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The Client

The Client is among the leading Market Research companies situated in the US and sought in-depth information of the Airbag Industry. The client wanted to outsource the profiling service with an intent to reduce the time spent on training and preferred to choose an approach that would require the least inspection.

The information connected to Airbag Industry can be found on the Internet. However, the information is often mixed with other bits of data that may not be necessary for the analysis. By outsourcing this service to a competent service provider like Flatworld Solutions, the clients wanted to extract the right information at affordable costs.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Flatworld was tasked to profile the companies within Airbag Industry. In the initial search, 87 companies were discovered. FWS looked deeper into technical data studies that were conducted by the chambers of commerce, government agencies, and several other organizations. Once the data was accessible, we segmented and removed the redundant ones. The vastness of the field posed a challenge to our experts because the data had to be segmented in numerous combinations so that high-value information could be isolated and deciphered.

FWS' Solution

The company profiling process was allocated to our web researchers. Our team also carried out SWOT analysis and scanned the data for -

  • Company History
  • Financial Data
  • Organizational Structure
  • New Technology Fields
  • Executive Profiles
  • Advanced Products
  • Internal Tracking
  • Current and Advanced Products
  • Legal and Overall Strategic Positions
  • Short-Term and Long-term Events
  • Advanced R&D

The company segmentation was also applied at the regional level involving the region-wise business operation, alliances, joint ventures, plants, business status, and OEM details.


Our solution successfully enabled the client to interpret complex data. Here are the highlights -

  • Flatworld's expertise was applied to quickly discover important data from the jumbled bits so that they could be easily searched and retrieved
  • Our customer profiling services proved to be a success because we retrieved organized data by analyzing disorganized ones that consisted complex jargons and a mix of other information about Airbag companies
  • With the conclusion of the research, the client was able to use the insights to observe trends, analyze market share, make competitor analysis, and plan market penetration with a higher level of accuracy
  • Our research also addressed the concerns related to customer choices, market segments, and geographical area. The array of useful information helped the client to venture into new markets and expand the business

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When your company profiling and web research services requirements are outsourced to Flatworld Solutions, we focus on delivering values by analyzing your critical needs. Our team of researchers and analysts ensures that they clearly interpret your requirements to deliver solutions that meet and even surpasses the benchmark. In our 20 years of existence, we have learned to not just deliver research and analysis services at affordable rates, but also measurable results that are further validated by our Quality Analysis (QA) team.

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