Optical Character Recognition Services

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is the mechanical or electronic translation of data into an automatic machine-editable text. Usually captured by a scanner, data entry through OCR is faster, more accurate and more efficient than keystroke data entry.

Outsourcing OCR and data entry services to call center service providers is the most cost-effective solution. Outsource to Flatworld Solutions for the most proficient handling of your optical character recognition services. With the up-to-date technology at Flatworld Solutions your data collection will be in good hands.

  1. OCR Clean-up Services

    Since the performance of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software depends on the clarity of the content in the paper document, occasional errors are unavoidable if the paper document has distorted texts. Our OCR clean-up services take care of correcting or replacing misread characters by comparing the actual text document with files scanned by the OCR software. We also check the technical data such as graphs, tables, footnotes, etc.

  2. Document Digitizing Services

    When the world is moving closer to paperless transactions it may be imperative for businesses to align with the transformation. Our document digitizing services are an ideal solution to digitize documents so that it becomes easier to preserve, replicate, share, and retrieve the data. Our experts will walk you through the process and will ensure quick and secure completion of the project. All that while ensuring 98% accuracy in the finished results.

  3. Microfiche Scanning and Conversion

    You can save time and money on owning special scanning equipment by outsourcing microfiche scanning and conversion to us. Our team will adhere to compliances and make sure that information in your microfiche is carefully converted after scanning. Whether it is Jacketed, COM, Rewritable, or Step and Repeat we handle all forms of microfiche conversions. Our services will let you increase productivity and profit due to superior performance.

  4. Document Scanning Services

    Converting large and complex paper documents into digital images can be impractical for small-sized firms or large corporates inundated with other tasks. Therefore, a productive choice is it to delegate the tasks to us, at FWS. We will scan all your documents in the order you prefer and deliver timely reports so that you can audit the files and keep track of the scanning performance. Our document scanning services will enable you to manage scanned files efficiently than manually sorting and retrieving.

  5. OCR Conversion Services

    We provide comprehensive and detailed OCR (optical character recognition) conversion services that help you convert the information in your paper documents into the electronic format. Over the years of our operations conducting OCR conversion, we have obtained a solid grasp of OCR conversion strategies and always implement the latest OCR conversion best practices to ensure that the conversion is of very high-quality.

Flatworld Solutions' Optical Character Recognition Services

  • Flatworld Solutions will format the information in an easily retrievable and user-friendly file and store it in an electronic structure
  • With almost zero data entry errors, your data will be seamlessly integrated and easily readable
  • Both Text Input and Data Capture categories of OCR scanners are available with Flatworld Solutions
  • Flatworld Solutions' text input scanner services will enable you to sort high volumes of data that can be edited later
  • The data capture scanners can capture and configure repetitive data
  • Flatworld Solutions can acquire information from any existing format of your data - be it old paper files, forms, applications or word documents
  • Flatworld Solutions' well-trained and professional team can handle high volume loads of work, round-the-clock
  • The OCR services offered by Flatworld Solutions can be used with any printing technique

Outsource OCR Services to Flatworld Solutions and Gain ICR Services!

  • Flatworld Solutions also offers Intelligent Character Recognition or ICR. ICR is an advanced form of OCR and is more specific - it is particularly for handwritten matter recognition
  • ICR extends the usefulness of OCR services and has a 98% accuracy rate in reading handwriting in structured forms
  • Making use of Automated Forms Processing, a helpful invention in the development of ICR, Flatworld Solutions provides the best ICR and OCR services in the industry
  • There is no laborious manual keying and the whole process is more accurate and precise than traditional human data entry
  • Another service giving Flatworld Solutions an advantageous edge over the others is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition services. The accuracy is as high as 1 read error for every 30,000 checks! Only at Flatworld Solutions!

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services in Philippines

OCR is extensively being used by numerous businesses today to convert data into machine-editable formats. Our OCR services in Philippines will help you to convert all your business data into editable formats and retain it safely and quickly access when required.

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Why Outsource OCR Services to Flatworld Solutions?

  • Outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions' will ensure that Optical Character Recognition and Data Entry services are in safe, qualified and experienced hands
  • Flatworld Solutions' professional team has a comprehensive understanding of the OCR and ICR service providing process, functioning and solutions, making it a beneficial association for your business
  • Flatworld Solutions' outsourcing executives will manage your data center in the most efficient way
  • Flatworld Solutions will not only give you absolute satisfaction but also higher-than expectation delivery of desired results
  • At Flatworld Solutions, you will get the best of quality services at the least of prices. Cost-effective services with high-quality are assured at Flatworld Solutions
  • In order to ensure that the image is OCR ready, we Deskew the images to improve their readability
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

Outsource to Flatworld Solutions and rest assured that your OCR services are in the most capable hands. You can easily focus on your business without having to worry about your data entry workload.

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