Multi-platform Online Gaming Community Avails Data Capture and Data Entry Services from Flatworld

Case Study on Data Capture for Online Gaming Community

Client Profile - Multi-Platform Online Gaming Community

The client is based in the United States (New York) and serves as an online gaming platform for millions of worldwide users. Activities include tournaments and competitions involving soccer, basketball and other sports.

Client Requirements and Challenges - Capturing and Entering Gaming Data

The client required data capture and data entry support to coordinate recording of information shown in hundreds of separate sports gaming screenshots. After capturing data from each screenshot, data then needed to be uploaded to a customized client dashboard - allowing players to review team and individual statistics. Flatworld Solutions (FWS) performed a limited trial before the full project was started.

The project involved these primary challenges -

  • Several different sports were involved - each with unique rules and game parameters.
  • Data entry personnel needed to be familiar with gaming terminology and practices.
  • The CRM portal involved a combination of some standard data entry formats that were the same for all sports and other data entry requirements that differed according to each sport.

The Solution - By Flatworld Solutions

The Flatworld Solutions data management specialists developed this solution -

  • The quality test team included an account manager, data entry specialist and a quality analyst. During the trial, the client provided an hour of online training for one specialist. The client sent a limited number of screenshots to FWS via Google Drive. Data such as points and goals were recorded and then uploaded to the client's CRM portal. The trial was completed in 24 hours.
  • After a successful quality test phase, the client approved a full-time contract.
  • The full-time team included an account manager, three data entry specialists and a quality analyst to handle 600 daily screenshots for 12 months.

Final Results - Contract to Record and Collate Data From 600 Daily Screenshots

This project demonstrates the diverse data management challenges that often occur with complex activities such as sports and online gaming. In this case, the client reported a 60 percent cost savings by working with FWS and was also pleased by the accuracy and speed displayed by the Flatworld Solutions team.

FWS is an ISO certified global provider of outsourcing services. Our client list includes Fortune 1000 companies as well as individuals and businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, contact Flatworld Solutions today to discuss our cost-effective and customized data management strategies.

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