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The database is an important part of the IT structure of a business. Database monitoring is the process of evaluating the accessibility, functionality, and performance of that particular IT database. Database monitoring services ensure applications are always running by detecting problems quickly and providing alerts to avoid impacts on the efficiency of a business. How the database performs is directly related to the success of a business or organization. With the help of database performance, companies can provide round the clock customer service and customer satisfaction along with smooth operations of daily business activity.

Most businesses may lack the workforce or in-house experts, so they choose to outsource data monitoring services to experts like Flatworld Solutions (FWS). Data monitoring services provided by FWS help businesses monitor the performance of the database and provide information that will allow the company to take measures to sustain the functionality of the business.

Data Monitoring Services We Offer

There are several aspects of data monitoring that are important for organizations especially when they are looking to improve performance. Data centre monitoring includes parameters such as network monitoring, server monitoring, routers and switches monitoring and more. We, as a data monitoring services providing company, offer a wide range of services including -

Centralized Server Monitoring

Centralized Server Monitoring

Centralized server monitoring enables system administrations to monitor the servers and regulate the load, and also keep in check the number of users on each server.

Centralized Desktop Monitoring

Centralized Desktop Monitoring

Centralized desktop monitoring helps to proficiently manage users' desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and servers from a centralized location. We offer this service for small, medium and large MSPs.

Centralized Network Monitoring

Centralized Network Monitoring

Whether for home or business, Flatworld Solutions' centralized network monitoring feature efficiently monitors, manages, and provides administrative assistance for computer networks by providing the status of the network and services.

Routers and Switches Monitoring

Routers and Switches Monitoring

By monitoring routers, switches, and security devices like firewalls, we ensure the essential monitoring of all networks to and from the data centre. We then ensure all devices connected and related to the network are performing at their optimum levels.

Critical Server Metrics Monitoring

Critical Server Metrics Monitoring

When monitoring critical server metrics, we monitor both virtual as well as physical servers using SNMP/WMI/CLI protocols to check the performance data from different devices. We use multiple credentials to monitor your virtual servers.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time database monitoring allows you to monitor and set targets for your performance. This enables the detection of variations in the performance of devices in the data centre and sets alerts to convey any critical issues. Clients have access to see the details of the issue and take action to resolve the issue.

Hardware Metrics Monitoring

Hardware Metrics Monitoring

Monitoring hardware metrics is a difficult task for many businesses as this requires separate tools to monitor hardware metrics. With Flatworld Solutions, we can help you in monitoring hardware metrics of the devices being used by your business and make it easy for you to know everything about the hardware of your devices.

Dashboard Monitoring

Dashboard Monitoring

One of the services we offer is creating dedicated dashboards to allow us to view all the information about your network. We can either create a new dashboard or use the existing dashboard available to you. We also offer you real-time dashboards to view your network performance in real-time.

Detailed Performance Reports

Detailed Performance Reports

We provide you with a detailed performance report of your network and performance reports of your data centre. The reports are categorized into performance, response time, availability, packet loss, and inventory. The reports are scheduled to be sent to you either weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Other Critical Monitoring

Other Critical Monitoring

Along with the above data monitoring services, we also offer our clients add-ons such as network flow analysis, firewall log management, network configuration management, applications management and monitoring, and much more. In this way, you can monitor secondary devices such as switches, security devices and firewalls.

Additional Services

We also provide database monitoring services for -


PostgreSQL Database


Oracle DBA


MySQL Database


MYSQL Database

Data Monitoring Process We Follow

For businesses that are considering outsourcing data monitoring services, we have outlined a simple process flow for your understanding. We are deemed as a trusted and efficient data monitoring service provider. Our stringent process flow ensures that we offer reliable data safety monitoring to clients. The steps include -


Defining the Project

To implement data safety monitoring, it is important to define a plan which is based on the vision, objectives, and current performance of the business. We create a plan for you that includes clear communication, company objectives, and can be successfully adapted into the business


Review the IT Requirements

To successfully implement the data monitoring service plan, we work with your IT team to define the requirements and identify what kind of servers, network providers, ethernet, etc. will be provided. We will provide you with options to use either cloud services or the in-house server. We will also give you additional support that can be considered by your business such as firewalls, data protection, internet access, network architecture etc.


Create a Plan for Data Collection

We will create a data collection strategy where you can define the kind of data you want to collect for your business, how it can be analysed by your team, and how to deploy the most accurate data monitoring service


Install & Evaluate

Once we have laid out your strategy and it has your approval, depending on the kind of devices you have, we will take your data monitoring live and provide you access to the data within a few days. Our team will continuously work with your IT team to evaluate and make changes to the system as needed

Why Outsource Data Monitoring Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We are a data monitoring services providing company that keeps you updated about the health of your data. We provide you with a team of experienced specialists who always ensure that your team is ready to meet the ever-changing demands of the IT industry. Furthermore, when you outsource data monitoring services to FWS, you get access to a plethora of advantages, including -

Client Success Stories


Flatworld Provided Data Extraction for a Management Consulting Firm

A reputed management consulting firm from New Zealand delegated data extraction service to FWS. We provided them with affordable services within the stipulated time.

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Flatworld Solutions Provided Online Data Entry Services to Kansas-based Body Jewelry Client

A Kansas clothing retailer delegated online data entry services to us. The client sought virtual assistant services from us to handle data entry. The outcome was, as usual, a success.

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Success Stories

Outsource Data Monitoring Services to Flatworld Solutions

When database monitoring issues arise causing disruptions in business activities, Flatworld Solutions brings to you a system that resolves the mistakes avoiding unnecessary risks, poor customer experience, and penalties. Our data monitoring services automatically schedule to run solutions for your database, monitor the quality, and send out alerts immediately if something goes wrong. We promise the accuracy of services keeping in mind the continuous change of business.-

FWS is a leading data monitoring company that has catered to various requirements for 20 years. We have immensely talented data monitoring staff with several years of experience and access to modern infrastructure and the latest software and technology. If you would like to ensure your database is of high quality and you want to maintain that high quality, then partnering with Flatworld Solutions is the best option.

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