Outsource Customer Segmentation Services

Customer Segmentation Services

Segmenting customers from analysis data is what we do best for our clients from various verticals using segmentation tools and retention models at rates starting at $7 per hour

Customer segmentation is the process of classifying customers based on some common traits. Understanding customers as per certain traits helps businesses, identify profitable customers, tailor marketing campaigns, and ensure customer retention. It also helps in rolling out the right product development process, set the right distribution channels, and map sales motion to each customer's likes and pace. Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in assisting B2B and B2C businesses segment customers for best business outcomes.

As a reputed customer segmentation services providing company, we have over the years, worked hand-in-hand with our clients to classify customers and help them comprehend and align market potential with future growth opportunities. Our clients have leveraged our segmentation solutions to make marketing strategies more precise, cut on development and supply costs, develop a brand profile, acquire quality leads, and have maximum return on investments.

Customer Segmentation Services We Offer

We have assisted our clients in segment customers with different segmentation methods to suit their business needs. We specialize in the following -

  1. Demographic Customer Segmentation

    Demographic Customer Segmentation

    Customer Demographic segmentation involves segmenting people based on education, age, income, race, occupation, family size, gender, nationality, and more. With this segmentation, we assist you in identifying the services and products people buy, how the products are used, and how much customers are willing to spend on them. Our clients have leveraged this service to who their customer is and how they interact with their business.

  2. Geographic Customer Segmentation

    Geographic Customer Segmentation

    Customer segmentation based on geography is called geographic segmentation. As the name goes, it helps in classifying different customer groups based on geographical boundaries. With this service, we assist you to understand the preferences, needs, and interests of a different set of your customers according to their geographies. Our clients leverage this service to understand climate, culture, dialects, etc. and then determine where and when to sell and advertise and expand the business.

  3. Firmographic Customer Segmentation

    Firmographic Customer Segmentation

    Firmographic segmentation is somewhat like demographic segmentation, but instead of individuals looks at organizations. It primarily takes into account factors such as company size, number of employees, age of the organization, and so on. With this segmentation, businesses can understand how to target small, medium, and large organizations. This is particularly helpful for businesses that cater to the B2B domain.

  4. Behavior-based Customer Segmentation

    Behavior-based Customer Segmentation

    Behavioral segmentation classifies consumers based on their online behaviors. This includes decision-making patterns such as product utilization, purchasing power, lifestyle, and usage. This is primarily put to use by B2C companies. For instance, older consumer groups may be more inclined towards soap bars while younger groups may prefer to purchase a body wash. Our clients have banked on our behavior segmentation service to assist marketers to develop a more niche marketing approach.

  5. Psychographic Customer Segmentation

    Psychographic Customer Segmentation

    With this service, we help our clients' segment customers as per their psychology. It is based on assessing and grouping customers on the psychological aspects of consumer behavior such as personality traits, opinions, values, lifestyle, and interests. We have assisted fitness companies to leverage this service and understand their target market. Likewise, we have even assisted media agencies to plan the relevancy of their target audience based on customer psychology.

  6. Frequency-based Customer Segmentation

    Frequency-based Customer Segmentation

    This segmentation service helps businesses identify customers based on their last purchase, the number of purchases they have made from a shop or site, and the cumulative amount they have spent on purchasing. Identifying such customers has helped our clients understand customers better and get apply a focused marketing approach. This segmentation has particularly been leveraged by our eCommerce, hotel, and airline clients to spot loyal customers.

  7. Customer Segmentation to Identify High-value Customer

    Customer Segmentation to Identify High-value Customer

    This customer segmentation service is an offshoot of frequency segmentation. Identifying high-value customers can help industries like hotels and restaurants, ensure they deliver the best value proposition to clients who bring more business. Understanding this segment has also helped them understand the characteristics of such customers and so cater to prospects who can turn from regular to high-value customers.

  8. Customer Segmentation to Understand Customer Status

    Customer Segmentation to Understand Customer Status

    Understanding the status of a customer is of great importance to businesses. Our customer segmentation service based on customer activity status assists our clients to bucket customers into active and lapsed and tailor strategies accordingly. Our clients have leveraged this service of ours to identify customers who have purchased within a range of 6 to 12 months as well as customers who have not purchased between 6 to 12 months. Based on this knowledge a personalized campaign is sent to them to win them over. Besides active or dormant status, we also help bracket customers on the period in that status or other characteristics.

