Document Indexing Services

Document Indexing Services

Simplify and speed up data tagging to create searchable information with our customized document indexing solutions

Is your repository of physical documents leading to inefficient document handling, costing you time, and risking your intellectual assets? Are you still generating and accumulating large volumes of non-digitized documents, despite several attempts at digitization?

Then we suggest you leverage document indexing services to go green, digitize your documents, protect the privacy of your organization, and streamline internal collaboration. As an experienced document indexing service provider, we help our international clients increase their organizational efficiency and reduce their costs by 50%. Enhance your online searchability, track your business information, and give your employees account-based privileges with our customized services.

Document Indexing Solutions We Offer

Our team of indexing specialists leverages advanced indexing technology to address a wide array of document indexing requirements, which include -

  1. Full-Text Indexing

    Full-Text Indexing

    With this service, we assist you to conduct searches against text data by operating on phrases and words in a document.

  2. Barcode Indexing

    Barcode Indexing

    Index large volumes of documents by incorporating barcodes on docs or embedding them into PDF files.

  3. OCR Indexing

    OCR Indexing

    Optical character recognition (OCR)indexing helps you leverage the OCR technology to index docs for extracting text with ease.

  4. Manual Indexing

    Manual Indexing

    This is a human-intensive process and involves indexing documents with manual intervention like worship place scriptures or library catalog cards.

  5. Land Record Indexing

    Land Record Indexing

    Digitize and index large volumes of land records based on a required and pre-defined set of parameters.

  6. Medical Records Indexing

    Medical Records Indexing

    We have wide experience in indexing documents for hospitals, medical companies, and small practices.

  7. Accounts Payable Records Indexing

    Accounts Payable Records Indexing

    Our experience also extends to indexing documents for the accounts receivable department of mortgage, insurance, and medical providers.

  8. HR records

    HR records

    We have catered to the record indexing needs of HR departments of large-scale manufacturing units and even small enterprises.

Our Approach to Deliver Document Indexing

We follow a streamlined process to index large volumes of documents for our global clients, which involves -


01. Understanding Your Indexing Needs

We meet you to understand your indexing needs, categories of material, popular vocabulary, and your target audience


02. Dedicating a Team of Indexing Specialists

The tasks of the specialists are to understand overall document content and identify crucial material concepts to execute complete indexing


03. Translating Concepts into Indexing Language

At this stage, indexing is conducted at two levels, the document level and the concept level, which complete the indexing system


04. Providing Quality Checks for Indexed Documents

In this step, the overall indexed document is checked for quality based on the random choice of words, phrases, and language

What Makes Us the Preferred Document Indexing Services Company?

Our expertise as a document indexing service company is shaped by our experience in catering to the unique needs of our diverse clientele across 167+ countries. The reason why our clients prefer to outsource document indexing services to us are -

  • High-quality Results

    We adhere to international indexing standards, adapt the best indexing practices, and have multiple levels of quality checks to guarantee superior indexing efficiency.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We deliver indexing services from 10+ global delivery centers, which enable us to leverage the time zone advantage to guarantee fast TATs.

  • Multi-format Support

    Be it tabular or illustrated index, we deliver both types of indexing services with uncompromised accuracy and as per the client's requirements.

  • Advanced Technology

    We bank on the most advanced technology to deliver results that are quick, accurate, and reliable.

  • Customized Solutions

    We provide tailor-made solutions that sync with your business goals, making us an extended arm of your in-house team.

  • Modest Pricing

    We offer top-quality indexing solutions at reasonable and flexible rates. This enables us to serve large MNCs as well as small and medium-sized businesses efficiently.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Entry Services

With this service, we convert written data into digital formats with great precision and within the stipulated turnaround time.

Conversion Services

Convert data from one file type to another keeping the structure and format of the original file intact.

Processing Services

Cleanse and format your raw data and convert it into machine-readable formats with our data processing solutions.


Extract data from scanned documents or image files using optical character recognition technology and convert it to machine-readable formats.

Processing Services

Organize all your products along with brands, features, prices, discounts, offers, and more with our catalog processing services.

Conversion Services

Convert documents and text files into electronic Book formats that are compatible with multiple platforms.

Client Success Stories

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A US-based jewlery retailer needed exact data entry services. We assigned a virtual assistant to the task, and he delivered a successful outcome at cost-effective prices.

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I am overly impressed by your arduous work and superb quality of service! You also charge very reasonable prices. Thank you, a million times!!

CEO, Fitness Center, USA More Testimonials ยป

Outsource Document Indexing Services to Save Time and Improve Efficiency

As an experienced document indexing services company, we adapt to your needs by providing customized document indexing solutions as per your business requirements. This ensures you do not have to put up with the one size fits all situation. Our advanced document scanning, document splitting, and OCR technologies help you -

  • Speed up the process of indexing documents for easier and faster collaboration
  • Meet audit compliance needs by making crucial documents less vulnerable to breaches

Enhance document shareability, save time, and facilitate easy collaboration with our quick and efficient document indexing services.

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