Top Ways to Avoid Data Conversion Errors

Ways to Avoid Data Conversion Errors

Unorganized data can be a huge burden for any organization or company. Data which is not used adequately can be useless to any company. Huge amounts of unprocessed data in different formats are always a big reason to worry for all businesses, be it big or small. It is important that companies have their data in a single uniform format so that it is easy to comprehend and use for various purposes.

Companies usually get different formats of data converted into one single format by using some third-party data conversion service provider. It is important that a reliable service provider is hired for this process as it can be tricky handling different forms of data. Irrespective of what type of enterprise data storage media you house your data in, data conversion can be a complicated process.

6 Important Tips to Avoid Data Conversion Errors

The process of data conversion is a complicated one. It is important that utmost care is taken while dealing with the different formats of data. A lot of errors can creep in the data conversion process if not handled by the right people. Some of the key ways to avoid data conversion gaps include -

  1. Extract, Clean and Transform Data

    Most available data always have some issue regarding accuracy. Some of the data may not be organized but can prove to be very useful if processed in an efficient manner. The process of data conversion must be taken as an opportunity to extract the relevant data, cleanse and refine it and change it into a suitable format which can be used in the future.

  2. Understand the Data to be Converted

    When a company decides on conducting a data conversion drive it is important that they understand the different types of data formats, where the data exists, which format is the existing data and which is most suitable format that it will be useful in.

  3. Enforce Data Conversion Policies

    Companies should ensure that the data conversion process does not interfere with other project purposes. For instance, the data conversion process can be restricted to only overnight hours when the network usage is less and the main project processes are not hit.

  4. Convert Selected Data

    Start off the data conversion process by just selecting a limited amount of data instead of converting the entire pile of data. Select the required amount of data such as primary demographic and status information before selecting the entire amount of data to be converted.

  5. Testing and Validation

    The data converted must be validated and tested to check if the data is accurate and is in the right format. It is difficult to be confident of the converted data if it is not thoroughly tested and validated.

  6. Document the Process

    The entire data conversion process must be monitored, audited, and suitably documented. Documentation must be done at each level and it should have a record of who did the data conversion of which data and at what time which is very helpful in creating a proper audit trail.

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