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The Customer

The customer is a multi-dimensional service provider offering services in a majority of domains like infrastructure management, application development and maintenance, business process outsourcing and transformational services. The core services offered by the customer include coupon processing, mail order processing, product order fulfillment, product warehousing, product distribution, customer care services and customer relationship management services. With a strong presence in the BPO market the customer has a global reach of 60 countries and an annual turnover of above 20 billion US dollars.

The Challenge

The customer is currently processing a huge volume of documents numbering 200,000 on a manual order processing system. This order processing system is spread across a variety of off-site and on-site locations with processing being done with standalone keying applications. The customer encountered a string of issues related to the consolidation of the order and the quality of the process due to an off-site order processing setup. This resulted in higher turnaround times, lower quality levels and higher cost incurrence.

The need of the hour was an automatic order processing system to carry out a huge number of order processing. The image based order processing system needs to employed at a variety of customer locations, both onsite and offsite. Although the basic requirements of the customer were security and tracking, the customer also wanted to enhance the quality of order processing and reduce the turnaround time.

The Solution

We gathered a dedicated team of experts who initially examined the business process to design the best-suited image based order processing system. Once this analysis was complete, we devised a comprehensive image based order processing system. This automatic order scanning system was equipped to convert scanned order slips into images in a format which could be easily incorporated with the fulfillment system. The implementation was done in such a way where orders could be processed securely from both onsite and offsite locations.

To maximize the process of error-tracking and an advantageous-transition, this image based order management system was implemented in two distinct phases. This form of implementation ensured a smooth transition from an existing manual-mode of order processing to an automatic mode of order processing. We provided comprehensive system architecture, ensuring the proper working of all the modules of the setup in the first phase of our implementation. Special care was taken to guarantee the seamless integration of the image-based order processing system with the customer's batch processing mainframe application.

We concentrated on the implementation of the system functionality to ensure an end-to-end fulfillment in the second phase of the implementation process. The major components of the image based order processing system included workflow infrastructure, insightful front-end interface, image scanning, ICR, data capture and management reporting capabilities. The quality of the order processing system was enhanced to 99.9%, majorly due to the contributions of our BPO service team. The customer has used this image based order processing system to process more than 60 million orders till date. Our 24X7 customer support team has provided excellent services to the customer throughout this engagement.

The Results

We have been able to minimize operational costs, enhance order processing efficiency, decrease turnaround times and minimize the number of customer care contacts considerably.

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