elements. Delivering expert publishing services for over two decades, we bring technological sophistication and publishing acumen to enhance readability, accessibility, and consistent appeal across all devices. With our eBook conversion solutions, your content is not just converted; it's transformed, optimized, and ready to captivate the digital audience.

Partner with us to create custom-publish formatted, quality-assured eBooks that are reflowable.

Milestones of Success - Celebrating Our Clients' Achievements

Case Study on ePUB and MOBI Conversion of Books

Revitalized European Literature - ePUB and MOBI Conversion for a Renowned Publishing Company

The data entry team at Flatworld Solutions converted 1,2000 pages of three books about Libya and the Middle East into ePUB and MOBI format with 95% accuracy within just 20 days.

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Case Study on Digitization & Conversion of Financial Data

Transformed Financial Research - Digital Conversion for a French Scholar

Our data entry specialists helped a French researcher digitize and convert financial information from over one hundred online financial books.

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Clients Speak

We were very satisfied with the quality of service Flatworld Solutions provided. They were able to meet our requests with great professionalism and flexibility. We look forward to having your team fulfil future projects for us.

Spokesperson, Online health lessons company in Canada

Our Professional eBook Conversion Services

Harnessing innovative technology and innovative workflows, we help you redefine the digital reading experience. Our strategic approach blends agility with meticulous attention to detail, transforming your manuscripts into digital formats that are both engaging and accessible across multiple platforms. Some of the top services we provide include -

  1. DocBook XML Conversion Services

    DocBook XML Conversion Services

    Make your documentation universally compatible and easy to update with our DocBook XML conversion services. By converting your content to DocBook XML, we prime it for seamless distribution across various platforms, enhancing its usability and longevity.

  2. Reflowable eBook Conversion Services

    Reflowable eBook Conversion Services

    Adapt to the evolving landscape of digital reading with our reflowable eBook conversion services. Delivering a responsive reading experience that caters to diverse devices and orientations, this service guarantees that your eBooks fluidly adjust to readers' preferences, promoting comfort and convenience.

  3. Interactive eBook Conversion Services

    Interactive eBook Conversion Services

    Transform your content with our interactive ebook conversion services, infusing it with interactive features that drive reader engagement and comprehension. By embedding multimedia enhancements, we transform your eBooks into dynamic learning tools that appeal to a variety of learning styles.

  4. Children's eBooks Conversion Services

    Children's eBooks Conversion Services

    Ignite young imaginations with our online eBook conversion services, where we help you transform your content into interactive adventures that delight and educate. Our service brings narratives to life with colorful animations and interactive touchpoints, perfect for engaging young minds.

  5. Fixed Layout eBook

    Fixed Layout eBook

    Preserve the integrity of your content with our fixed layout eBook services. In this approach, each page mirrors the print edition with exacting detail, making it crucial for graphic-rich content. By opting for our precision-focused conversions, your eBooks retain their artistic flair and resonate with a readership that values design as much as content.

  6. Multilingual eBook Conversion Services

    Multilingual eBook Conversion Services

    Bridge linguistic barriers with our remote eBook conversion services. We help you localize your content to resonate with readers across the globe. This service translates text and adapts cultural references, ensuring your eBooks are relevant and relatable to international markets.

  7. Web-accessible eBook Development Services

    Web-accessible eBook Development Services

    Commit to inclusivity with our web-accessible eBook development services, crafting eBooks that are universally navigable and compliant with web accessibility guidelines. This service ensures that your content is barrier-free, catering to readers of all abilities and preferences.

  8. ePub Conversion Services

    ePub Conversion Services

    Future-proof your content with our ePub conversion services that align your eBooks with the most widely adopted open eBook standard. This service effortlessly integrates your content into various distribution channels, maximizing reach and compatibility.

  9. Kindle Conversion Services

    Kindle Conversion Services

    Maximize your presence on the world's largest ebook platform with our Kindle conversion services. This service ensures your content is optimized for Kindle's unique ecosystem, enhancing reader satisfaction. Your ebooks are primed to succeed in the competitive marketplace by leveraging our Kindle expertise.

  10. Enhanced eBook Conversion Services

    Enhanced eBook Conversion Services

    Go beyond the written words with our offshore ebook conversion services, integrating interactive elements that transform passive reading into an engaging experience. Our service enriches your content with multimedia features that capture attention and enhance understanding.