Customer Segmentation Process We Follow

As a customer segmentation service provider, we have developed a robust process to meet our client's needs. We work with you to assess your business needs and select the best methods to achieve the best segmentation results. To this end, we follow a well-defined process which consists of the following steps -


01. Conduct Preliminary Research

In this stage, we understand your business to identify which kind of segmentation will serve you the best. From advanced modeling techniques to tactical and rules-driven segmentation we choose the nest segmentation process for your business


02. Customer Segmentation Analysis

This is the second step of our process, in which, we decide which criteria (i.e. demographics, behavior, psychographics, firmographics,) will be most suitable to segment your market by. We seek answers to questions of who, why, what, how, and when your customers are interacting with your products or services so that their mindsets and preferences can be analyzed before bucketing them


03. Improve Segmentation Model

A good segmentation model depends entirely on the quality of the data you have. Our wide experience in segmentation modeling helps us understand how to sieve out the right data for your business needs. We bank on a range of advanced data filtering tools to eliminate redundant data and enhance your model for improved analysis


04. Test & Iterate

An important part of proper segmentation is to evaluate your segments. This ensures your segmentation is helpful and usable. We ensure this by testing the impact of different contact strategies across your segmented base. We follow up to capture and feed outputs into planning and strategies. This is a continuous process that helps you with on-going improvements to your segmentation needs and more accurate insights into your customer's needs

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Customer Segmentation Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Our customer segmentation service is designed to deliver several tangible benefits to businesses. Some of these include -

  • Develop Robust Retention Strategies

    Our clients have leveraged our customer segmentation service to develop more focused strategies to retain customers. Likewise, our effective segmentation has assisted them in re-engaging people who haven't purchased in a while.

  • Data Security

    We manage your data with care so it doesn't end up in the wrong hands. We have a dedicated team to take care of the security and they use tracking software to monitor the access and management of data.

  • Quick TAT

    We are fast in service delivery and do our best to avoid delays in the ongoing project. Our team always submits reports to the client to ensure they are aware of each process in our pipeline.

  • Effective Cost Control

    With proper segmentation, our clients have been able to channelize their advertisement expenses. Our services have enabled proper messaging and positioning to create a consistent journey for their customers.

  • Obtain Positive Outcomes

    Our segmentation methods have helped our clients obtain measurable and actionable results. As a result, they have been able to precisely estimate or calculate how much each segment will spend on their service or product.

  • Scalable Support

    Our experts follow the best practices to ensure consistency, integrity, and validity of the master data for optimal results. Besides, our experts work with Customer Care, Sales, and Supply Chain Teams to optimize the monitoring of customer master data. Our team of professionals also specializes in analytical skills, knowledge of business processes, management flows, and integrated systems, and the ability to make proposals that are scalable, accurate, and insightful. It is because of the expertise of our professionals that we have been able to position ourselves as a reliable customer segmentation services providing company.

  • Experienced Team

    Our customer segmentation experts have wide experience in meeting business segmentation needs and so, have the skills to understand the structure and operation of your customer master data in your system. This skill helps them create and classify clients as per the required nomenclature and business rules.

  • Provide Superior Customer Experience

    Our clients have used our customer segmentation methods to tailor communication strategies as per individual preferences. As a result, they have been able to enhance the customer experience through discounts, personalized product recommendations, discounts, reminders, etc.

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Working with FWS has been a great experience. They quickly learned our line of business, adapted to our requirements, and has consistently performed well. They've also gone above and beyond their duty. They're reliable. A wonderful partner.

Executive recruitment firm in the US
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Outsource Customer Segmentation Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in customer segmentation services. Over the years our data processing services have assisted our clients in sales, products, and marketing strategies. Further, we have powered the product development cycles of our clients by continuously informing them on how to create diverse product offerings for different segments like men vs. women, kids vs. children, or low income vs. high income. In the process, we have helped all our clients stay valuable and relevant to their target audience and maintain their lead in competition as well.

If your business is looking for an effective and proven customer segmentation service provider, please get in touch with our experts now.

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Customer Segmentation Services FAQs

  • What is Customer Segmentation?

    It's a process of narrowing demographics based on their gender, habits, buying interest, and more classifications to improve targeting and campaign efficiency.

  • What are the different types of customer segments?

    Demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic segments are the 4 popular types of customer segments.