Geotagging Data Entry Services

Geotagging Data Entry Services

Geotagging has become especially important for businesses looking to digitally map their business locations, since most or all of them use online platforms to promote their business. Geotagging provides the means to share and pin point important geographical coordinates pertaining to their business across all online platforms. At the same time, geotagging a location properly requires considerable human effort, and in case your business is to list thousands of different places, you need someone who can help you with the data entry requirements.

Pioneering in providing outsourcing services, Flatworld Solutions has the knowledge, experience, and resources required to assist businesses with all their business geotagging requirements. Our professionals are backed by years of experience and provide a wide range of services in geotagging data entry.

Geotagging Data Entry Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we cater to geotagging data entry needs for any kind of business. Our comprehensive geotagging services include -

  1. Image Geotagging Data Entry Services

    The team at Flatworld Solutions can geotag information for any amount of images, irrespective of their format. We can create a secure database for your business' images by mapping it using location data.

  2. Video Geotagging Data Entry Services

    Geotagging data entry for videos involves indexing, sorting, editing and compilation of all your business' geotagged videos for easy retrieval and most importantly flexible usage. Our services are ideal for business looking to upload videos on different social media channels while geotagging them with their location.

  3. Website Geotagging Data Entry

    Website geo tagging data entry has a number of benefits when it comes to search engine optimization. Our team can collect geo tagged information from websites and store them in structured databases for easy accessibility at a later date.

  4. Geotagged Data Conversion Services

    Irrespective of the format, our geotagged conversion services will work with your business' current infrastructure for conversion of any geotagged material. Our tools help in conversion of formats that are compliant with your business' OS/Website/Portable Device.

  5. Google Maps / Google Earth Geotagging Services

    Making business service locations easily accessible is now possible with our Google Maps / Google Earth Geotagging services for any business. A good and precise map is important for Geotagging business locations, and we can help bring the ease and reliability of Google maps to easily suit your business.

Our Geotagging Data Entry Approach

It is important to have an organized approach when it comes to Geotagging Data Entry Services. The experts at Flatworld Solutions adhere to strict accuracy standards and follow a meticulous approach in order to ensure enhanced client satisfaction. Our process includes the following steps -

  • Primary Consultation: After a personalized consultation, the team collects and extracts data from the existing format as provided by the customer
  • Data Aggregation and Extraction: Once the data is extracted using automated and state-of-art scanners from its existing format, including from audio files, images, or videos, our team prepares your data for precise location tagging
  • Data Preparation and Formatting: This is one of the most important steps during which the data is prepared for accurate geotagging. We ensure the correct geographical location is tagged to the data, and then formatted for use across a variety of platforms
  • Database Creation: Finally, a simplified geotagging data base is created that can be optimized to suit your business' needs. We ensure that the database is ready for uploading on different websites, apps, and other social media platforms

Why Outsource Geotagging Data Entry to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is backed by over 12 years of experience and offers detail-oriented Geotagging services to over 11190 customers in 221 countries. From image and video geotagging services to geotagged data conversion, our experienced staff has handled the most complex data entry projects over the years.

There are a number of reasons to outsource business geotagging data entry requirements to Flatworld Solutions, they include -

  • 100% increase in process efficiency during the data entry and geotagging process
  • Reduction of business expenses related to infrastructure, installation of software, maintenance, human resource recruitment, and training.
  • Accuracy levels of 99.9% with stringent quality checks in place during every step of the procedure
  • Ability to share your location information easily with customers as well as clients
  • Ability to leverage the data collected from different locations thereby enabling you to understand the type of audience that the location draws

Outsource to Flatworld Solutions for All Your Geotagging Data Entry Needs

Flatworld Solutions is a leading outsourcing company with years of experience in providing quality and error-free data entry services for all your business needs. Whether you need, basic data entry services or image and video geotagging services, our dedicated team can handle all your business' data entry requirements.

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