  11. iPad and iPhone eBook Conversions

    iPad and iPhone eBook Conversions

    Leverage the sophistication of Apple's devices with our iPad and iPhone ebook conversions. We help you optimize your content for the premium iOS user experience. This service ensures that your ebooks take full advantage of the intuitive features and high-resolution displays of iPads and iPhones.

  12. eBook Creation Services

    eBook Creation Services

    Transform your vision into reality with our eBook creation services. We guide you through every step of ebook production from conception to finalization. Our service encompasses design, formatting, and distribution, ensuring your ebooks are professionally crafted and market ready.

  13. Digital Content Conversion Services

    Digital Content Conversion Services

    Conveniently embrace digital transition with our digital content conversion services. Our expert assistance lets you convert your print media into versatile digital formats. This helps you extend your content's reach, making it accessible to a broader audience.

The Technology Behind Our eBook Conversion

  1. ProTrak

    Optimize your eBook conversion workflow with ProTrak, our cloud-based, XML-first production management tool.

  2. Picture Analysis and Conversion Engine (PACE)

    With PACE, experience accurate and efficient image conversion for a visually enhanced eBook reading experience.

  3. Intelligent Zoning and Algorithmic Conversion (IZAAC)

    Handle intricate eBook conversion tasks easily using IZAAC, our tool for smart zoning and algorithmic conversion.

  4. Calibre

    Calibre, a one-stop solution for eBook conversion, offers intuitive management features for an efficient conversion process.

  5. Jutoh

    With Jutoh, experience a seamless eBook conversion process, supporting multiple formats for creating versatile eBooks.

  6. Kindle Create

    Optimize your eBook for Kindle with Kindle Create, ensuring a reader-friendly format and excellent presentation.

  7. Pandoc

    Guarantees easy eBook conversion with universal document conversion capabilities, supporting various formats.

Our Comprehensive ebook Conversion Process


01. Client Briefing

We start by understanding the client's requirements, including the preferred eBook format and any additional features needed


02. Source Document Evaluation

The document to be converted is then evaluated for its content and design complexity


03. ebook Conversion

Our team of eBook conversion experts carry out the conversion process, ensuring that all elements from the original document are accurately represented in the eBook


04. Quality Control

The converted eBook is rigorously checked for errors and inconsistencies to ensure it matches the client's requirements


05. eBook Submission and Support

The final ebook is submitted to the client, and any necessary support, such as updates or revisions, is provided on request

Industries We Serve

  1. Education


    For educational institutions, eBook conversion can enhance the learning experience by making textbooks and resources digitally accessible.

  2. Automotive Accounting

    Automotive Accounting

    eBook conversion can digitize automotive accounting manuals, making them readily available for reference.

  3. Restaurant


    In the restaurant industry, eBook conversion can digitize training manuals, facilitating easy access and efficient learning for staff.

  4. Retail Accounting

    Retail Accounting

    eBook conversion can make retail accounting guides readily accessible, improving efficiency and accuracy.

  5. Technology


    In the technology sector, eBook conversion can provide quick digital access to user manuals and guides, enhancing product usage and satisfaction.

  6. Banking and Finance

    Banking and Finance

    eBook conversion can digitize financial reports and guides, facilitating better financial management and decision-making.

  7. Telecom


    For the telecom industry, eBook conversion can facilitate easy access to digital service guides, improving customer comprehension and satisfaction.

  8. Media and Entertainment

    Media and Entertainment

    eBook conversion can digitize scripts and storyboards, improving organization and accessibility in media production.

  9. Public services

    Public services

    For public services, eBook conversion can provide easy digital access to service guides, enhancing public comprehension and utilization.

  10. Government


    eBook conversion can make government reports and resources readily accessible in digital format, promoting transparency and citizen engagement.

  11. Insurance


    For the insurance industry, eBook conversion can provide easy digital access to insurance policies, enhancing customer comprehension and satisfaction.

Our Core Demographic - Who We Serve

  1. Entrepreneurs and Startups

    eBook formatting and conversion services offer startups an efficient way to disseminate their innovative ideas and products in a widely accessible digital format.

  2. Marketers and PR Professionals

    These services allow marketers to transform their creative campaigns into interactive eBooks, providing an engaging and immersive brand experience.

