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Client Profile

The client is based in the United States (Florida) and regularly categorizes images in support of their innovative products and services. The client is a venture-funded enterprise that facilitates facial recognition in multiple media such as photos and videos.

Client Requirement

The client needed an outsourcing partner to collect open-source celebrity images, analyze facial expressions and categorize all images. The client intended to use project results to improve their facial recognition software. Image categories included type of expressions (such as thoughtful or happy), gender, and facial landmarks. Flatworld Solutions offered a no-cost trial involving 10 to 15 images.

Challenges Faced by FWS

The project involved this primary challenge -

  • The client wanted to exclude a number of specific image conditions in the process of selecting images for categorization - examples include poor angles, full face not visible, bad lighting, multiple people in the image, and blurred images. This detailed process of elimination was time-consuming and complex.

FWS' Solution

After carefully analyzing the challenges and client requirements, the Flatworld Solutions data management and analysis specialists developed this solution -

  • The team included one data entry specialist during the free trial period - when the full contract was awarded, the team was expanded to 10 data entry specialists
  • During the trial period, the client provided training for one specialist. The trial involving 10-15 images was successfully completed in one business day - the client then awarded the full project involving 100,000 to 200,000 images to the Flatworld Solutions team
  • Image data was entered into MS Excel sheets and uploaded to the client via Google Drive
  • The entire project was completed on time

Final Results - Contract for 100,000 Images

This project demonstrates the cost and time savings that can be realized when clients outsource complex projects to experienced data management partners such as Flatworld Solutions (FWS). For this project, the client noted that they saved both time and money - reducing expenses by a significant amount without adding to the workload of their employees. The client was especially pleased by how the FWS team handled the challenging image conditions.

Choose Flatworld Solutions - Pioneer in Image Categorization Services

Flatworld Solutions is a one-stop outsourcing provider for document image indexing and data entry services. In addition to specialized data management services like image categorization, our international team of experts can help with diverse operational needs such as rapid prototyping and multilingual invoice data entry. If you have a similar project requirement, then feel free to contact us today for our no-cost assessment and a FREE quote within one business day.

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