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Flatworld Solutions is the e-commerce industry's dominant provider of back-office services like catalog processing, catalog indexing, catalog updates, e-commerce data entry services, and much more. With over 17 years of experience and a proficient team of e-commerce catalog processing experts, we can address your project needs immediately or provide round-the-clock support services for your team, depending on what your business demands.

Why your Online Business Needs Catalog Processing?

The catalog processing services at Flatworld Solutions are designed, keeping in mind, flexibility and affordability. The idea behind this approach is to ensure that our services meet the requirements of all our clients and their disparate projects.

If you are into the e-commerce business, then our e-commerce catalog processing services can help you turn your online store into a success with up-to-date information. Flatworld Solutions will help you create, maintain, and periodically update your product databases with the latest and most accurate information. Once you employ our services, you will soon see that all the information about your products, present on paper, is converted and presented to your prospective clients much faster than your previous processes.

If you have been in the industry long enough, then you must be aware of the huge expenditure and constraints that paper catalogs bring; online catalog management comes as a welcome change with its unmatched capabilities.

Our Service Offerings

Right from the most basic e-commerce services like product data entry to advanced services like catalog conversion, indexing or building, we are a one-stop destination for any type of catalog processing service that you might require. We can guarantee that our services can help you turn your business into a success. A few of our customers who use our catalog processing services include, Magento, X-Cart, Zen Cart, NetSuite, 3DCart,, Yahoo Store, osCommerce, Amazon, Monster Commerce, Sears, eBay and Volusion.

Here is a sneak peek at what you can leverage when you choose our product catalog processing services:

  1. E-commerce Product Data Entry Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of e-commerce product data entry services. Our services include product data sourcing, digital/physical catalog collection, catalog data entry service, addition/removal of product information, product categorizing, product data entry for cross-selling, product data entry for up-selling, and updating product information.

  2. E-commerce Data Entry Services

    Flatworld Solutions provides expert e-commerce data entry services for leading e-commerce retailers around the world. We can help with services right from data entry to product catalog building. Our services include e-commerce product data entry, e-commerce catalog conversion, e-commerce catalog indexing and building, e-commerce product data mining, and e-commerce image support.

  3. Catalog Management Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of content management services for e-catalogs. Our services include catalog creation, content uploading, and content updation, among others. We provide a complete catalog management solution to suit different business requirements and help with inventory status check, product order status, and product advertising, among others.

  4. Catalog Building and Indexing Services

    Flatworld Solutions is the most sought-after catalog building and indexing service providing company available online. With our reputed “catalog building and indexing” services, we are here to ensure you meticulous entries organized as per the provided criteria.

  5. Information Gathering

    • We can gather product information from varied mediums like scanned images, PDFs online catalogs, and sometimes even from the manufacturer's website
    • In a scenario, where we do not find enough information, our team will diligently research for the information and gathers all the necessary data about the product
    • Next, we will convert all the material on your hard copy into an electronic format and get them ready for uploading
    • Finally, we will enter crucial product details like product features, price, brand information, manufacturer details, etc.
  6. Catalog Updating

    One of our noteworthy tasks is that of regularly updating product prices and helping our clients stay ahead of the crowd. We can also gather product prices from competitor websites. This way you will be able to offer the best deals to your customers.

  7. Image editing

    Your customer is often looking for pictures of the products that you are trying to sell. At Flatworld Solutions, we do not just upload images; we take that extra effort of retouching and editing the image to make it look much more attractive and appealing. Our services include, image clipping, image cropping, image enhancement, background removal and image resizing to name a few.

  8. Categorization

    We understand that you must have a very huge product base which demands smart categorization and segregation. Our services will present your products in an extremely user-friendly way and help your customers find the right products with ease.

  9. Product Descriptions

    Why would a customer buy a product online if the seller doesn't provide sufficient information about it? Clear, accurate, and detailed description of products will help your customers to trust you and your product. We provide original product descriptions that are not copied from other websites, so that you can be assured of higher page ranks.

Catalog Processing Services in Philippines

Avail flexible and cost-effective catalog processing services in Philippines. Our catalog specialists provide top-quality catalog processing services that precisely cater to your business requirements. We also have the required infrastructure to provide quick, accurate, and reliable services within short turnaround time.

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Hire Flatworld Solutions for Catalog Processing

The task of maintaining, updating, and building web content for e-commerce websites is a continuous one. Adding new products, deleting old content, revising prices are all crucial activities in this business. All these activities have to be managed by skilled operators and supervised by a project manager who can guide the team and interact with you for project updates, revisions, and approvals. We, at Flatworld Solutions can take up this huge responsibility and expertly handle your project demands and constraints.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

If your business has been hesitant about catalog processing outsourcing before, then it's time you tried it by partnering with Flatworld Solutions. With our professional services, fast turnaround time, proactive support and attention to detail, you be sure of your e-commerce store being the best in the online world. Our proficient image optimization services, combined with accurate catalog conversion, indexing and building, can ensure that your business gets the highest possible conversion rates.

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