  3. Realtors and Real Estate Agents

    Realtors can provide prospective buyers with detailed and interactive property information by converting property details into digital eBooks, improving customer service.

  4. Content Aggregators and Distributors

    Aggregators can maximize their reach by converting and distributing content in versatile ebook formats accessible across various digital platforms.

  5. Libraries and Archives Managers

    By converting their resources into eBooks, libraries can ensure the longevity and increased accessibility of their collections, fostering a culture of digital learning.

  6. Why Trust Our eBook Conversion Company with Your Needs?

    As an ISO-certified eBook conversion service provider with a global footprint, we deliver quality-driven solutions. Join forces with us and enjoy these advantages -

    • Deep Industry Expertise

      With over 20 years of experience in eBook conversion, we are well-equipped to handle complex and large-scale eBook conversion projects.

    • Absolute Precision

      Where automated conversion tools fall short, we excel. Our professionals meticulously convert and format each heading, table, graphic, and footnote to enhance the user experience.

    • Engaging, Feature-rich Content

      Our services ensure your content is engaging and loaded with valuable features, meeting the validation standards of every eBook platform.

    • Multi-format Compatibility

      Experience rapid conversion to the EPUB format from HTML, WORD, PDF, InDesign, Quark, RTF, 3B2, and more. With our services, your files will be distribution-ready as print-perfect PDFs.

    • Flexibility and Scalability

      Our tailored and adaptable services are carried out by a team of experienced resources who work from global delivery centers. This equips us to scale based on your requirements at short notice.

    • Benefit-Rich Services

      We offer value-added conversion services, such as embedding video and audio files, creating adaptable cover pages, and developing searchable text files or tables of contents at highly reasonable prices.

    40% Cost Reduction
    8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
    500+ Satisfied Clients
    350+ Skilled Data
    Management Experts
    99% Accuracy
    16Years Experience

    Additional Services You Can Benefit From

    Data Entry Services

    Get high-volume data digitization with impeccable precision and speed with our efficient data entry services.

    Data Conversion Services

    Achieve data flexibility and utility, maintaining data integrity across diverse formats with our expert data conversion services.

    Data Processing Services

    Extract maximum value from your data troves with our specialized Data Processing Services, turning raw data into actionable insights that propel business growth.

    OCR Services

    Accurately capturing text from images and scans for digital empowerment with our innovative OCR services.

    Data Annotation

    Create a database of expertly tagged data for enhanced machine learning accuracy with our meticulous data annotation services.

    Catalog Processing Services

    Curate and maintain a pristine digital catalog to captivate and convert your audience with our catalog processing services.

    Explore Insightful Reads

    Outsource eBook Conversion Services - A Path to Increased Efficiency and Profitability

    Specializing in developing digital formats that resonate with the technological era, we use proven conversion methodologies that assure e-publishing excellence. This ensures that your literary works are visible and vibrant within the digital marketplace. Our proficiency in metadata optimization and adherence to global digital publishing protocols empowers your eBooks to achieve maximum reach and compatibility.

    The advantage of partnering with us lies in our commitment to quality and efficiency. Our thorough understanding of diverse market requirements and reader preferences ensures your content is optimized for satisfaction and success. We help you eliminate the need for costly infrastructure investments and reduce the overhead associated with complex conversion processes, offering a significant return on investment.

    Take the first step towards creating expertly formatted eBooks while saving costs, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring compliance with our services.

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Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input. We deal exclusively with(names of tools).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you explain the rewards of partnering with a professional for eBook conversion?

Professional eBook conversion services providers offer quality assurance, ensuring your content is error-free and visually appealing, enhancing the reader's experience. Additionally, these services abide by international standards for eBook formats and ensure compatibility across various devices.

What factors should I consider when choosing an overseas eBook conversion services company?

Experience, customer service, and pricing are the key parameters to consider when choosing an eBook conversion provider. A reputable company will have a track record of successful projects, indicating their proficiency and reliability. Additionally, their pricing should align with the quality and range of their services.

What is your policy regarding adjustments and modifications after the eBook has been converted?

We understand that tweaks may be required after the initial eBook conversion. So, we offer comprehensive post-conversion support. Our team makes the necessary adjustments to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final product.

How long does a typical eBook conversion project take?

Our eBook conversion process takes around a week for standard projects. However, the timeline may vary based on the complexity of the project. For more intricate or lengthy eBooks, the conversion may take a bit longer.