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Organizations are progressively driven by data in today's world. They rely on the ever-expanding volumes of data to efficiently run their business. Like most businesses, chances are that your company has a wide range of data that must be protected and managed throughout its lifecycle from the point of initial creation through storage and deletion. Business-critical data needs to be stored in high availability disk space for swift and easy retrieval. On the contrary, less operational critical data that has not been modified for some time requires a low-cost storage repository.

Without the right data lifecycle management (DLM) program in place, this can prove to be a challenge and may result in many lost business opportunities and data losses. Hence, it becomes important to properly manage and protect your data to improve the longevity of your business. However, it requires skilled and experienced personnel that most businesses lack in-house or don't have sufficient budget to hire. So, the best option is to outsource data lifecycle management services like Flatworld Solutions. FWS helps you securely optimize your data by using the right data lifecycle management tools and comply with the required regulations.

Data Lifecycle Management Services We Offer

Data lifecycle management requires profound experience and dedication to manage crucial data without freeing up the disk space necessary for accommodating your business-critical data regularly. We excel in transforming heterogeneous systems, digital assets, and confidential data by deploying data lifecycle management solutions (data discovery, acquisition, governance while safeguarding data integrity and meeting compliance obligations). Outsource data lifecycle management services to FWS and focus on your core competencies.

Our vast range of services include -

Development of DLM Policy

Development of DLM Policy

FWS develops DLM policies and procedures that ensure data is regularly tagged and accurately indexed to allow easy access. We establish enforceable governance policies. The availability of precise and useful data increases business agility and efficiency.

Design Business Continuity Plan

Design Business Continuity Plan

Our data lifecycle management services reinforce your business continuity plan by offering unattended backup with remote offsite storage. There is no need for you to worry about what and when to backup as long as we manage your data for you.

Online Data Backups

Online Data Backups

We are one of the foremost data lifecycle management services providing companies that provide easy online backups for your data. We provide customized and affordable data lifecycle management services specific to your business requirements. Our secure data lifecycle management services offer your business with -


Real-time data restoration for faster data recovery


Deploy automated solutions to successfully run the data lifecycle management


Eliminate/minimize unwanted data changes


Multitasking, multithreading operations for faster speed and increased productivity


Identifying and reducing process and data bottlenecks


Advanced data backup/data restore functionalities for all popular email applications that include GroupWise, Yahoo, Exchange, Gmail, and Outlook 2013


Improvement in data consistency, reliability, and access


Accurately identify duplicate data records


Redundant, fault-tolerant RAID 5 storage to ensure 24/7 data availability


Tracing data lineage across client demographics


Utilities report for bandwidth with server upgrades


Hassle-free data lifecycle management


Precise data management for data archives


Data back-up for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, VMware, VMS, NetWare, and all common Unix environments

Data Lifecycle Management Process at We Follow

Here's how the automated data discovery and classification process functions through the entire data lifecycle management process.


Data Acquisition

Organizations keep creating massive stores of structured and unstructured data in multiple formats. New data is acquired internally, purchased through a third party, or is collected as it streams from various apps. This newly acquired data is shaped in multiple formats including word documents, PDFs, excel spreadsheets, emails, texts, images as required. We help avoid privacy breaches and allow the data to be easily accessible and usable for business purposes


Data Storage Management

We implement data redundancy and security strategies on active data to avoid accidental alterations. We help you store the data on servers that are compliant with contracts and regulatory laws. Since we allow the data to be accessible only to the specified personnel, be rest assured that your intellectual property and client relationships are well protected. We also provide and manage data recovery plans for any possible future failures. We deploy temporary backups on a hierarchical storage management system for continual access to the data. We protect your data with the necessary security controls to provide optimized data security


Data Usage

We, at FWS, ensure that your data fulfills the required validations to meet user accessibility. To ensure optimum security of the data, we apply role-based security controls to all sensitive data through data tagging. This ensures that internal security policies and compliance rules are thoroughly met. If a file is unknowingly created, edited, copied, detached from an email, extracted from data archives, retrieved from cloud storage, or otherwise modified we immediately search, classify, and report it


Data Sharing

Once the data is published, it is made available to the public even outside your company. As it is shared, it moves across public and private storage locations and operating environments. We make sure that your data is not shared through unofficial means to avoid non-compliance risks with legal and policy regulations. We make sure you are notified about it and help you to take appropriate privacy actions


Data Archiving

We allow the data to be available and protected according to the compliance rules even after it is archived within your storage system. We even ensure that all your archived data is well classified according to all the internal as well as external protocols


Data Purging

We get rid of the unwanted data from the database and destroy it completely after use. We help you to reduce the storage burden and improve overall data security. We make sure that the data purging process is accomplished correctly to guarantee proficient data management. Before destroying the data, we confirm whether any mandatory policies that may require you to retain the data for the specified period. FWS proprietary data-discovery technology ensures that all data is discovered and classified

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Why Should You Outsource Lifecycle Management Services?

Many times, a lot of data goes undiscovered and unprotected which creates challenges to operate a successful data lifecycle management program. Thus, making it even more challenging to confirm compliance with the required data privacy and regulatory laws. To avoid these business problems is why it's important to opt for data discovery and classification and tagging information with relevant identifiers so it's easy to classify and organize records whenever needed.

The data lifecycle management process ensures that data is controlled throughout the data lifecycle from data creation to data retrieval. Data lifecycle management providers like us ensure that all the data records are easily accessible to you. To do so, the data lifecycle management is enhanced through compliance with data privacy regulations. We manage data lifecycles across different applications, systems, databases, and even storage media. Our best practice includes -


Defining the data type and categorizing data


Implementing a dynamic data recovery strategy


Creating a comprehensive data management and compliance policy


Appointing a DLM champion

Why Outsource Data Lifecycle Management Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a customer-centric global data lifecycle management service provider. We deliver quality data lifecycle management services to address all the intricate digital transformation challenges. We, at Flatworld Solutions, offer innovative data lifecycle management frameworks and solutions that help achieve growth in revenue with extraordinary performance levels at a subsidized rate. FWS has complemented its robust organic growth with strategic acquisitions and proved to be one of the competitive IT services firms globally. We are a flexible and responsive data lifecycle management services company. Outsource data lifecycle management services to access added advantages like -

Client Success Stories


Flatworld Provided Data Extraction for a Management Consulting Firm

A well-known management consulting firm based in New Zealand outsourced data extraction solutions to Flatworld. We offered our affordable services at a reasonable cost in a short time.

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Flatworld Solutions Provided Online Data Entry Services to Kansas-based Body Jewelry Client

A Kansas clothing retailer outsourced online data entry services to us. The client requested virtual assistant services from us to cope with data entry. The outcome was proven to be a success.

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Success Stories

Outsource Data Lifecycle Management Services to Flatworld Solutions

FWS has been a pioneering data lifecycle management services providing the company with more than 20 years of contribution in data processing and having served more than 800+ clients globally. Our clientele covers a huge portion of the Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations worldwide. FWS has emerged as an innovator in terms of data backup, protection, recovery, mobility, security, and compliance management. FWS's integrated data protection approach allows you to proficiently back up your data, manage costs by focusing on core business activities.

So, if you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and highly efficient data lifecycle management service provider, then contact us now.

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