Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleansing Services

De-duplicate, clean, and standardize your enterprise data with our professional data cleansing services

Are inaccurate and duplicated data sets distorting your business analysis? Are you struggling to standardize your enterprise data, despite dedicating time and resources to it? Refine, de-duplicate, and enrich your data with data cleansing services.

However, finding ISO-certified data cleansing service providers is always a challenge. You need a dependable data cleaning consultant who understands your requirements, aligns with your business goals, and offers 100% accurate services with quick TATs. This is exactly where we shine. We enable organizations like yours to eliminate time and resource-intensive tasks and reserve your focus for core business functions, while we make your business data more coherent.

Data Cleansing Solutions We Offer

As your business expands, your data assets lose their relevance. Our database cleansing services are devised to remove irrelevant information and enhance data quality. We deliver quick and efficient data scrubbing services, which include -

  1. Data Enrichment Services

    Data Enrichment Services

    We help you with data enrichment services to improve data quality in all file formats and computer systems including digital and offline databases. Our data enrichment solutions extend to social media data, in-house and cloud-based CRM data, point-of-sale systems, and omnichannel retailing data.

  2. Data Validation Services

    Data Validation Services

    Our data validation services help C-level executives and managers eliminate low-quality data and ensure that decisions are based on consistent and correct information. Our data validation team identifies, corrects, and eliminates inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and corrupted data records in all file formats and locations.

  3. Data Mining Services

    Data Mining Services

    The primary purpose of our data mining services is to eliminate redundant data and reduce storage overhead expenses. During the last two decades, our ISO-certified outsourcing experts have provided outstanding data mining outcomes to 18,000+ global clients. Our clientele includes Fortune 1000 companies, private enterprises, small and medium-sized companies, as well as individual players.

Our Data Cleansing Process Flow

We are a leading data cleansing company that employs a customer-centric and customized outsourcing approach to meet the specific requirements and budgets of each client. When you outsource data cleansing services to us, we follow a systematic approach that involves -


Definition of data cleansing requirements


Delivery of a trial data cleansing project that establishes quality standards after approval by the client


Service level agreement terms such as pricing and scheduling


Appointment of a Project Manager and allocating data cleansing tasks


Importing unclean data (Excel, CSV or Tab-separated text file format) into our cleansing system


Deduplicating data by identifying potential duplicate entries and eliminating them. This task is manually reviewed for mission-critical data


Exporting data in formats that include XML, Excel, PDF and others as needed


Quality check to monitor data cleansing accuracy and make any required revisions


Final delivery via the method specified by the client

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

What Makes Us One of the Preferred Data Cleansing Service Providers?

We are a data scrubbing company helping organizations worldwide optimize their database management to boost efficiency and improve business operations. Here are some of the major benefits of outsourcing data hygiene services to us -

  • Fast Turnaround

    Our multiple delivery centers strategically located across the globe enable us to deliver quick and efficient data scrubbing services, making us one of the most preferred data cleansing service providers.

  • Data Security

    We are EU GDPR compliant and our team uses secure web servers, FTP uploads, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, and virtual private networks to ensure complete data security.

  • ISO Certified Data Cleansing Company

    We are an ISO certified firm that ensures 99% compliance with the SLA standards to deliver high-quality data hygiene services.

  • Team of Multilingual Experts

    Do you have data sets in multiple languages? Our multilingual experts clean, sort, and process data sets in multiple languages.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We provide round-the-clock support through phone, email, and any channel of your choice. This ensures you get timely project updates.

  • Skilled Data Entry Specialists

    Our skilled team of 150+ data entry and data cleaning specialists is experienced in scrubbing large volumes of data to provide you with accurate and de-duplicated information.

  • Flexible Pricing

    We understand that data cleansing needs vary from one client to another. So, we have a flexible pricing model where you pay based on the tools and resources involved in your project.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Data Entry Services

Capture, collate, and store crucial business data on your business portal or other platforms of your choice with Data Entry Services.

Data Conversion Services

Sort and convert complex data sets into easy-to-interpret information that makes decision-making simpler, with Data Conversion Services.

Data Processing Services

Process large volumes of raw data to build structured data sets that help you drive value with Data Processing Services.

OCR Services

Transform your digital and non-digital data that is hard to use into machine-editable formats with Optical Character Recognition Services.

Catalog Processing Service

Prepare, edit, and process large volumes of catalogs to upload them on various online platforms with Catalog Processing Services.

eBook Conversion Services

Convert and format your manuscripts, books, magazines, and more to make them easy to search and access with eBook Conversion Services.

Client Success Stories

Invoice Data Entry for Financial Company

FWS provided Invoice Data Entry Services to California based Factoring financial giants

FWS aided a financial giant with quick and exact invoice data entry services by using 5 dedicated data entry specialists. This reduced their workload by 50% and helped them save 60% of their costs.

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Data Enrichment & Cleansing for US Consulting Firm

Case Study on Data Cleansing & Enrichment for Consulting Firm

FWS helped a U.S.-based company to complete their cleansing and enrichment services for their existing Salesforce database in just 30 days.

Read more

Outsource Data Cleansing Services to Cleanse Your Data and Boost Analytical Efficiency

Data scrubbing helps you validate the relevance and accuracy of your data, improve analytical efficiency, and deliver value. In addition to data hygiene services, our international team of experts helps with specialized tasks such as visual analytics, industry analysis, and packaging design services.

We also offer related data support services that include data enrichment and data integrity audit services.

Our data cleansing solutions help you -

  • Build clean, consistent, and updated data sets
  • Regular data integrity audits to ensure content hygiene
  • Format and update data as per your business requirements

Still skeptical about leveraging our data cleansing services? How about a no-cost assessment and quote? Reach out to us for any queries. We look forward to hearing from you.

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