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Partnering with the Flatworld Solutions (FWS) image data entry team allows businesses of all sizes to overcome challenges like these five common scenarios -

  • The image data entry process is time-consuming and requires attention to detail.
  • Obtaining high-quality image data entry services is complicated.
  • Images contain valuable data that should be captured and analyzed on a regular basis.
  • Finding ISO-certified image data entry experts is a growing challenge.
  • Recurring image data entry tasks can require hiring new employees.

To meet these challenges, our team of multilingual image data entry specialists can help you streamline the process by shifting all tasks to FWS. During the last two decades, our ISO-certified data entry professionals have worked with more than 19,000 global clients.

Our Image Data Entry Services

Our image data entry team offers services that include high-speed scanning of images, data mining and capturing data from scanned images, image data entry updates, image retrieval and image storage. We can easily handle high-volume projects involving thousands of pages and images on a daily basis. Images can be in any format (including JPEG, GIF, PDF and TIFF).

Captured data can be keyed into any chosen format such as databases and spreadsheets. Our data management team can also perform critical data validation and data cleansing tasks when needed.

Our image data entry services include the following -

  • Image Capturing
  • Image Sorting
  • Image Keying and Indexing
  • Image Storage and Retrieval
  • Catalogue Data Entry
  • Database Files Creation from Images
  • Excel Spreadsheet Data Entry
  • Image Conversion to XHTML and TIFF to PDF (TIFF, PDF , GIF, JPEG, etc.)
  • Scanned Images Data Entry

Benefits of Flatworld Solutions' Image Data Entry Services

We are a one-stop outsourcing provider offering marketing/promotional design services, document conversions, market research surveys, illustration services and image optimization as well. As reflected by our business practices and work style, it is always easy to work with us. Here is a brief overview of the advantages offered by FWS -

  • FWS' works according to your time zone and offer fast turnarounds involving multiple time zones.
  • Flatworld Solutions offer fast turnarounds at cost-effective prices - clients often report cost savings of 60 percent upwards
  • Skilled professionals - 150+ image data entry and data management specialists ensuring 99 percent compliance with SLA (service level agreement) standards.
  • We work in multiple languages and offer image data entry services in any language of your choice.
  • We work with SMEs, Fortune 500's, Fortune 1000's and more.
  • We employ a range of security protocols including file transfer protocol (FTP) uploads, virtual private networks (VPN) and Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA's).
  • We offer 24/7 support by either by phone or email, and have Account managers who are fluent in English and many more languages.
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
16Years Experience

FWS' Image Data Entry Process Flow

Our image data entry services are EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, ISO-certified and adhere to global guidelines. We employ a customer-centric outsourcing approach that is always customized to meet the specific budgets and requirements of each client. The steps involved in our image data entry process include -

Definition of Image Data Entry Requirements Definition of image data entry requirements
Client Transfer of Image Samples Client transfer of any image samples to FWS via FTP or Dropbox
Image Data Entry with Customized Software Image data entry with customized software
Quality Check to Ensure Image Data Entry Accuracy Quality check to ensure image data entry accuracy and make any required changes
Final Delivery using the Client Designated Method Final delivery using the client-designated method

Get Cost-effective and High-quality Image Data Entry Services from FWS

Flatworld Solutions can help when you need high-quality image data entry services - projects of all sizes including 10,000+ pages per day, capturing data from images in any format, storing images, keying data and retrieving images.

Contact the Flatworld Solutions team today to discuss our customized and cost-effective image data entry services.

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