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Data entry services are on the rise. Both SMEs and multinational companies are largely responsible for generating the most demand for outsourced data entry services. Today, with the help of automated and computerized data entry, paper-based data recording and entering tasks have taken a back seat and has prompted many BPO service providers to achieve overnight success on the back of high-quality and cost-effective data entry services.

At the same time, one sector where data entry work is seeing a large resurgence is the government and non-profit sector. In the US alone, data entry operators account for 0.14% of the total data entry jobs, but still, earn the highest hourly mean wage as compared to data entry operators working in other sectors such as employment services, data processing services, insurance services, etc. Today, many local, state, and federal government agencies are regular clients of offshore data entry service providers and are benefiting hugely in terms of overall cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Data Entry for Government Agencies: The Important Requisites

Similar to businesses who have the responsibility to protect shareholder interests; government agencies also need to ensure that the taxpayer money is utilized in the most optimal manner. By outsourcing their data entry tasks, they can not only cut down costs, but also ensure government records are backed up in a secure, digital format for later day use, thereby reducing official clutter.

At the same time, data entry service providers need to focus on a few particular areas when taking up government agency data entry contracts. This includes -

  • Data Analysis - Data entry operators should be skilled at analyzing the provided or acquired data and identifying the underlying principles, theories, and reasons behind their correctness. If data is error prone at the source, then the whole process of data entry can go waste

  • Data Processing - Operators should be skilled enough to not only enter the data, but compile, code, categorize, tabulate, audit, and verify the same so as to ensure complete correctness. This is especially important in a government agency where minor data entry errors can lead to costly misfortunes

  • Computer and Digital interaction - Data entry operators should be skilled at using various data entry programs and computers, and should be able to set up functions, write simple codes, etc. to automate certain functions

Government Agencies and Data Entry Security

When it comes to outsourcing government projects, data entry service providers should remain extremely sensitive and cognizant to protecting their customer's data with the help of stringent security procedures, including -

  • Document Security - Original client documents should never be distributed to data entry operators, or should be divided and distributed in such a fashion that no one can make head or tail out of it. Neither hard copy documents nor images of scanned documents should ever leave the facility as well.

  • Data Security - Most keying and text verification tasks should be performed over secure private networks which are backed up by central servers. Service providers should also ensure that nothing ever leaves their servers, either by email, FTP, or even downloads and printouts.

  • Disaster Recovery - While choosing a data entry service provider, you should ensure that their backup and disaster recovery methods are top-notch. This includes the presence of virtual backed up servers, BDR units, etc. which can not only securely back up client data, but also encrypt them using the latest encryption standards.

5 Top Reasons for Government Agencies to Outsource Data Entry Tasks

There are many reasons why government agencies need to outsource their data entry tasks. Some of the main ones include -

  1. Outsourcing data entry tasks ensure that the agency can optimize its work processes and delegate only the important tasks to its employees. Since most government agencies usually are under-equipped and under-staffed, outsourcing can help them solve many personnel related problems in one go
  2. Data entry outsourcing can also lead to extensive cost savings, sometimes more than 60%, while allowing them to divert funds towards more important tasks
  3. Data entry outsourcing is not a lengthy appointment, and contracts can be made only for a few months or for many years, as per the government agency's wish
  4. On an average, government agencies can save 40% of their time by not having to focus on keying in tasks while enjoying more than 98% accuracy levels in the tasks performed
  5. Customer security and satisfaction are very important for offshore data entry service providers, and most would be willing to work with government agencies to implement a process which would suit their clients' requirements
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Flatworld Solutions: A Government Agency's Best Bet for Cost-effective Data Entry Services

With over a decade of experience in providing bespoke data entry services to organizations and government agencies across the world, Flatworld Solutions not only offers the best-in-class data entry services, but does so at a price-point and accuracy guarantee which none of our competitors can match. We specialize in providing data entry for government agencies, and have strict NDAs in place to ensure extreme secrecy.

As a part of our services, we adopt stringent security measures for data and document security, thereby safeguarding your records from unauthorized access and random data breach. Our pricing plans are extremely flexible, and you can have a look at our testimonials to understand what our clients think of us. Also, you can go through data entry outsourcing FAQs to know more about outsourcing data entry services to an Indian vendor.

Contact us right away and leverage the benefits of partnering with a truly international service provider. Outsource data entry services for government agencies right now!

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