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The Client

The client is based in the United Kingdom and provides field surveys, laboratory services, and consulting to a diverse global clientele. Their activities encompass marine water and freshwater environments throughout the world.

Challenges Faced by the Client

The client initially wanted to outsource two image categorization trials, each including 100 images. Upon successful outcomes to both trials, the client planned to award an ongoing contract covering 2 million images. The purpose of the project was to improve how ecological threats are discovered so that conditions impacting fish, mammals, turtles, seabirds, freshwater birds and special habitats such as sargassum seaweed can be accurately monitored.

The project involved four challenges -

  • The client initially visited India to assess several potential outsourcing partners for the project
  • The file transfer system did not work properly during preliminary testing
  • Initial images were blurred when using zoom viewing levels
  • The client needed a high volume of images (80) assessed on an hourly basis

FWS' Solution

The Flatworld Solutions creative services specialists developed this solution -

  • A team that included a project manager, a dedicated quality analyst and additional team members were assigned to carry out initial trials and subsequent contract
  • A point-of-contact person was appointed to ensure ease of communication with the client
  • Project requirements were clarified before beginning the first trial
  • After experiencing file transfer challenges, the team solved the problem by adopting a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • The team used XnView software to resolve blurring when images were zoomed
  • The initial trial was completed in less than 24 hours. With client approval, the team proceeded to a second trial (100 additional images) that was also completed quickly and approved by the client
  • Upon successful completion of the first two trials, the client awarded the entire outsourcing contract (categorizing 2 million images) to the Flatworld Solutions team

The Results

This project illustrated how limited trial projects can lead to large-scale assignments when the client is satisfied with the cost, quality, and turnaround time during the initial phase. In this case, the client also made an on-site due diligence visit to the facilities of Flatworld Solutions. This enabled the client to personally view ISO credentials (and other certificates) and examine the work environment before entrusting our team with a high-volume and important project.

Partner with FWS - Leader in Image Categorization Services

Flatworld Solutions is a well-known outsourcing agency with 20 years of rich experience in delivering document indexing services to local and international clients. Ours is an ISO certified brand which is trusted by many who outsource their tasks because electing our service can mean the difference between saving large amount of time and money or losing them at once. With skilled team of image experts, analysts, and project managers we can fully function as an extension of your in-house team or deliver cost-effective image categorization services straight from our world-class delivery centers. We are also well-known for providing other services such as catalog data entry services, image annotation service, document conversion services, and more.

Flatworld Solutions has 11,000 satisfied clients like this one throughout the world. Get in touch with us today.

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