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The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a new startup. This client was looking to offer a type of location tagging service that placed specific properties and storefronts on an interactive digital map.

The company needed a partner that could tag the names of each and every one of these properties within their new application. This level of data entry was expected to be a very large undertaking, as the company would need as many as 150 resources on the task in order to make sure it was completed on time.

The client chose Flatworld Solutions because of our extensive experience in data entry and our ability to manage a large, skilled staff.

The Challenges

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading data entry outsourcing company in the world. Yet 150 resources for one specific project represented a sizeable staff - more than we had available at the time. In order to meet the client's requirements, Flatworld Solutions would need to screen, vet, train, and hire approximately 100 additional resources in order to handle the size of the project. Because our company has very strict standards about who we put on staff, this would be a significant undertaking.

The client also had its own unique content management system (CMS) that it was working with. All 150 resources would need to be trained to use this system. In addition, the system itself had several problems/errors, as it was only recently developed for their project.

Finally, a data entry project of that size requires a very careful attention to detail and a great deal of oversight. The team was to identify every commercial property in the United States on all sides of the streets and within each building. Without the utmost accuracy and training, introducing errors could have been a significant problem.

The Solution

First, a small team provided samples of the work to ensure that the client's requirements were met. Once approved, Flatworld Solutions put the initial 50 resources on the task so as not to delay the project, and to make it possible to answer any early questions.

With the help of online training, screen sharing, and detailed information on the client's tool, all 50 resources were prepared to work with the client's CMS. While the resources were working, Flatworld Solution's administrative team continued to find, screen, and train 100 more resources to handle the client's project.

Two levels of quality checks were used to confirm accuracy, one by the Quality Assurance (QA) Team here at Flatworld Solutions, and one by a team within the client's staff.

The Results

The client's expected accuracy level for the project was 75%. However, Flatworld Solutions was able to deliver 90% accuracy, well exceeding client expectations. Adding to the client's satisfaction was the number of resources managed. As a startup, the company knew they could not project manage a team of 100 in-house staff, and expected it to be a large undertaking that could have introduced errors.

But our ability to manage 100 resources while still exceeding accuracy expectations, while also providing excellent customer service helped the client feel that they made the right decision.

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Flatworld Solutions has over a decade of experience in offering customized data entry and data conversion services to global clients across diverse industry verticals. We have the infrastructure and the bandwidth to scale up or down our resources to meet the unique requirements of our clients within the stipulated time-frame and budget while maintaining highest quality and accuracy.

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