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Outsource Geotagging Data Entry Services

Is your organization operating in countries with different languages and multiple time zones and you are finding data entry for geotagging process challenging? Are you looking for a partner who could geotag important media for your business routinely? Then outsourcing geotagging data entry services would be the best option for you!

In a business world that constantly requires improved data management, geotagging is emerging as a key component in successful digital marketing efforts. Geotagging involves adding essential geographical metadata to media such as websites and images, hence the geotagging data entry process requires utmost accuracy. To help businesses manage all data entry tasks involving geotagging, Flatworld Solutions (FWS) provides five customized geotagging data entry services.


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Flatworld Solutions' Customized Geotagging Data Entry Services

Our international team of geotagging data entry experts can help you streamline the process by shifting tedious data entry tasks to FWS specialists. Our data management team makes it cost-effective for you to obtain high-quality geotagging data entry services. Outsourcing geotagging data entry services to us can help you take advantage of several benefits. Some of the key services we offer are -

  1. Business Geotagging Service

    Flatworld Solutions handles all end-to-end geotagging requirements to ensure that your business and marketing operations are fully in synch with key geotag applications such as those involving Google Earth and Google Map.

  2. Image Geotagging Data Entry

    FWS completes tagging of images to support databases of mapped images. This organizes geotagging data for all image formats and facilitates image browsing.

  3. Video Geotagging Data Entry

    Flatworld Solutions makes videos more organized and searchable by indexing and sorting videos in conjunction with video geotagging.

  4. Website Geotagging Data Entry

    FWS collates geotagged information from all websites into one database, either an existing database or one created by our team.

  5. Geotagged Data Conversion

    Flatworld Solutions converts geotagged data entries in vintage formats into a contemporary format that is in compliance with the requirements of current operating systems, specific software, and external applications such as Google Earth.

FWS Geotagging Data Entry Process Flow

We believe in providing our clients with the best-in-class services and this is possible by leveraging a highly systematic and streamlined geotagging data entry process. The key steps involved in our process are -

Project Scope Definition

Requirement Understanding

Our data entry team starts by defining the project scope and conducting a trial as required

Project Plan Development

Project Plan Development

Upon trial approval, we determine time requirements, the resources required for the project, and the project pricing

Project Team Assigned

Project Team Assigned

After client approval, the designated project manager sets up the tagging data entry team. All geotagging data entries are analyzed and sorted

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our quality assessment team monitors geotagging data entry tasks and makes the necessary adjustments as needed

Final Delivery

Final Delivery

Once the created database is thoroughly checked by our QA team, the deliverables are delivered to the client in the preferred format

Client Success Story

Success Story on Data Entry Geotagged Properties

Data Entry of Geo Tagged Properties in the US

Know how Flatworld Solutions tagged every commercial property in the United States for the digital map application for a US-based client with 90% accuracy, exceeding their expectations.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Geotagging Data Entry services to FWS

Outsourcing geotagging data entry services to Flatworld Solutions, you can get access to the following benefits -

  • Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified IT digitization support services provider. This helps to ensure that geotagging data management processes meet international quality standards.
  • Flatworld provides its clients with flexible pricing models as they are highly customized based on the client's requirements and the resources utilized.
  • Flatworld Solutions adheres to strict data security protocols during all phases of geotagging data entry services. Our team employs secure web servers and FTP uploads, virtual private networks, and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.
  • Flatworld Solutions facilitates geotagging data entry processes that encompass multiple languages so tagging and databases can be prepared with ease in one or more preferred languages.
  • Flatworld Solutions provides geotagging data entry expertise across a broad international spectrum of industries that includes Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Flatworld Solutions offers a 24/6 operating schedule and cost-effective geotagging data entry rates that will facilitate fast turnarounds and enable busy employees to complete high-priority assignments while our team is performing time-consuming geotagging data entry tasks.
  • Flatworld Solutions has a highly skilled team of geotagging and data entry experts with two decades of experience in troubleshooting and handling specialized data management projects.
  • Flatworld Solutions ensures data accuracy and high-quality throughout the geotagging data entry process with designated quality assessment specialists for all projects.
  • Flatworld Solutions customizes geotagging data entry services to include communication and updates according to client preferences.
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Outsource Geotagging Data Entry Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions can help when you need specialized geotagging data entry services and a plethora of other data entry services. We also provide multiple data management services - including data extraction, data enrichment, data capture, multilingual invoice data entry, offline data entry, and online data entry. Our team comprises some of the most skilled and experienced data entry experts who are trained to cater to any of the client's needs.

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