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Data Harmonization Services

Our data harmonization specialists remove duplicates, enrich data sets, facilitate data correlation, and improve employee engagement at rates starting at $6 per hour

If your data is spread out at distinct levels across multiple sources, it may seem difficult to extract meaningful insights because the data is not harmonized or cataloged. So to overcome this challenge, it's best to outsource data harmonization services because it helps you overcome the quality issues via data cleansing and master data refreshing. To get started, outsource data harmonization services to Flatworld Solutions and we'll build a single source of truth by merging data from numerous sources to make it compatible and comparable. We will provide an integrated picture to improve decision making and also helping you create a technical directory with a clear classification of data requirements and templates. In the long run, it would simply standardization to generate descriptions and abbreviations.

Flatworld has 20 years of experience being a top data harmonization service provider. We have experts who brilliantly resolve discrepancies in data sets by automation and transformation of unstructured data into linearly ordered data sets. The biggest benefits of working with the best data harmonization service providing company like us are competitive pricing and fewer hassles.

Data Harmonization Services We Offer

Flatworld has 20 years of experience being a go-to data harmonization service provider. Our team includes data harmonization specialists with decades of experience under their belt. They use automated tools to streamline data entry tasks and do more without depleting your budget. Our data harmonization services include -

  1. Multi-domain Modeling

    Multi-domain Modeling

    When you have multiple complex data structures, we will help you create powerful information models that are derived from customers, products, financial records, location data, and so on. We create multi-domain modeling that is a result of taking a top-down and business-focused approach to support IT and the development of powerful master data. We enable you to incorporate the latest domains, data sources, attributes, and objects.

  2. Identifier Management

    Identifier Management

    Being a top data harmonization services providing company, we can manage numerous identifiers with our business models for each subject. Whether it's optional, mandatory, primary, or secondary our models flag duplicate identifiers during validation. Once identified, the duplicates are not systematically flushed. Instead, it is relocated to a working context for problem resolution at a later instance.

  3. Automation


    As part of master data harmonization, we create automation models that are built into the physical layer via the MDM engine for better governance and control over database objects. Using a combination of business models we maximize data reuse and facilitate integration. We ensure that adding new source information is swift and efficient.

  4. Data Matching

    Data Matching

    To have a single source of truth, it is essential to match the internal and external data. This is most crucial in soft lead generation services. In most circumstances, the difference is significant, especially if the data is old. We use fuzzy and direct matching rules to allow data management experts to set up and simulate tests based on matching rules. Then, scores are assigned to matching data to give you insights into data quality and if source data is associated with a target or if it needs further review.

  5. Data Governance

    Data Governance

    A customizable MDM workflow lets you control the harmonization in business. The complete audit history provides a snapshot of the changes made to the master data along with the timestamp. Having better governance means having model-based security control that users can view and modify based on subjects and categories. Additionally, data subjects are handled via working context to provide maximum control to users about what data they can authorize to be made public.

  6. Time Variance

    Time Variance

    Modifications to models, attributes, and their associations are logged with the time of modification. This enables instant retrieval of records that are as it is at the time of creation or in the modified form. This enables effective auditing of records for compliance. The ultimate goal is to allow businesses to make use of disparate data and have a unique perspective of the master data elements such as location, client, account information, and more. Harmonization with a robust business model enables you to have a better context of records to enhance the perspective.

Data Harmonization Process We Follow

We are a world-class data harmonization service provider that helps small-medium and large online businesses to explore untapped potential with data. Delegating data harmonization services helps you focus on other goals than fixing buggy issues. Our data harmonization specialists adhere to protocols and ensure the best outcome. Our data harmonization solutions are implemented as follows -


01. Discovery of Business Requirement

We engage our clients and collect their business objectives


02. Plan Proposal

Our data management experts create workflow, objectives, and expected outcomes. All of it will be furnished to the client as initial proposals


03. Client Accepts or Rejects the Plan

The client recommends changes to the proposed plan if necessary or approves the data harmonization strategy


04. Selection of SKU Professionals

After background checks and signing NDA, our data harmonization professionals will be mapped into the project. They will be briefed about the project and turnaround time


05. Commencement of Data Harmonization

The project will begin as planned and the team will take on the assigned roles


06. Project Completion

The project will be completed and signed off within the deadline


07. Report Filing

After completion, we will file reports and collect the feedback to gauge satisfaction

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Data Harmonization Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Being an elite data harmonization service providing company, we've been approached for data harmonization consultation. By partnering with us, you can achieve the following benefits -

  • 100% Compliance with Data Security

    We guarantee that all our data harmonization services and processes comply with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standards.

  • Affordable Pricing

    Our data harmonization solutions are competitively priced and customizable.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    We have an all-encompassing infrastructure that supports our data harmonization experts with the best tools and technologies.

  • Rapid TAT

    We work with agility to commit to deadlines without having to reschedule the original plan.

  • Best-in-class Quality Control

    Data harmonization workflow is all about quality. We ensure quality is consistent from start to finish.

  • Proficient Team

    Our data harmonization executives and consultants are highly experienced in the data harmonization process and do what it takes to fulfill their tasks.

  • ISO Certified Data Harmonization Service Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of Data Harmonization services provider, having 20 years of experience in several Data Harmonization projects.

  • Infinitely Scalable

    We have a large bandwidth to allow operations to be scaled in whichever way you prefer.

  • All-round Support

    We can be reached via your preferred methods. It could be a phone call, web chat, or email. Our agents are always there to assist you.

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Working with FWS has been a great experience. They quickly learned our line of business, adapted to our requirements, and has consistently performed well. They've also gone above and beyond their duty. They're reliable. A wonderful partner.

Executive recruitment firm in the US
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Outsource Data Harmonization Services to FWS

At Flatworld Solutions, we work with a proficient team of data harmonization experts with qualifications and technology know-how to work on automated data harmonization. We offer robust data harmonization services for streamlining data use. With 20 years of experience in data processing services, there is no better choice than having us as your reliable data harmonization services provider.

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